Adonis, The greatest Dog to Ever Live.

Adonis, The greatest Dog to Ever Live. The love of a dog is one of the natural worlds wonders. Some dogs you meet and you know there is an instant connection. I know that in my own experience. I can tell you the exact moment when I fell in love with each of my pups. … Read more

Eternal Legacy of Grandparents

Have you ever just sat back and looked around only to realize you miss the people that are no longer on this earth? I know I do. My grandparents are all gone; they passed away at young ages, creating a void in my life. I was in my 20’s when they all passed. For a … Read more

Holy Week Pain, Easter Morning Joy.

“It is finished,” the famous words uttered by Jesus Christ himself as he hung on the cross with his human body dying. This time of year makes me ponder those words as Easter is fast approaching. It is finished; the absolute finality of those words leaves me in awe. The sins of mankind heaped upon … Read more

Family Relationships as an Adult

quotes about family time

Family relationships are uncharted ground every single day. They ebb and flow morphing into friendships overtime if we allow it. What strikes me about this topic is the absolute guarantee that these relationships will change as we grow though the stages of life. Not everyone has the same relationships with their family members, in fact … Read more