Elusive Emptiness

Once, a man runs away, frustrating from his thoughts. He continues walking unless he reaches a jungle. He walks and walks exploring the jungle. He finds a monk sitting on the rock there. He bows to the monk and asks if he could answer his questions. The monk smiles and listens to him with all … Read moreElusive Emptiness

Four Antidotes

In our childhood, parents assure that we are properly vaccinated to avoid any evil diseases in future and live life hale and hearty. Similarly I wish if people were born with pee-owned mental or emotional antidotes, what the world would have been?! The four basic virtues which are necessary to live happy and healthy life … Read moreFour Antidotes


Let’s recall some of the incidents where we experienced real difficulties due to some past promises or when someone gives more importance to a promise than a real critical situation. Well, promises are good but not without considering real life scenarios and a person’s situation henceforth. People take their words seriously until they die which … Read moreChange!

A Marriage Protocol

“Enough of question answer round, now it’s the time to put my point.” I thought to interrupt him when he threw 5 consecutive questions in our first meeting which was about to choose life partners! One of the pre-processes of arranged marriage system in India where we decide the future over a sip of coffee! … Read moreA Marriage Protocol

Celebrate Imperfections

I may be wrong in expressing, I may be wrong in understanding, I may be wrong in showing care, I may be wrong in explaining, but my feelings, my intentions will never be…! These beautiful lines stimulated me for this post. So let’s accept, it is really difficult (almost impossible) to always be perfect in … Read moreCelebrate Imperfections

Ámate a tí mismo

Piles of articles, blogs, treasures of movies, epic stories and what not! Many things out there to intimate the meaning of true love and marriage! In reality, there is no defined strategy for a happy married life or “happy life”:) People are asked mostly that “whom you love the most?”; to answer to that they … Read moreÁmate a tí mismo

Gratitude is Attitude

A simple but powerful formula of being happy is “Gratitude should be attitude!” I recently discussed in previous post about that ‘someday‘ which we all wait for, for almost our entire life. Similarly, we also wait to express our gratitude. We may wait for that ‘someday’ to come and then express gratitude towards it. Whatever … Read moreGratitude is Attitude