Authentic Love!

What is the point of this life? Why do I do what I do? What would happen if I just quit today? Where is all this hard work leading to? . . . Those are some very deep and tough questions to answer. And. Well. I don’t know the answers to those questions (I don’t … Read moreAuthentic Love!


“So, what are you gonna do when you graduate? Do you have a plan? Did you apply for a job? Where do you want to work? Are you looking for something? You should just get out there and network?” -people, family, friends, etc. that care about you. … Ever feel overwhelmed about “finding your purpose”? … Read moreFuture?

Half-a-Billion Women Can’t Read This!

Dear You (yea, you reading this),      130 million girls are out of school right now. If they were a country, they would make up the world’s 10th largest – bigger than Japan or Germany.That’s an obscene amount of untapped potential.These girls deserve the same chance to get an education as all of us. I … Read moreHalf-a-Billion Women Can’t Read This!

Busy’s a Blessing!

Do you ever feel like you have too much to do? You feel like the world never stops? You just want a break? . . . Well, the next time you feel too flustered, just remember that being busy is a blessing!…Wait, but what does that mean?……Why is busy a blessing? How can it be … Read moreBusy’s a Blessing!