The first time we met

It was Spring; blossoms on every tree

my naive heart dancing with joy making way for love

Love like a gust of wind —unannounced

I had no choice but to let you in

you touched my lips and made me sing

long walks along the parks lost in your eyes

Then came summer; the beginning of our demise

we sat along the poolside drinking and partying

Disagreeing on the little things

As the leaves changed colour and fell

Autumn made us swell

you held me tighter in your arms

Anytime now I said to myself

“He will ask”

hand in hand we walked

your love was my joy and pride

The whole county knew I was always by your side

In the dark nights of winter, we sat under the stars

As the fire burned in the distance ‘O we were so mad’

I looked at you and all I saw

was a man I had loved before.

© Storyteller


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