99+ Best Andrew Breitbart Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Andrew James Breitbart was an American conservative journalist, writer, and commentator who was the founder of Breitbart News and a co-founder of HuffPost. After helping in the early stages of HuffPost and the Drudge Report, Breitbart created Breitbart News, a far-right news and opinion website. Profoundly inspirational Andrew Breitbart quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

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Famous Andrew Breitbart Quotes

I am not as partisan as people think I am. — Andrew Breitbart

Much of Mr. Bush’s 28 percent approval rating is born not of ‘failed policies’ – of which there are many – but of the ill-gotten gains pilfered from a pre-Bush inauguration strategy to send the message to Republicans that the Democrats play politics harder and better. — Andrew Breitbart

I am righteous and righteously indignant, the Tea Party is righteously indignant, and our goal is to not just save the country, but quite frankly, if America goes, so goes the world, so in our desire to save the country, we are trying to save the world. — Andrew Breitbart

There isn’t a day when I don’t look in the mirror and think, ‘How in the hell did I become a conservative Republican?’ It’s still a weird reckoning, because it shouldn’t have happened. — Andrew Breitbart

The sad fact is that actual artistic oppression – book banning in its many modern forms – is a matter of course in the entertainment industry, especially when the underlying product is declared politically incorrect or runs contrary to the interests of Hollywood’s political altar, the Democratic Party. — Andrew Breitbart

Less about politics, ‘The Path to 9/11’ focused on the emergence of radical Islamic terror as a clear and present American threat. — Andrew Breitbart

My long-held fear is that Mr. Obama is hiding something about his education. During the endless 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama would not release his college grades. Given that President George W. Bush and Sens. Al Gore and John Kerry all had proved mediocre grades were no impediment to a presidential bid, Mr. Obama likely had other concerns. — Andrew Breitbart

Media is everything. It’s everything. — Andrew Breitbart

I think that a good portion of the ‘Institutional Left’ hates the building blocks of America. — Andrew Breitbart

If there is a person behaving more destructively in popular culture than Mario Lavandeira, I cannot think of one. He has used cruelty as a crass mechanism to build up his own celebrity and has utilized political correctness to protect himself while using it as a weapon to dehumanize those he doesn’t agree with. — Andrew Breitbart

Perhaps resigning from her first term in office may hurt Mrs. Palin’s attempts to run for higher office. Even I, a Palin supporter, now have qualms about her seeking higher office. — Andrew Breitbart

Women’s Studies, Queer Studies, African-American Studies, and Chicano Studies all produce culturally acceptable separatist and supremacy mind-sets and countenance movements that resemble those of white supremacists. — Andrew Breitbart

I’m not a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, and it’s certainly not because of his politics. I just don’t like the aesthetic. — Andrew Breitbart

I remember thinking when I was in college that a lot of these known Chomsky-like, verbose, high-lefty thinkers made absolutely no sense, but I thought that was my problem. — Andrew Breitbart

In a media instant, Sarah Palin went from an unknown moose hunter to a mass phenomenon on the precipice of becoming the vice president of the United States. — Andrew Breitbart

Much of America rooted for Mr. Obama simply because he is black. — Andrew Breitbart

I don’t believe in altering the Constitution. — Andrew Breitbart

As long as it is supported by Democratic politicians and by liberal Hollywood players, censorship is a useful tool to stifle dissent. — Andrew Breitbart

For free-speech principles to be reinforced and free-market ideas to win the day, more people are going to have to stand up and be heard. — Andrew Breitbart

With its emphasis on star power, the Obama campaign from Day One emphasized the candidate’s perfectly cut presidential presence. — Andrew Breitbart

The Democratic Media Complex, in its pursuit of Orwellian hate-crime legislation, reparations, and sundry non-ameliorative resolutions to America’s troubled racial past, pursues its victims with blood lust. — Andrew Breitbart

Political correctness – the rigging of politics using different rules for different groups, and buttressed by the media – ensures that Democrats always have the upper hand. — Andrew Breitbart

I don’t think Albert Einstein could have devised an equation to guide the leader of the free world during the wildly tumultuous post-9/11 realities without a modicum of help from the opposition party and the vast majority of the print and electronic media. — Andrew Breitbart

Celebrities like to pay lip service to causes but rarely do so by putting their lives in peril. And even more rarely do they do so in the name of the United States of America, not on their own behalf. — Andrew Breitbart

I deal with gay and black conservatives who don’t want to be called Uncle Toms of their politically correct Marxist multi-cultural unit structure. And they come to me saying, ‘What can I do?’ And I say, ‘Lay low.’ — Andrew Breitbart

I love reporting stories that the Complex refuses to report. — Andrew Breitbart

I’m a ‘Saturday Night Live’ guy. I’m a comedy guy. As long as they’re giving it to everyone, I don’t care about how low they go, most of the time. — Andrew Breitbart

There’s nothing in this country that is a worse accusation – in America, if you accuse somebody of racism, that person has to disprove that. — Andrew Breitbart

On college campuses, in newsrooms, and now in the highest corridors of power, with Barack Obama in the Oval Office, the politically correct Left is wielding its weaponry with the confidence that it can take down any group, anyone, or anything. — Andrew Breitbart

Our country was not built to support blood dynasties or to elevate the rich and famous to a higher ethical or constitutional plain. — Andrew Breitbart

If you go into an academic institution with a clean slate, you are very likely to come out a liberal. That is a huge problem. — Andrew Breitbart

What’s in your closet, John Podesta? — Andrew Breitbart

Mrs. Palin has neither pushed for creationism in Alaska schools nor moved to ban a single book in Wasilla. — Andrew Breitbart

My entire business model is to go on offense. — Andrew Breitbart

Different identity groups hold specific levels of power over others when their battles play out in the media. To wit: Black beats white. Gay beats white. Black beats gay. — Andrew Breitbart

Women want to get to know Sarah Palin. And they want to meet her family. — Andrew Breitbart

It would be my goal for Palin to become Oprah and be the ultimate kingmaker for twenty-odd years. — Andrew Breitbart

The downside to the Whole Foods experience is that its success is driven by one of our era’s more grotesque phenomena: the upwardly-mobile urban dweller, the one who wants to indulge class-conscious epicurean yearnings and save the world, too. — Andrew Breitbart

I love Whole Foods. I love the Austin-based boutique supermarket chain so much I find ways to go there almost every day. — Andrew Breitbart

From its skillful editing to its out-of-control budget and its relentless marketing, Mr. Obama’s team played a different game at a different level than Sen. John McCain and his traditionalist staff. — Andrew Breitbart

‘Exculpatory’ is in the eye of the beholder. — Andrew Breitbart

It was go-along to get-along social. It was living in Los Angeles, being young and single, and flowing with the trendy liberal crowd. — Andrew Breitbart

The making of the Barack Obama franchise far exceeded the skill set of Washington’s best. In fact, the recipe for Mr. Obama’s global popularity can be attributed less to political minds and chance than to the enduring power of Hollywood. — Andrew Breitbart

In GOP land, apologies and resignations are never enough. — Andrew Breitbart

Much of America is petrified to bring up race, especially in public forums – the media, in particular. — Andrew Breitbart

I recognized… very, very early on that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News were dependent on The Associated Press and Reuters. So my daily intake of information is from watching the newswires. — Andrew Breitbart

The mainstream media choose to flaunt story lines that make white America appear guilty of continued institutional racism, while black racism against whites is ignored as an acceptable disposition given our nation’s history. — Andrew Breitbart

I would never call people that are born in this country who are from Mexico ‘terror babies.’ — Andrew Breitbart

If ever there were a candidate destined to shine on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ Sarah Palin would be that woman. — Andrew Breitbart

Barack Obama is a radical, and we should not be afraid to say that. — Andrew Breitbart

Since war became a geographically distant but very real way of life after Sept. 11, 2001, no Hollywood star has stepped up to support active duty U.S. military personnel and wounded veterans like Gary Sinise. — Andrew Breitbart

There is an extensive body of writing from both sides of the political aisle that has analyzed the extraordinary depths of hatred leveled at former President George W. Bush. — Andrew Breitbart

I’m not up for changing the Tenth Amendment or the Fourteenth Amendment, the First Amendment or the Second Amendment. — Andrew Breitbart

Whole Foods is a wonderland molded to accommodate the psyche of the socially-responsible, guilt-ridden liberal – the crunchy Kucinich capitalist. — Andrew Breitbart

I’ve lost friends, perhaps dozens. But I’ve gained hundreds, thousands – who knows? – of allies. — Andrew Breitbart

I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it. — Andrew Breitbart

Just because I am paying attention to politics and culture doesn’t mean that I should be talking about the health-care bill, talking about the minutiae. — Andrew Breitbart

One thing is for certain: under President Obama, home schooling will become a huge growth industry. — Andrew Breitbart

Sarah Palin may best serve her country by entering the media fray. — Andrew Breitbart

America is Tiger Woods country for a reason, and she elected Barack Obama to punctuate this new reality. — Andrew Breitbart

I think if you accept the Left’s premise of a living Constitution, then you accept the Left’s premise of a living America, meaning that they think that America’s history is rotten. — Andrew Breitbart

All left-wing activists, whether it be WTO, anti-WTO, or anti-war, are idealistic as framed by the Democratic Media Complex. — Andrew Breitbart

My ability to be emotive and cry… I think I’m so fearful of tapping that that I won’t know how to turn it off. — Andrew Breitbart

The anti-big-government movement is pure. Its participants represent something close to what used to be considered normative in this country. — Andrew Breitbart

When I started to work in Hollywood at a fairly low level delivering scripts around town, listening to AM talk radio, I at first listened to it as a novelty. — Andrew Breitbart

I didn’t come up through the ranks of the conservative movement… I came to these revelations about my own personal politics in a realm in which those books, those ideas, the canon of conservatism, is nonexistent. — Andrew Breitbart

George W. Bush is history’s president, a man for whom the long-term success or failure of democracy in Iraq will determine his place in history. — Andrew Breitbart

Mrs. Palin is history in a dress. And her script is straight out of Hollywood – like those teen movies with the cliched ending featuring the female valedictorian delivering the speech of a lifetime projecting a bold and transformative future with an independent-minded woman in charge. — Andrew Breitbart

In the public eye, being a victim of past injustices does not win the right to propagate current and future ones, and that’s intolerable to those in charge of the race industry today, whose power relies on maintaining forever a latent rage that can be turned on and off at the will of the nation’s elites. — Andrew Breitbart

The thematically related ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’ reinforced the narrative that gays like Mr. Shepard are regularly isolated for cruel and unusual attacks. — Andrew Breitbart

The center-right alternative media has been playing a passable prevent defense, constantly saying ‘That’s not right’ for consistently biased reporting. — Andrew Breitbart

I think that 99 percent of the time, I’m jocular, lighthearted. — Andrew Breitbart

I have no bigger goal than to eradicate racism, to grant Americans who have a different color of skin the right to disagree against the Left’s style of orthodoxy. — Andrew Breitbart

Tea Party attendees and health care town-hall protesters share the common belief that the extravagant spending of President Obama and the Democratic Party – absent any checks and balances – will eventually lead more people into government dependency, higher taxes, and, perhaps, our country’s financial ruin. — Andrew Breitbart

We just assumed that Walter Cronkite was unbiased. In hindsight, it is clear that Walter Cronkite was biased and that he used feigned objectivity as the cudgel to change the American narrative from being a right of center one to being a left of center one. — Andrew Breitbart

I have dreams that I will reach balance in my life, and, at forty-one, I have none. — Andrew Breitbart

You really have to do something Bruce Banner-like to me to cause me to go into my righteous indignation mode. — Andrew Breitbart

I want to make things equal. — Andrew Breitbart

Celebrity is everything in this country. — Andrew Breitbart

It’s almost embarrassing to go back into my liberal background because it was about as shallow a belief system as humanly possible. — Andrew Breitbart

They want to portray me as crazy, unhinged, unbalanced. OK, good, fine. — Andrew Breitbart

The real hate crime these days is the Orwellian intimidation wielded by the Left against those that don’t think the way they do. It’s worse than waterboarding. — Andrew Breitbart

I will say this: Boy, did I get lucky to work with Matt Drudge and Arianna Huffington. — Andrew Breitbart

I am the political psychiatrist to the stars. — Andrew Breitbart

It may be a task that’s so Herculean, but I think it’s a worthy goal to try to open up America to individuals who just so happen to have a different skin color, that they have every right and every freedom to think what they want to think. — Andrew Breitbart

Liberalism has never been about establishing a universal standard. Liberalism is simply intellectual cover for those wanting to gain political power and increase the size of the state. — Andrew Breitbart

I’m fighting back against years and years and years of the cultural and the political left telling people to sit down and shut up. — Andrew Breitbart

While I have no desire to see Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, I do want to see his college transcripts. — Andrew Breitbart

I love fighting back. I love finding allies, and – famously – I enjoy making enemies. — Andrew Breitbart

In a country where the individual is ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ conservatives have been forced to actively disassociate themselves from an ideological lineage to white supremacists, anti-Semites, and other racist miscreants. — Andrew Breitbart

Primarily motivated by a desire to keep abortion ‘safe, legal and rare,’ female liberals in the media have carte blanche to do and say anything. — Andrew Breitbart

I’ve met many journalists who impress me with their ability to play it straight. I think they’re the exception to the rule. — Andrew Breitbart

I get stopped by people on the Upper West Side of Manhattan – actors, directors, people that I revere – who are closet conservatives who feel the same way but can’t speak out. And they think I am fighting for them so they can come out of the closet eventually and express themselves without worrying about losing their jobs. — Andrew Breitbart

Let me tell you this: if Marco Rubio – even though he’s only been in the Senate for a very short period of time, that man has a huge, huge opportunity in this country, and I think he could be the president. — Andrew Breitbart

I’m sick of seeing my face on television. — Andrew Breitbart

I’m sorry, you leftists: you’re not the only people whose motives are pure. — Andrew Breitbart

Exposed in the relentless Palin attacks is not just political bias but unmitigated class bias. The American mainstream media in its current free-fall is begging for more comeuppance when it continues to berate the values and lifestyles of the folks in flyover country who, in simpler times, used to be considered valued customers. — Andrew Breitbart

I still like George W. Bush. A lot. — Andrew Breitbart

I want people to have a free and open voice. — Andrew Breitbart

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