Soft and Still

It’s a quiet day Not much to do So I sit with the stillness And think about you You’re gone now Over the mountain Left for the city Where gold is a fountain We want different things It’s happiness you seek I’d rather have peace Finding Humble and Meek It’s not pathetic It’s not a … Read moreSoft and Still


This is not the surface of Mars. But I wish it was. A sci-fi Bradbury story and not my life. Scared and Scarred I am 6. Tender. Overly sensitive. Idealistic. In the living room watching TV (listening to my parents scream). My father is chasing my mother from the bedroom to the living room. She … Read moreknee-deep

Buckets of Grace

She brought me a bucket Of calm, clear sea. She bent down slowly And put it at my feet. Out of her pocket, She withdrew a wild rose. She placed the bright, red flower Right between my toes. She sat for a while With her head upon my knee. Our bodies warm together Her soft … Read moreBuckets of Grace

To My Stones

If my prayers are only whispers Of a wish list in the sky, Then I have only brought the world Another selfish guy. If my prayers are only sweet-sung praises And I neglect to love, What good does it do to believe In a God in heaven above? If I call myself a Christian, But … Read moreTo My Stones

Poor in Spirit

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom…” I can’t have a bank account From the First National Sermon on the Mount. The beatitudes are all about attitude. The first blessing that Christ’s addressing Is the condition of my heart. Do I understand What God had planned? Jesus bent for Hell and … Read morePoor in Spirit


According to Wikipedia‘s article regarding loving-kindness in Judaism: Loving-kindness is used as an English translation for the Hebrew word חסד (chesed). This term is used often in the book of Psalms, and refers to acts of kindness, motivated by love. It is used primarily in reference to God, rather than people. One example is found … Read moreLoving-Kindness

Growing Doubt

I was paralyzed with self-doubt this morning. So I blogged it out! If you’re going to plant something, make it your: Feet. Humility. Kindness. Reliance on God. Don’t plant doubt. Doubt is a weed. Grows fast and takes over everything. No fruit or flowers can grow With doubt around. Doubt will have your well-maintained yard … Read moreGrowing Doubt

Deep Calls To Deep

I just read an article online about this verse: Psalm 42:7 Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. In the article, which I won’t link to here because I’m about to disagree (LOL), states that this could be David lamenting about his troubles. … Read moreDeep Calls To Deep


That’s a snap of my dad. I’m the little red-hooded halfling almost cropped out, just behind him. Nice jean jacket, Dad. My dad didn’t give me much. What he did give me though is everything. A sense of humor. Learning to laugh at yourself is so important. When you have nothing else, e.g. talent, ability, … Read morePaterfamilias

Message in a Bottle

Last summer I wrote a letter to a friend and placed it in a bottle. I hadn’t seen her in a while and it was great to reconnect. I wanted to mark the occasion for her and show her my gratitude and love. She traveled a great distance physically and emotionally to arrive at my … Read moreMessage in a Bottle

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