Study Less, Study Smart

College students are often overwhelmed, stressed out, and in constant panic mode. This is somewhat understandable, because studying at uni and studying in high school are two completely different things. Also, there are a lot of other social pressures present during this period, and students often find they can’t manage both their personal lives and … Read more

Essential tips to improve work-life balance when you work at home

The great benefit of home-based job is the fact that you’re working from your own home, while the main downside is also the fact that you’re working from your own home. Many people who haven’t experienced this would probably find it hard to understand. But separating yourself from the noise and fun pastimes that are … Read more

7 Benefits of a Career Change

In a perfect life, we’d all know what we want to do and we’d do it for the rest of our lives. However, things rarely work out the way we want, in accordance to the “happily ever after” philosophy. Mistakes are made, wrong turns are taken, and we change as we mature, so what worked … Read more

The Correlation Between Office Colours and Productivity

As more and more ways of improving productivity are exploited on a daily basis, it comes as no surprise that colour psychology has also been tapped into. Ever since experts realised there was a connection between colours and our interpretation of them, i.e. our emotions, people have been trying to find the right combination of … Read more

Reasons Generous People Are More Likely To Be Successful

If you were to ask a hundred people as to who is more likely to be more successful in life, selfish people or generous people, you would probably get more answers favoring the selfish people. And at face value, it seems like the obvious choice – selfish people are comfortable stepping over others, they only … Read more