Becoming A Mother

Becoming a Mother This little life that is now mine to raise, to mold, is a dream come true, a prayer answered. I pray that my son will be an independent loving compassionate man. This beautiful little boy has blessed my life in ways I didn’t even know possible. It’s been 12 years of heartache … Read more

The Passion of Cooking!

Cooking is a wonderful device we modern humans use to convey many things; much more than just filling our stomachs or giving our body energy. Cooking is a labor of love, a passion if you will. Either the soft romantic love or the heat of a sexual encounter comes rushing to my mind. How does … Read more

Holy Week Pain, Easter Morning Joy.

“It is finished,” the famous words uttered by Jesus Christ himself as he hung on the cross with his human body dying. This time of year makes me ponder those words as Easter is fast approaching. It is finished; the absolute finality of those words leaves me in awe. The sins of mankind heaped upon … Read more

Family Relationships as an Adult

quotes about family time

Family relationships are uncharted ground every single day. They ebb and flow morphing into friendships overtime if we allow it. What strikes me about this topic is the absolute guarantee that these relationships will change as we grow though the stages of life. Not everyone has the same relationships with their family members, in fact … Read more

Hysterectomy or No?

A few times in life decisions come along that sort of shake up everything you think about the direction of your life. When your faced with these decisions two options arise, run away from it or face the decision. Swallow the urge to run instead tame the decision. Thinking about conquering the decision is the … Read more

Chasing Happily Every After

Marriage is a time honored tradition or a divine institution built on the principle of two people together, forever, living one life. Two becoming one is not just a sex euphemism; it’s an expectation when a couple says “I Do”. The belief that wife and husband transform magically and instantly into one is preposterous. Anyone … Read more