200+ Best Apology Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Famous Apology Quotes

I am sorry to think that you do not get a man’s most effective criticism until you provoke him. Severe truth is expressed with some bitterness. — Henry David Thoreau

Proper apologies have three parts: 1) What I did was wrong. 2) I feel badly that I hurt you. 3) How do I make this better? — Randy Pausch

(Asked by John King about the political climate that existed in Washington at the time, and criticism of the Department of Justice under his management) Listen I don’t expect an apology from men like Chuck Schumer, and I would put him and other individuals who were attacking me at the top of the list contributing to the low, low public perception of Congress, the integrity of Congress quite frankly. — Alberto Gonzales

I think it’s very nice that she apologized, but in some ways the apology almost made the comment worse because she seems to have forgotten that being a mother is a real job, … I think it’s just unfortunate to try to disparage women who have made the choice of making their families a priority. — S. Hughes

It’s awkward and silent as I wait for you to say, what I need to hear now, your sincere apology. When you mean it, I’ll believe it, if you text it I’ll delete, let’s be clear. Oh, I’m not coming back, you’re taking 7 steps here… — Miley Cyrus

Even before Watergate and his resignation, Nixon had inspired conflicting and passionate emotions. — Stephen Ambrose

The first step is that the Cambodian government has expressed sincerity to apologize for what happened. — Thaksin Shinawatra

Maturity is the ability to reap without apology and not complain when things don’t go well. — Jim Rohn

A hero is someone we can admire without apology. — Kitty Kelley

I am not very moved by historical apologies. — Tom Paulin

I have nothing definite to apologize for; I’m just sorry about everything in general. — Ashleigh Brilliant

Watching President Obama apologize last week for America’s arrogance – before a French audience that owes its freedom to the sacrifices of Americans – helped convince me that he has a deep-seated antipathy toward American values and traditions. — Rick Santorum

I already heard what he had to say, he apologized. The apology has been accepted. We’ve move on from there. Ozzie and I have always been friendly. It’s not really that big of a deal. — Alex Rodriguez

Nobody wants an apology letter 14 years later. — Lennon Parham

Poetry speaks most effectively and inclusively (whether in free or formal verse) when it recognizes its connection – without apology – to its musical and ritualistic origins. — Dana Gioia

An apology might help, but you can change your life without one. — Robin Quivers

I live my life as I deem appropriate and fitting; I offer no apologies, no explanations. — Aaron Burr

I actually think that the president owes the Jews of Europe an apology. They deserve better from the President of the United States. Anti-semitism is on the rise, and somebody must stick up for them. — Dana Perino

Carry the battle to them. Don’t let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don’t ever apologize for anything. — Harry S Truman

Jasmine apologized and said she was sorry and said she loved me, she couldn’t believe it and said she thought it would be her. All of them were really, really sorry that it happened to me. — LaToya London

Sometimes you forgive people simply becuase you still want them in your life. — Ally Carter

I have some girls who I look back on and I think, ‘Wow, they were really horrible to me.’ I would love an apology from a few girls, but whatever. I’m not holding any grudges. I’m over it. — Odette Annable

made a sincere apology and stands by it, and it should speak for itself. — Ron Bonjean

It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. — Grace Hopper

When we talk about feminism – equality without apology for all – we can’t be talking about for all white women or all highly educated women but all women, regardless of color, class, creed, sexual orientation or identity. — Christine Pelosi

So far we have demanded an apology from the governments. — Khader Habib

I make no apologies for being a huge fan of radio songs. — Keith Urban

It would not lessen the shock and concern, but it would be something concrete in addition to the apologies. — Celso Amorim

You don’t want to have to come into work on Monday already apologizing. I try to save my apologies for what I’ve done later in the week. — Ike Barinholtz

Genius goes around the world in its youth incessantly apologizing for having large feet. What wonder that later in life it should be inclined to raise those feet too swiftly to fools and bores. — F. Scott Fitzgerald

He feels extremely apologetic about the entire incident and wants to make it absolutely clear that he is not above the law. Surrendering whatever rights is just a part of that apology to make sure the public understands that he in no way is above the law. — Rod Shealy

Josh has no idea what he took from us. Today, I still have not heard any apology from him. — Eric Munson

I want you to answer this question: Why should you settle for anything less than an authentic conservative who will fight for your views and values without an apology? Think about that. — Rick Perry

I just was apologizing for maybe being a little goofy. — Guy Clark

Procrastination is a lazy man’s apology. — Chinua Achebe

I have a no-apology policy. No apologies for jokes. I apologize in my real life all the time. I say ridiculous things, I make mistakes constantly. But when I’m on stage, I’m at a microphone it’s a joke! — Kathy Griffin

In no way was I intending to say, nor have I ever thought, that the men and women who defend our nation in uniform are anything but courageous and valiant, and I offer my apologies to anyone who took it wrong. — Bill Maher

We inadvertently bombed the Chinese Embassy. But Clinton now is working very hard. He has sent a letter of apology to the Chinese. And, he’s also given them a gift certificate for future nuclear secrets. — David Letterman

A poor choice of words conveyed to some the impression that I embrace the discarded policies of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by my statement. — Trent Lott

I used to think we were going to win in the ’60s. Nixon went out and I thought we won. — Ken Kesey

I think it may have been Tom Wolfe (if it wasn’t, my apologies, Tom, and my apologies to whoever it was) who said in print once, ‘David Carradine lives the life that Hunter Thompson only writes about.’ — David Carradine

I can wholeheartedly apologize for not being at all sorry. And it really is the least I can do. — April Winchell

I make no apologies for loving the finer things in life or the men I choose to date. I don’t feel bad about the person I am. Now, I do have an edge, rawness and realness, and I can tell you I’m going to keep that. — LisaRaye McCoy-Misick

So far we have demanded an apology from the governments. But if they continue their assault on our dear Prophet Mohammad, we will burn the ground underneath their feet. — Khader Habib

People should think things out fresh and not just accept conventional terms and the conventional way of doing things. — R. Buckminster Fuller

The apology, that is constantly put forth for the injustice of government, viz., that a man must consent to give up some of his rights, in order to have his other rights protected – involves a palpable absurdity, both legally and politically. — Lysander Spooner

The truth is that nobody is owed an apology for anything. Apologies are lovely when they happen. But they change nothing. They do not reverse actions or correct damage. They are merely nice to hear. — Augusten Burroughs

I’d love to be a diva. But I’d then have to send so many apology notes for my abhorrent behaviour. — Amy Adams

It takes a great deal of character strength to apologize quickly out of one’s heart rather than out of pity. — Stephen Covey

I want to apologize to all of the people I have let down because of my behavior which has reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others. — Kate Moss

I did pose for ‘Black and White’ magazine, a prestigious, artistic publication, several years ago… I did this as a piece of art and make no apologies for the creative decisions I’ve made as an artist in my 20-year career. — Andrea Thompson

It is better to ask for an apology than to ask for permission. — Christopher Paolini

We can only offer our utmost apology to our Slovenian hosts for what’s happened. — Harald Stenger

I know some people might think it odd – unworthy even – for me to have written a cookbook, but I make no apologies. The U.S. poet laureate Billy Collins thought I had demeaned myself by writing poetry for Hallmark Cards, but I am the people’s poet so I write for the people. — Maya Angelou

I always think that art is one of the most wonderful exciting curious ways to learn. I have no worries or apologies about art being used as a teaching medium. — Peter Greenaway

I serve a higher power, Jesus Christ. I make no apologies in saying that. — Rick Warren

Her particular brand of hubris, not withstanding her apology and contrition, well, you had to understand that everybody would be watching. There is great risk in putting her back in front of so many people. — Robert Passikoff

More people should apologize, and more people should accept apologies when sincerely made. — Greg LeMond

Tracy Morgan apologizes for his homophobic rant, still no apologies for the sketch about the guy living under the street. — Andy Kindler

Ozzie and I have always been friendly, which is why it was a bit surprising. It’s really not that big of a deal. … I haven’t spoken to Ozzie. I already heard what he had to say; he apologized and we’ve moved on. The apology is already accepted. — Alex Rodriguez

I never apologized for anything in my life. The only thing I’m sorry about is putting a curse on Roger Ebert’s colon. If a fat pig like Roger Ebert doesn’t like my movie, then I’m sorry for him. — Vincent Gallo

The things two people do to each other they remember. If they stay together, it’s not because they forget; it’s because they forgive. — Demi Moore

On banks, I make no apology for attacking spivs and gamblers who did more harm to the British economy than Bob Crow could achieve in his wildest Trotskyite fantasies, while paying themselves outrageous bonuses underwritten by the taxpayer. There is much public anger about banks and it is well deserved. — Vince Cable

While he was president, it was popular to be a Nixon hater. — Earl Butz

I have heard your words and your disappointment, and I offer you a heart-felt apology to all who felt this was an odd or misguided casting choice. — Cameron Crowe

I would definitely take on that role, taking a stand on issues, like the government giving an apology or acknowledging indigenous people. — Cathy Freeman

I would simply ask Al Gore to take responsibility for his campaign and their actions, as well as his own words, … When his campaign demeans a medal of honor winner like Bob Kerrey, there should be an apology from Al Gore. — Bill Bradley

Griffin Bell later apologized to me for that decision. — Julian Bond

Women live lives of continual apology. They are born and raised to take the blame for other people’s behavior. If they are treated without respect, they tell themselves that they have failed to earn respect. If their husbands do not fancy them, it is because they are unattractive. — Germaine Greer

Sincere apologies are for those that make them, not for those to whom they are made. — Greg LeMond

There’s no point apologizing about where you come from. — Colin Greenwood

I will not waste time on second thoughts. My life will not be an apology. It will be a statement. — Andy Andrews

Nixon’s grand mistake was his failure to understand that Americans are forgiving, and if he had admitted error early and apologized to the country, he would have escaped. — Bob Woodward

It is either all of Christ or none of Christ! I believe we need to preach again a whole Christ to the world – a Christ who does not need our apologies, a Christ who will not be divided, a Christ who will either be Lord of all or will not be Lord at all! — Aiden Wilson Tozer

I would rather prevent what happened than issue an apology afterwards, — Donald Payne

Well, the world is vastly counted in favour of men at every level – except if you live in a civilised country and you’re sort of educated and middle-class, because then you’re almost certainly junior in your relationship and in a state of permanent, crippled apology. Your preferences are routinely mocked. There’s a huge, unfortunate lack of respect for anything male. — Steven Moffat

Shame makes people abandon their children and drink themselves to death. It also keeps us from true happiness. An apology is a glorious release. — Amy Poehler

I got bad calls every match, and I never got an apology. So I thought it was rather strange. — Ivan Lendl

I think the apology is more than sufficient. — Mr Howard

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience or frustration we may have caused. — Ellen Jones

Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. — Matt Taibbi

Sacrifice is at the heart of repentance. Without deeds, your apology is worthless. — Bryan Davis

In the case of the Japanese, they usually commit suicide before they make any apology. — Chuck Grassley

I never, ever want to apologize for a film. If it’s bad I’ll say it’s my fault. And that’s what I can say so far in all the films that I’ve done, that if you don’t like it, it’s entirely my fault. — Ken Burns

I’d like to offer an apology from my heart to party members throughout the country for causing so much trouble. — Seiji Maehara

KFI needs to distance itself from Mr. Handel’s unbelievable insensitivity by issuing a formal apology and a reprimand. — Sabiha Khan

My singing voice is somewhere between a drunken apology and a plumbing problem. — Colin Firth

The biggest change in my life is that I now have to apologize for being thin. — Cathy Guisewite

In public, as well as in private expences, great wealth may, perhaps, frequently be admitted as an apology for great folly. — Adam Smith

I’m not ashamed of being gay, never have been and never will be. For that I have no apologies — Tommy Kirk

The greatest act of courage is to be and to ownall of who you are—without apology, without excuses, without masks to cover the truth of who you are. — Debbie Ford

I have many regrets, and I’m sure everyone does. The stupid things you do, you regret… if you have any sense, and if you don’t regret them, maybe you’re stupid. — Katharine Hepburn

I stand by the Lost finale. It’s the story that we wanted to tell, and we told it. No excuses. No apologies. I look back on it as fondly as I look back on the process of writing the whole show. And while I’ll always care what you think, I can’t be a slave to it anymore. Here’s why: I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really … I was alive. — Damon Lindelof

Today we are only marching in protest, but if you do not stop this assault (on Muhammad) we will sacrifice our souls and our blood for the prophet. Our message today is that we will accept an official apology from the government, but if the assault continues we will burn the land under their feet. — Khader Habib

The Apology opened the opportunity for a new relationship based on mutual respect and mutual responsibility between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia. Because without mutual respect and mutual responsibility, the truth is we can achieve very little. — Kevin Rudd

After my years in Hollywood, I got tired of apologizing for work that really wasn’t mine to begin with. — Sue Grafton

To whom do I owe the first apology? No one’s been crueler than I’ve been to me. — Alanis Morissette

Wearing makeup is an apology for our actual faces. — Cynthia Heimel

We have in my country (Russia) a quotation: It is impossible to make out of apology a fur coat. — Bernard Malamud

A businessman is the only man who is forever apologizing for his occupation. — Gilbert K. Chesterton

When I look at my body of work, I’ve played a lot of characters who are morally conflicted – ‘I’m right, no I’m wrong, I don’t know what to do!’ I want to play more characters who don’t care as much, and who aren’t as measured. They are what they are, no apologies. — Idris Elba

I was appointed U.S. attorney by President [George] Bush on September 10th, 2001, and the world changed enormously the next day, and that happened in my state.I will make no apologies, ever, for protecting the lives and the safety of the American people. We have to give more tools to our folks to be able to do that, not fewer, and then trust those people and oversee them to do it the right way. — Chris Christie

When a man holds you round the throat, I don’t think he has come to apologise. — Ayrton Senna

I am here today to again apologize for the personal mistakes I have made and the embarrassment I have caused. I make this apology to my neighbors and my constituents, but I make it particularly to my wife, Huma. — Anthony Weiner

Cheyenne Autumn was received not too successfully. I still think it was a very good movie. It was kinda Ford’s apology for the way he had treated Indians in his past pictures. — Richard Widmark

I’m The Only Entity On Earth, Other Than Rogue States, That Has Received An Apology From The White House — Charles Krauthammer

But an apology too — you think you’re giving something, but you’re not. You’re really asking for something. You’re asking for forgiveness, you’re asking for the other injured person to make it okay for you. Apologies were harder work for the person getting one than the person giving one. — Deb Caletti

I have left it there. I accepted the pilot’s apology when it was offered to me. — Helen Clark

Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics. — G. H. Hardy

If I have any regrets, I could say that I’m sorry I wasn’t a better writer or a better singer. — Patti Smith

Canadians can easily ‘pass for American’ as long as we don’t accidentally use metric measurements or apologize when hit by a car. — Douglas Coupland

We don’t apologize for a joke. We are comics. We are here to make you laugh. If you don’t get it, then don’t watch us. — Joan Rivers

With apologies to all my past boyfriends, I never loved a man the way I loved my old apartment. — Jami Attenberg

It’s a special place, and I believe in the prominence of America, and having America be and continue to be an exceptional place, and making no apologies for America being a superpower. — Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

We appreciate and accept this apology from Bob and the Rutgers athletic program. This matter is now fully resolved and closed. — Jeff Hathaway

I will begin my presidency with a jobs tour. President Obama began with an apology tour. America, he said, had dictated to other nations. No Mr. President, America has freed other nations from dictators. — Mitt Romney

We asked for an apology or a censure of the city attorney, but we never got anything from the city. — Carol Cox

If God doesn’t destroy Hollywood Boulevard, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology. — Jay Leno

I still don’t know quite what I’m supposed to do or be. — Nikki Cox

If the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it’s clean, he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush administration again. — Bill O’Reilly

I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. — Plato

It will never do to plead sin as an excuse for sin, or to attempt to justify sinful acts by pleading that we have an evil heart. This instead of being a valid apology, is the very ground of our condemnation. — Archibald Alexander

I’ve spent my life hearing people trying to apologize for music. — Mike Figgis

These are important reforms. Infrastructure, education, health, hospitals, closing the gap with indigenous Australians. Also the Apology to the first Australians. As Prime Minister of the country I am proud of each and every one of these achievements. — Kevin Rudd

On the same lot where we were filming Date Movie was a movie that Hugh Grant was filming. I think he knew that we were doing it and maybe his driver had told him I was doing a character similar to the sort of thing he was doing, but we never spoke. I may still write a letter of apology to him. I think the guy is brilliant. — Adam Campbell

She also said After confirming the electronics media participation in the accusation, I will sue them requesting apology for moral damage. But I think it is interesting case to test the independence of the judiciary. — Ana Gomes

Never make a defense or apology before you are accused. — Charles I

I do not regret one professional enemy I have made. Any actor who doesn’t dare to make an enemy should get out of the business. — Bette Davis

Every minute you are thinking of evil, you might have been thinking of good instead. Refuse to pander to a morbid interest in your own misdeeds. Pick yourself up, be sorry, shake yourself, and go on again. — Evelyn Underhill

You get to the middle of a take that’s going really well and the camera will run out of film. They have to stop you, apologize and then you’ve got to get things going all over again. — David Morse

We feel great rage at the continued attacks on Islam and the Prophet of Islam and we demand that the Danish government make a clear and public apology for the wrongful crime. — Nafez Azzam

I don’t need to apologize for my behavior you need to apologize for not understanding. — Bar Refaeli

You’ve probably noticed already that I’m dressed like a grown-up… I apologize to the Academy, and I promise that I will never do it again. — Cher

We must demonstrate the political will and assume the responsibility for the historical wrongs that are owed to the victims of slavery, that an apology be extended by states which actively practiced and benefited themselves from slavery. — Olusegun Obasanjo

Regrets are idle; yet history is one long regret. Everything might have turned out so differently. — Charles Dudley Warner

The prime minister has to make an apology because this attack on Justice Kirby was done with the knowledge of the prime minister. — Simon Crean

I sing ‘All Apologies’ with my own lyrics. People want to sing along, but then, oops, they realize it’s a different story. — Nina Hagen

I am deeply committed to the cause of Indigenous Australians, and not just because of the Apology, but the big challenges which lie ahead in closing the gap. — Kevin Rudd

I don’t ask for an apology because it’s only tomorrow’s fish-and-chip paper. — Tracey Emin

The Chinese people have been forced to forget the Tiananmen massacre. There has been no public debate about the event, no official apology. The media aren’t allowed to mention it. Still today people are being persecuted and imprisoned for disseminating information about it. — Ma Jian

I have learned not to take too much notice of those who disapprove of my lifestyle choices, because I know that I was not designed to be part of the crowd. If I am different, I make no apology, and I hope that others will have the courage to be themselves and stand up for what they believe in, fight for those who need protection, love who they want to love, and be proud of it. — Clare Balding

I talked to Earl about the words he said questioning my judgment. I was upset. I accept the apology and want to try to move on. — Kessel Stelling

I took all the blame. I admitted mistakes I hadn’t made, intentions I’d never had. Whenever she turned cold and hard, I begged her to be good to me again, to forgive me and love me. Sometimes I had the feeling that she hurt herself when she turned cold and rigid. As if what she was yearning for was the warmth of my apologies, protestations, and entreaties. Sometimes I thought she just bullied me. But either way, I had no choice. — Bernhard Schlink

I personally apologize to any person who felt anything less than respected and valued by myself. — Kevin Shelley

violets are God’s apology for February … — Barbara Johnson

I’m not a Hollywood basher because enough good movies come out of the Hollywood system every year to justify its existence, without any apologies. — Quentin Tarantino

Even now, we make no apologies for the choice we made. The sacrifices we made were selfless. The options we offered were patriotic while the paths we chose were well thought out. — Ibrahim Babangida

You can make up a quarrel, but it will always show where it was patched. — E. W. Howe

Apologizes are pointless, regrets come too late. What matters is you can move, on you can grow. — Kelsey Grammer

I’m not apologizing to anybody for anything. — Antonio Davis

We’ve urged the government of Denmark to take necessary steps to stop recurrence of such heinous act. We also requested them to tender apology to diffuse the sense of insult and anger created following the incident. — Morshed Khan

The only people I owe an apology to are my dead parents. Except my father because he’s still alive. — Chelsea Handler

Never apologize, mister, it’s a sign of weakness. — John Wayne

I am sorry to say that there is too much point to the wisecrack that life is extinct on other planets because their scientists were more advanced than ours. — John F. Kennedy

I rise today to offer a formal and heartfelt apology to all the victims of lynching in our history, and for the failure of the United States Senate to take action when action was most needed. — George Allen

Someday you’ll have to show me how you did that, Asharak was saying. I found the experience interesting. My horse had hysterics, however. My apologies to your horse. — David Eddings

Let me just say that if whatever said radio station tries to blacklist us for my comments about their balloons, I would like them to know I want a written apology tomorrow for interrupting my song. — Jack White

Ladies, apologies, but isn’t ‘vintage’ just used stuff? — Bob Saget

I think secretly I’ve realized after my time on the planet that I have no control over what people feel about me or need from me, so I just have a more laid-back approach in my apologies. — Meshell Ndegeocello

We asked for an apology from Ms. Cox and for the firing of Mr. Brilliant, and Ms. Cox has done nothing. How long do we have to wait for an apology that is already overdo? Why won’t she apologize and clean up her campaign for governor? — Rick Dent

If one makes a mistake, then an apology is usually sufficient to get things back on an even keel. However-and this is a big ‘however’- most people do not ever know why their apology did not seem to have any effect. It is simply that they did not make a mistake; they made a choice…and never understood the difference between the two. — Andy Andrews

To take pride in a library kills it. Then, its motive power shifts over to the critical if admiring visitor, and apologies are necessary and acceptable and the fat is in the fire. — Carolyn Wells

We were within international waters, we were within international airspace, when this incident occurred, … An apology is not forthcoming. — Condoleezza Rice

I don’t like it, and I’m sorry I ever had anything to do with it. — Erwin Schrodinger

Nixon is finding out there are no tails on an Eisenhower jacket. — Adlai E. Stevenson

I didn’t have anything to apologize for. — Bernard Ebbers

I’m sorry my existence is not very noble or sublime. — Keanu Reeves

I’ve made apologies to people I needed to, but I can’t apologise to people I don’t know for things they don’t understand. — Sienna Miller

I believe this memorandum is the best we are going to get from Tom Lynch. While the Council had hoped for a public apology at the upcoming School board meeting, it doesn’t appear that will happen. It is time to put this matter behind us, and hope for the best. — Rand Hoch

There is no apology from any Muslim leader for all the massacres of Christians — Dennis Prager

I apologize for lying to you. I promise I won’t deceive you except in matters of this sort. — Spiro T. Agnew

I had innumerable analysts who came to me in apology that the world that we were finding was not the world that they had thought existed and that they had estimated. Reality on the ground differed in advance. — David Kay

An apology? Bah! Disgusting! Cowardly! Beneath the dignity of any gentleman, however wrong he might be. — Steve Martin

I won’t apologize for ticket prices. I think we’re well worth it. We consider ourselves in the elite touring acts, like the Stones, Elton John, Paul McCartney. — Glenn Frey

An apology for the actions of some troops who, of course, are not representative of the majority of the armed forces here, I think that would have been useful and it would have helped to some extent. — Adnan Pachachi

Our systems, perhaps, are nothing more than an unconscious apology for our faults, a gigantic scaffolding whose object is to hide from us our favorite sin. — Henri Frederic Amiel

A lot of Democrats are not that upset with Howard Dean. Howard Dean gets out here and he says these inflammatory things, and he doesn’t apologize. He doesn’t back down a little bit. — Gwen Ifill

I was the strange creature that kidnapped Bock from his homeland and brought him to this strange new and still changing planet. I can’t help feeling that I owe him an apology or at least an explanation. — Neil Armstrong

When a restaurant screws up your order or there are delays, I expect an explanation or an apology for my lost time. — Jennifer Jones

We live in an age of apologies. Apologies, fake or true, are expected from the descendants of empire builders, slave owners and persecutors of heretics, and from men who -in our eyes- just got it all wrong. So, with the age of 85 coming up shortly, I want to make an apology. It appears I must apologize for being male, white, and European. — Alec Guinness

To apologize is to lay the foundation for a future offense. — Ambrose Bierce

We want either an apology or some kind of explanation as to why they chose to do the cartoons. — Ahmed Akkari

I think I deserve an apology. — Dana Perino

Washington couldn’t tell a lie, Nixon couldn’t tell the truth, and Reagan couldn’t tell the difference. — Mort Sahl

Give a civil servant a good case and he’ll wreck it with clichés, bad punctuation, double negatives, and convoluted apology. — Alan Clark

I wrote to the company asking for an apology and claiming damages under Regulation 30 of the privacy regulations. — Nigel Roberts

Why should I apologize because God throws in crystal chandeliers, mahogany floors, and the best construction in the world? — Jim Bakker

America’s finest – our men and women in uniform, are a force for good throughout the world, and that is nothing to apologize for. — Sarah Palin

I feel like this is a dream – and I apologize for how I dressed some of you. — Ray Romano

Apologies do make a difference. Believe it or not, research shows people often prefer them over money. — David D. Burns

I would recommend all men in choosing a profession to avoid any that may require an apology at every turn; either an apology or else a somewhat violent assertion of right. — Anthony Trollope

I try to read everything that’s sent me – play scripts, movie scripts – but I’ve had to make a rule. If the author hasn’t grabbed me by Page 25, the piece goes back with a note of apology. — Hume Cronyn

We apologize for the fact that the cartoons undeniably have offended many Muslims. — Carsten Juste

I knit the afternoon away. I knit reasons for Elijah to come back. I knit apologies for Emma. I knit angry knots and slipped stitches for every mistake I ever made, and I knit wet, swollen stitches that look awful. I knit the sun down. — Laurie Halse Anderson

I am sorry to say that sometimes matters of very small importance waste a good deal of precious time, by the long and repeated speeches and chicanery of gentlemen who will not wholly throw off the lawyer even in Congress. — William Whipple

You must accept the truth from whatever source it comes. — Maimonides

In his apology, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he was sorry to the women that he groped, and he admitted that he had acted badly. Not only that, Arnold then apologized for acting badly in all of his movies. — Conan O’Brien

As nations we should also commit afresh to righting past wrongs. In Australia we began this recently with the first Australians – the oldest continuing culture in human history. On behalf of the Australian Parliament, this year I offered an apology to indigenous Australians for the wrongs they had suffered in the past. — Kevin Rudd

But my apology was a thousand apologies. — Deb Caletti

I have heard Mr. Romney’s speech’s many times on television and the radio and I have even read his book No Apology: The Case for American Greatness and I must say that out of all the gentleman running for the presidency Mr. Romney is, in my opinion, the best one to fit the bill. — Angela Lansbury

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