Understanding “Safe Space”

Let me begin by saying I’m a firm believer in all things recovery related, whether they be self-help groups, counseling, spiritual/religious practices, etc.  I owe what successes I have on many of them.  Coming up on 32 years sober, clean, and free from the institutionalized biases of the mental health system, I find myself reflecting … Read more Understanding “Safe Space”

When is “crazy” crazy?

Is “crazy” still crazy when it becomes the new norm? Are “delusions” still delusional when we name them alternative “facts”? Is “denial” still a symptom of disorder when it becomes a tool to reduce an otherwise crippling anxiety? Is “mental illness” still an illness when the whole world has gone insane? These are the questions … Read more When is “crazy” crazy?

Self-Harm: Punishing You by Hurting Me?

When I was young, I was a “cutter,” meaning I frequently acted out my pain and frustration by cutting myself, carving into my own flesh with any sharp implements I could find.  It was one of those more disturbing symptoms of my distress, and one I could never adequately explain. Today I choose less obvious … Read more Self-Harm: Punishing You by Hurting Me?

On Empathy Today…

Though most of my work is influenced by my empathic nature today, I very rarely write articles that expressly discuss being an empath in a self-destructive world.  I have reasons, of course, and some are quite logical, even.  😉  But the bottom line for me has been that there is simply so much available material … Read more On Empathy Today…