Somber Notes

I am one of many, flickers in hellfire Extending myself to be an outlier Distinguished in this petty human history Hang my hat kneeling down My motivation is no mystery   Will undoubtedly perish nameless and in poverty Playing the lottery White lines stripe my pottery Etching failure in stone A lawn that needs watering … Read moreSomber Notes


Revitalized…momentarily though Gushing ideas, I cherish the soak The pen or the keyboard? Only question Answer quick, think while the flash is present Call it Geyser of Galvanization or The Spring of Surreal Stimulation Pouring into this preoccupation While weary of dwindling duration Taking cigarette breaks like I’m on speed Wait…am I on speed? Extended release … Read moreRevitalized

Contemplating Her Misery

Joy radiates from Ex’s misery Raising two kids? Hope it’s unbearable Terrible enough to make you ponder What could have been with yours truly – conjure The exaltation, elation daily Wonder some more – lament orgasms lost Pause in the middle of the day to think The captain of your ship led you to sink … Read moreContemplating Her Misery

Politics in the Classroom

Politics mentioned – observe the tension The worry is worn on faces unsure Still as detention, vast apprehension Who were you with? Were you with him or her?   Self-censorship peaking, voices suppressed Opinions are strong – all flex them at home Elephant in public, rude to address Guess it’s less stressful to have views … Read morePolitics in the Classroom