Selective Is The New Smart

There is an enlightening post on Linkedin titled Busy Is The New Stupid by Ed Baldwin, a Human Resources strategist and consultant. It caught my eye. While reading it, I laughed aloud recognizing some of my own foolish attitudes outlined in the article. Who hasn’t heard themselves comment to friends and colleagues about how busy … Read more

What Are Your “Must Haves”?

If we are passionate about owning a luxury car, we would put a lot of thought into buying one. We would contemplate what really matters to us. We would define what is worth holding out for as we shop around. Is it style? Power? Interior? How about eco-friendliness? Perhaps a combination? If a luxury car is … Read more

The Games We Play

Who do you compete against? Other people or yourself? Whatever your answer, how can you use this to help you achieve more of what you want? For some, competing in business or sports is a thrilling game played with formidable opponents. It reflects a combination of strategy and skill. For others, competition is about being … Read more

Challenge the Status Quo – 3 Questions

The status quo, as it applies to our lives, is the result of our habits. Challenging the status quo is challenging our habitual ways of seeing and doing. Why challenge the status quo? If this moment were completely satisfying, we wouldn’t even think of it. We’d be too busy enjoying how we have chosen to live. … Read more