??‍♂️Know That You Are NOT a Finished Product ??‍♂️

?“Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Mahatma Gandhi ?

There comes a point in life where its just time to let go and move on. whether it be a career, relationships certain people that are holding you back, from being to achieve your goals and dreams. It may be hard to do but change is.

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Vibe ?

Take a trip through my mind, I think it’s one of a kind/
Everyday I be growing, gotta steady my grind/
Never took a break, but taking care of my time/
Only way is up and I know how to shine/
Happiness is key and I’m feeling just fine/
Appealing to the heavens while I’m Building my shrine/                                             Manifesting energy I feel it in my Spine/
Tell you what I want to do my people lets Vibe/

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7 UpLifting Quotes For Depression

No one is immune to depression, we all go through life at one point or another feeling as though we can never catch a break. We look to the sky for answers, asking “why is this happening?”, “why am I your target?” “Everything seems to be so good for everyone else while I’m so close to the edge of giving up”. Well let me tell you something, life will throw that curve at you once and a while. It is not a matter of if, but when. Each path that you choose to take will never be a straight one. You will hit roadblocks. When your at that point, don’t give up because your breakthrough will be right over that hurdle. Show life what you’re made of and then you will become blessed. Here are 7 Uplifting quotes that have helped me, in the dark nights of my soul #blessings ?

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2017 Eclipse list??

List for 2017 Eclipse season ? Hi everyone! Have you made your list before the 2017 eclipse on the 21st of August? If not now is the time and needs to be done before at least the 7th of August. If you want things to change for you under the influence of the Eclipse now … Read more2017 Eclipse list??

This is Why..#Respect part 2

This is why..#Respect Part 2 Men I haven’t had a father in my life since I was 12 years old, and when my father was here, He wasn’t the type to respect a woman unless he wanted something from her and he showed that with my Mother. So I was never taught how to respect … Read moreThis is Why..#Respect part 2

10 Spiritual Quotes For Experiencing Miracles by Robert Holden Ph.D. – HealYourLife

https://www.healyourlife.com/10-spiritual-quotes-for-experiencing-miracles?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email_Newsletter_HYL.com_2017&utm_source=9992386&utm_content=HYLNew&utm_id=HYLNew&spMailingID=54585412&spUserID=MjM4ODQ5MzA2OTQwS0&spJobID=1204487717&spReportId=MTIwNDQ4NzcxNwS2 Hey guys come check out this link! Quotes are so powerful its unreal #blessings? love life❤❤