A Prisoner Of The Lord

A Prisoner Of The Lord: What I learned while under house arrest Tonight’s post dives into the price I asked of the Lord to pay to know him in his sufferings. Before this time, I forgot I asked the Lord to pay such a price.  Before this time, I continually asked the Lord to draw … Read moreA Prisoner Of The Lord

The Scales Of Wants & Needs

The Weigh Scales Of Wants & Needs This post is dedicated to the happy the hungry, the hopeful one and the helpless one.  Oh, what a difference a year makes!  About two weeks ago or maybe more I was asked to conduct a blog post on the difference between what a person wants vs what … Read moreThe Scales Of Wants & Needs

Heaven’s Hymns

TODAY’S ENTRY IS A WORD OF WARNING TO THE CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIANS OUT THERE. In today’s post, I would like to discuss heaven’s hymns. What they are? Who sings them? Where they can be found etc… However, before I do that I must do my diligent research in explaining why I chose to talk about this very … Read moreHeaven’s Hymns

Render Unto Caesar

Posted on 28 Aug 2017 by The Pen and the Sword Press Tonight’s blog post was unplanned. It was a spur of the moment type thing, due to the fact that I think I must explain a concept to a large group of people. The concept I like to call banking with heaven. In the Bible, the Lord … Read moreRender Unto Caesar

Where Have All The Good Movies Gone? Netflix Bought Them

Posted on 24 Aug 2017 by The Pen and the Sword Press By Anthony SiciliaThis article is dedicated to my two-year-old niece Angie. To discuss films and good forms of entertainment can be a challenge simply because no one movie is alike and furthermore there are also different movies created for different genres. To save myself from creating … Read moreWhere Have All The Good Movies Gone? Netflix Bought Them

How Will Your Faith Chapter Be Written?

  This blog entry is a prologue to the faith chapter message I will post for you, my readers this Tuesday! To my mother for her efforts to  reconcile my faith  one summer night before the fire would die out although.  – Thank You! Dear Friends, For anybody that reads this blog post I pray … Read moreHow Will Your Faith Chapter Be Written?

Peace That Covers All The Pain

  When you’ve cried countless tears, and nights are long When you fallen below bottom, your last ounce of hope is gone You are not forsaken, He has known your strife And promised with the dawning, joy to fill your life He gives peace, that covers all the pain He brings a calm, in the … Read morePeace That Covers All The Pain