Deal with Work-Related Stress Like a Boss 

These days, stress has earned the title of public enemy number one when mental and physical health is concerned. Of course, stress is not invincible, but it requires a lot of effort and mindfulness for you to eradicate its negative influence. In general, people complain about work-related stress the most. If you too recognize yourself … Read more

5 Psychological Benefits of Owning a Dog 

Our view of human-animal bond has changed quite drastically in the past couple of decades. Back in the days, you wouldn’t judge a person based on their relationship and emotions towards dogs, but today that’s a different story. If a person owns a dog or simply loves spending time with them, they show clear signs … Read more

Does Happiness Begin at 50 

Although it may seem a little too ambitious, we like to call fifties: the middle age. Jokes aside, when you ask any person over 60 which period of their life was hardest for them in terms of stress, most of them said that it would definitely be their forties. It is simple: 50s are the … Read more

How to Survive Your Next Business Trip

Business trips are exciting when you set out on one for the first time, but after a while, you may feel like you’ve had enough of them. Frequent delays, occasionally canceled flights, one hotel bedroom after another – it becomes tedious and stressful, especially if you’re going alone. Here are some tips to help you … Read more

Benefits of Organizing a Support Group  

Support groups are one of the most affordable and effective ways to help people who’re struggling with various illnesses, condition, problem or personal circumstance. They gather a group of people who share their problems and experiences, looking for help to overcome them. The best thing about support groups is that people get the opportunity to … Read more