Are You Winning At Life? Let’s Enhance The Thinking Behind Your Journey

Hello Humans! Doesn’t it feel good to be alive?

There’s a strong motivation daily by our peers, social norms and environments to win. But I’ve found the best way to “win” at life is to recognize the beneficial potential of the journey in and of itself.

Currently, I am taking a communication course which discovers the various cultural differences that influence different styles of conflict. : This past week we dived head first into the concept of nirvana. For those of you unfamiliar (like I was), nirvana in Buddhism is essentially the “final goal,” the concept that you will no longer have any desires or ridiculous sense of self suffering. The goal of nirvana is to view life in the eyes of life and death, ultimate…free abundance. The point of this is post is to first, launch my first hello to the Bay Art community and second, to help you all explore the concept of winning at life, reflecting on whether or not you think you are winning.

Here’s how you can recognize if you are winning at life:

  • You wake up and start each morning with an optimistic and grateful attitude. Now let me just say, if you aren’t currently doing this, that is perfectly normal. Being optimistic comes easy for some and is more difficult for others. I will say it is something necessary to cultivate as it begins your day with a fresh and hopeful perspective, allowing the many blessings of life to flow into your day. The more you find yourself crafting and practicing your morning of gratefulness, the easier it will become with time. Eventually, you will find yourself being grateful in some of the most difficult situations.
  • Your favorite mantra is, “Time is of the essence.” For me, it is easy to plan my time for various activities but very difficult to enjoy the experience once the event rolls around. I’m a planner, but I have trouble with enjoying life sometimes. At the event, I often find myself updating my calendar with the next set of plans, taking photos or indulging in social media posts and photos. While it is good to capture the moment, it is so important to emotionally remain present in all experiences. Unfortunately, it is difficult to win at life when you take moments for granted and are unable to retrieve your valuable time. Are you finding yourself at the same concert as me, taking selfies instead of enjoying the vibe? If so, you might not be maximizing your time. So, plan your days and enjoy your nights, you deserve it!


  • You recognize the benefit of balanceIt is so important to live and lead a healthy lifestyle of proper rest, adequate nutrition and regular activity. Many of us are familiar with taking things overboard in some area or another. Maybe you just began a new relationship and you are head over heels in love but haven’t quite figured out how to balance time with your family and your new lover. Could it be possible that you are spending too much time at the gym that you are now lacking in appropriate rest for peak performance? We regularly feel more pressured in situations when we are not appropriately balancing our time and energy. The point is, when you are winning at life, you regularly assess your attention to how well you are balancing not only responsibilities but relationship and leisure time.

In this brief, (first post on Bay Art) I hope you will recognize your obligation to yourself and those who love you, to be your personal best and strive for a well-balanced, optimistic and timely life. It is so important to take care of your well-being first, that is the truest way of winning at life. When striving for personal growth and greatness, your life and the lives of all who come in contact with you, will be blessed.

Just an appetizer for thought. The main course comes later.

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