All pain serves as a catalyst. Pain is either a catalyst for depression or a catalyst for action. Sorting through my mental file cabinet lead me to this discovery. I noticed a pattern behind many of my past challenges. Climbing out of adversity required a decision. The decision to leave toxic relationships. The decision to … Read moreCatalyst

Stop Doubting Your Potential

Hello! Nice to meet you! I knew we just met, but can you do me a huge favor? Stop doubting your potential. It infuriates me when people recite things like “oh I could never do that” or “I’m not that talented”. Well that’s gargantuan load of steamy horse poo. YOU can literally do anything once … Read moreStop Doubting Your Potential

Tame Your Insecurities

Yeehawwww! Grab your cowboy boots, ten gallon hats, and a strong lasso because today we are going to tame our insecurities! Huh? Tame our insecurities? What in the world are you talking about? In the process of analyzing my own behavior I unintentionally raised my emotional intelligence. This new gift expanded my perspective and led … Read moreTame Your Insecurities