Art: How I Cope

I mentioned in my last blog post about how play is important for everyone. I mean, who can live day-by-day simply working on their to-do list, but never finding time to relax? I certainly cannot! It may not be daily, but at least once a week I find time for a coping mechanism that helps me relax.

I love photography. I love taking my Nikon out to the lake to snap pictures of what I see. At one time, I became so popular on Twitter with my photographs of the lake and the critters I found that they invited me to a private tour of their aviary. I got to walk into the rooms they kept the birds, and I was able to get up close and personal with them. I was given the chance to pet a small owl who was missing an eye. I will never forget how soft that owl felt! I got hooted at by many, many different owls they had there. Their pet vulture thought I was nice, and he followed us around. And a bald eagle majestically stretched his wings for me while I photographed him.

But my absolute real passion is art. I love it! I prefer doing portraits, usually of celebrities. I used to paint once, and I dabbled in colored pencil for a couple of years. However, graphite is my go-to. It is simply easy to pull out my pencils and get to work. It is incredible to sit down and watch how my drawing came to life. I am getting so much better on my drawings. Currently, I am working on shading and adding darker tones to my drawings.

Check out my latest drawing of Yvonne Strahovski….

Yvonne Strahovski drawing

I started the drawing in January before classes began. I was going through a phase where I wanted to work on drawing the human body, particularly a woman’s body. Drawing men is ok, but it is more interesting to draw a woman.

I love to share my artwork. I have a Facebook page dedicated to it ( I also love to share it on my personal Twitter page, especially when it is of a celebrity. Eva LaRue is my absolute favorite person to draw (not to mention I have the largest, craziest crush on this woman). I have been so lucky that she has seen my artwork of her, and she takes the time out of her life to comment on it. Many times has she told me how she enjoys looking at my drawings of her. Lately, she has offered me huge, huge support when I was battling my suicidal depression after getting assaulted on campus.

Here are some of my favorites I have done of her….


It is absolutely relaxing for me to sit down and draw. I go through phases where I get obsessed with someone/something/movie/tv show…. anything. We all go through those obsessions. We can’t get enough. When I am not drawing Eva LaRue, I am drawing my favorite characters from other shows/movies.

Last year, I spent the entire year reading Star Wars novel, post-New Hope. Sadly, I now own at least 40 Star Wars books… no joke. My entire top of my closet is filled with them. I absolutely dislike Anakin/Vader, but I love Luke and Leia. In fact, my favorite characters out of the whole universe is Leia and Mara Jade. I mean, they are some bad ass women! Don’t get me started on how much I hate Luke….

Anyways, I decided to sit down to do a Star Wars-themed drawing. In fact, I did what I called a “Skywalker Family” drawing… Padme, Anakin, Luke, and Leia. I got the idea from a picture I saw online, so I created my own version.

Check it out…


I think it is one of my best ones yet! And what is even cooler? I posted it on Twitter without tagging any celebrity in it. I simply added tags that were associated to this picture. A couple days later, I got a notification that Carrie Fisher… let me repeat CARRIE FISHER… liked my picture. This was last Summer, and I got the notification at work. It brightened my day for sure! Who can say they actually got a compliment for Carrie Fisher? I only wish I could have attended her book signing if she had one in our area. (Rest in peace Carrie Fisher *bows head in mourning*).

I have learned the hard way that it is incredibly important for me to take time out of my life for play. If that means spending 3-4 hours a day for multiple days to sit down and draw, then so be it. Or like this past weekend, 2 hours a day at the lake with my camera was great too… and I even got a tan.

Our society is so caught up in rushing around and making money, simply trying to get by. We worry about what we want or what we need, but never about our health and what is important for us to be healthy. Sit down for 10 minutes to read, watch your favorite show, or just sit out in nature. The same thing won’t work for everyone, but a little “me time” will go a long way into making you feel better. Don’t feel selfish for wanting it, as I used to feel. You work hard. You struggle. You need that time. Allow yourself that time.

And for those who love watching The Golden Girls, there is now an adult coloring book out for that show. Seriously… what better excuse do you need to sit down for a few minutes when you can color some pages out of that incredible book?

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