It is done

The events that have occurred in Zimbabwe have been almost unnatural and yet, settling with historical is an understatement. His Excellency, the former president of Zimbabwe; Robert Gabriel Mugabe, who I am now proud to say, has finally decided to resign after 37 years at the helm. It was unprecedented to say the least. We … Read moreIt is done

Grill Peppers, Minced Pita & Feta

Attempted some grilling the other day that pretty much impressed my tastebuds. I could do a little dance just thinking about it. Despite the constant nagging from my friends, hounding me for my ‘actual’ address, I didn’t give in. Mitches! Just before the flip! Looking juicy and sweet! Okay, so this is the rundown on … Read moreGrill Peppers, Minced Pita & Feta

The Way to Let Go

I found a way to let go… Been wondering if I should make this post spiritual or plain hardcore. The thoughts are like a war; into your head then out, getting stuck in the bed with a frown. I’m tired of walking cause walking makes me think, tired of thinking cause that makes me speak. … Read moreThe Way to Let Go

The wasteland of anticipation. It brings me to deeper thoughts about my restless nation. Filled with hunger, pain and relentless provocation. What did we do to get this far? And who did we pinch to get disbarred? Quote on quote. Diabolical bond notes left in my vault. We, the sons and daughters of this beautiful … Read more

Real Friends

End of year vibes have started to creep in. Like a cycle, at this point of every year I always tend to look back and try and figure out the goals I’ve completed. Watch closely; the key word is “figure”. Yes, I tried to “figure” it out but, honestly, I’m pretty much in the same … Read moreReal Friends


It’s a Wednesday. And I’m crushing on her. So thick and petite at the same time, oh how her essence is so divine. In wake and in bake, her beauty is such a magnificent taste. How I crave, I crave. Her playful mind puts my heart in a rage. Let not that pretty face fool … Read moreWCW