Find my voice.

I believe I’m passive aggressive. This is not anything to be proud of, it is just a fact of my life. In this passive aggressiveness I catch myself giving a fake smile to people, and then talk a lot of shit behind their back because they annoyed me for whatever reason. Is it fair? not … Read moreFind my voice.

In a bubble.

I always write about my feelings. I think that my feelings are the best way to express myself as well as connect to others.  However, sometimes I don’t even know what’s going on inside of me. I try to keep everything in order – I try to understand why I feel how I feel and … Read moreIn a bubble.


I catch myself thinking “I want to go home” even though I am already there (physically). Is that statement something from the soul? Where is home, then? I’ll be honest. I feel like shit. I always make my posts about me but what more interesting subject than the self? I say what I can through … Read moreOff.