In My Own Time

My recovery is not going at the speed some people would like. I’m too slow. Not making enough progress. I’m not doing enough work or making changes quickly enough. Apparently. It is absolutely true that many people who commence recovery – from anything – progress at a faster rate. They make changes and those changes … Read moreIn My Own Time

Sidling Along

When I’m not going forward in recovery, I’m perfectly happy to accept sideways. Because moving sideways is not going backwards. I have recently spent the most glorious three days in a lovely little holiday house – big hikes through the bush, lots of champagne and chocolate, late nights lying in front of a roaring fire … Read moreSidling Along

One Perfect Day

Well ladies and gentlemen – and those who do not confidently or comfortably fit into traditional categories – my thanks and gratitude for your ongoing patience with my intermittent pity parties. They’re boring and dull to read I have no doubt. But from my end of the equation, they are magically cathartic. The past few … Read moreOne Perfect Day


To eat or not to eat. That is the question. Choose. To write or not to write. Choose. Work. Sleep. Play. Choose. Delivered unscathed from the maternal womb. Breathe. Choose. Tentatively totter on tiny tubby legs. Choose. Fall over. Start over. Do over. Choose. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Choose. Failure. Success. Happiness. Sadness. Living and loving a meaningful life. … Read moreChoose

It’s a roller coaster…

So I’ve gone backwards. Slipping and sliding and rolling around. Bingeing and purging every day again. Feeling shit and stupid. I know it’s my responsibility – my choice. I can turn this back around any time I want to. Why don’t I want to? Everything we do in life, we do because it’s the thing … Read moreIt’s a roller coaster…

The Cloak

There’s a cloak wrapped tight around me. A cloak of grief. A cloak of fear. A cloak of wanton weariness.   Keeping me dry, From tears that threaten to rain. Softening painful memories, That strike like buffeting winds.   My mother. My sister. My grandmother. My familial trinity gone.   Reunited and cleansed of mortal imperfection. … Read moreThe Cloak