Elusive Emptiness

Once, a man runs away, frustrating from his thoughts. He continues walking unless he reaches a jungle. He walks and walks exploring the jungle. He finds a monk sitting on the rock there. He bows to the monk and asks if he could answer his questions. The monk smiles and listens to him with all … Read more


Let’s recall some of the incidents where we experienced real difficulties due to some past promises or when someone gives more importance to a promise than a real critical situation. Well, promises are good but not without considering real life scenarios and a person’s situation henceforth. People take their words seriously until they die which … Read more

A Marriage Protocol

“Enough of question answer round, now it’s the time to put my point.” I thought to interrupt him when he threw 5 consecutive questions in our first meeting which was about to choose life partners! One of the pre-processes of arranged marriage system in India where we decide the future over a sip of coffee! … Read more