Drops in the Bucket

Today I am writing about something that, I must confess, has probably caused me more spiritual pain and agony than almost anything else in my entire life. Today I am going to write about giving. I have always been really stingy with MY money. I have not been faithful giving to the church. What I … Read more

Getting Lost

A couple of years ago, my wife and I decided to go for a drive in the fall weather to do some leaf peeping like we usually do around our anniversary. While there were occasional spectacles of color clothing a few trees, the color wasn’t quite there yet and lots of trees just were beginning … Read more

Talking Politics

I wrote this four years ago and it is a great reminder for me today. I’m going to talk about something I normally don’t talk about today. Today I am going to talk politics. I can see by the posts from a lot of my friends that this whole political climate has got you bugged. … Read more