Three, Two, Done…

Sweating to an unusual degree. The symptom of an incurable disease. Face covered, slippery and thick like ghee. Life’s a looper. Looping us in a maladroit manner. Panic. Perfidious and manic. Just like Rococo, I think I’ve had it. I’m taciturn, clinging to the stanchion. A hawser round my neck and it starts to burn. … Read moreThree, Two, Done…

The Last Dance

  Homologous humanity, cleaved by pedantic disagreements. The newel of our rise, splintered. Coronal citizens take all. The deprived tucked away in a credenza, not to be opened or seen. Calcareous lines divide. A precarious road, to come together. All in the same pannier, on this planet earth. A happier world, if we learned to … Read moreThe Last Dance


  Gone are balmy days. The jungles canon now applies. ‘DO NOT PASS’ reads the sign. We are not precocious minds. Olfaction overwhelmed on entry. Burry plants scratch and, sting. A souse of sweat, flowing free. The itinerant pair are not prepared. No place for eiderdowns, no point to harangue. They must find the jungles … Read moreInfra

Vernal Shores

  Taught expeditiously, to trill and, squawk. The reveille rings at 4 o’clock. Another day of genuflection, to the corpulent, boreal lords. Canvassing the favour of gewgaws. Remain phlegmatic and dream of┬ávernal shores. An axiomatic life. Doff the uniform, end the strife. I am rancorous. Trapped in a seine, I feel the Quahogs pain. Supercilious … Read moreVernal Shores

The Scourge of the Town

  She is a scurrilous one. Artless and fistulous. Vaunted for everything she does. Not the amative type, luxe is her way. I did not take her for a proselyte. Finding God, she takes the sacerdotal rights. A flume of spirituality. A reprobate personality, no more. No more feints to stay alive. No more feeling … Read moreThe Scourge of the Town


  When first he talked, all he talked was bosh. Quickly becoming slicker and, making mother blush. The trouble truly started, when he was caught exhuming a corpse. A wayward act, of course. Hooky is his favourite game. Father knew flagellation to be the way, even until oblique of frame. One day, he joined a … Read moreTercel

The Chelonian Lord

  In the garland of his life. Ostensible to a strangers mind. Time to egress to the rostrum. An uptick in his heart and, the taste of Hardtack. Above the bantam, chelonian statue, facing a dyspeptic crowd. On the periphery, a man attacks. A foin to his coeliac. The annealed blade cuts through, blood unparsimonious … Read moreThe Chelonian Lord

The Giants Revolt

  They took all you had with a promise of safety. Besides your rugged island in the harsh, volcanic sea. In return, sold a lie that you were free. Rise race of stubborn pride. Fight against the tide of uncertainty. Trust thrown to the breeze! Caution for the winds grow strong. Directions change, no more … Read moreThe Giants Revolt

A Dream of Mountains

  A shifting world grows small. A peaceful order, divided by glass. There’s no need to ask. I pass no further, in to your electric dream. Living in a utopia. A utopia of machines. What is the meaning, now we’re all the same. Well… I want to see mountains! Soaring peaks, rooted deep underground. So … Read moreA Dream of Mountains