Do Our Emotions Affect Our Health?

I’m doing this piece as a series of 3 articles, because it’s something I hold as greatly important to our health as a human race, and because it can’t be said in a blip. And sometimes that’s all the attention of a reader I’ve got access to… a nanosecond. So while I don’t take that for granted, this … Read more

A Conversation About Pleasure: Are You At Ease With Your Own Desire?

Pleasure. A loaded topic. In today’s zeitgeist, where pornography and its influence in the mainstream include a new level of nudity and raunchy behavior in movies, television shows and commercials,  and using the word “porn” in casual connection with everyday words, pleasure could easily be whittled down to the basest of concepts. However, pleasure encompasses … Read more

Straight-Shooting About Forgiveness

I know what it’s like to not want to forgive someone or something for fear of forgetting what they did or what was done to me. I know what it’s like to want to hold someone “to blame,” but really just not wanting to let them off the hook because what they did hurt me … Read more

Gratitude Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

I’m tired of people espousing things as a “one size fits all.” There is nothing in your development as a human being that can be whittled down to a clichéd belief, or one solitary mantra as the mantra to end all mantras. It’s just not so.

Do The Pursuit of Marriage, Children, Etc. Make You Relevant?

No one ever thinks of it when they’re twenty. But by the time they’re thirty, if they don’t already have a family, and no prospects for one, they begin to wonder. “Will I marry? Will I have kids? Will it happen for me?”

A Truth About Being Strong, And Vulnerable Too

It’s often only those that most of us consider small, soft, emotional, meek, sensitive or unable to stand up for themselves in some way, that become those whom we nurture and protect. But what about the people we consider to be strong?

10 Benefits of Recovery Great for Every Person on the Planet

Wherever you are in this life, you can use these benefits to grow, develop yourself and find peace.

“Should’s” Can Suck The Life From You

Got your attention, huh? But, let’s lighten up, would ya’, Monique? Ok, on a lighter tip… “Should’s” can kill your joy, your happiness, your levity and your ability to thrive in the now moment. Not light enough? Ha ha. Come with me… We do quite a bit of suffering around making decisions, don’t we? “Should I … Read more