Thank you 2017

Allow me to introduce myself to anyone that doesn’t know me, my writing, or who I am. My name is Mouhamad Beydoun – a 27 year old cancer survivor that was diagnosed with cancer at age 24. I really just want to share my recap of 2017. The year started off strong – coming out … Read more

My Hardest fight

[youtube] MY HARDEST FIGHT My Hardest fight|BONE-MARROW TRANSPLANT Night Before Halloween night 2015 was a weird night… while seeing the whole city celebrate,I remember thinking if it was really going to happen the next day. As the fear grew stronger,I felt a feeling of reassurance knowing that I will make it through. To quickly … Read more

A letter to my old self !

Dear Cancer Mouhamad, Listen, your life is going to change… You will not only change to become a person that will tackle and take down anything that tries to tell you differently but you won’t really love all the things that you thought once defined you. You are going to become this beautiful person, that … Read more

7/2 Off Suit vs AA

Today, the universe taught me a lesson to life. I know lately I have been saying I have been down, but this time I mean it. I was so down that I thought me dying would be better for everyone including myself. This is not another pity story – I promise you that. I had … Read more

Trials to Life

Life can be viewed in many ways. I viewed life as chapters, but now I kind of look at it as being a trial. Life will always put you up for trials. Like in every trial, there is a verdict. For example, if you got accused of murder when you are in innocent, you would … Read more

Self awareness

Life really isn’t that complicated. We are the smartest species on this planet, yet we tend to cause the most chaos, and upright disrespect to our planet. I remember days I would be in the hospital asking the doctors if and when I become okay, how soon would I be able to start my life … Read more


What a weekend; feeling things that I never felt before, met people that have touched me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. What did I learn from it all? I learned how to stop being the victim to my own story. I learned how to embrace me for me and understand the … Read more