Sisterhood – even with one other woman – is becoming increasingly important the more I mature. It’s more than a friendship, it’s more than a birthright. It’s a promise from one woman to another to witness their journey and to support their journey of growth, to cheer for them at the sidelines and to fight … Read more


Space I call Home. I can see why a transient existence is appealing to some. I don’t belong to any space or time or building other than where I choose to inhabit at any particular moment. I can ground myself anywhere I think. Perhaps that comes from the realization that ‘home’ is everything inside me … Read more


Sometimes life can take unexpected turns and force you to reassess where you think are in your journey. There was a time in the past where I’d see that kind of interjection in life as a nuisance, a hurdle, an injustice. Something which got in the way of my plans and rendered my vision unbelievable. … Read more

Shades of…

This post may offend your sensibilities. But it’s my truth so I will tell it. I am dark-skinned. Significantly so. For an Asian woman who grew up in an Asian community.  And whilst that is completely irrelevant other than say for something trivial like choice of make-up, it is by no means insignificant.  I spent … Read more


  12 years ago I lost my beloved Mum. Her final word to my sister and I was ‘sorry’. As a mother I understand the sentiment now. It’s a questioning about whether you have given enough. Time, love, belongings, attention, care, education, money, family, identity…whatever it is the list is potentially endless. My Mum’s parting … Read more

The Flower Circle

The simplicity of young children playing, when observed, is wonderful. The way they negotiate, influence, discuss, challenge, confront and care – with conviction. The way they play, generate ideas and handle obstacles – with a care-freeness and excitement. The way they deal with losing, falling over, falling out and not getting a turn – momentary … Read more