Bad Days Are Gone

“It’s just a bad day. Not a bad life.” 

It was supposed to be a normal work day. Waking up early, getting ready, going to work and do the usual duties as a cashier at work. It was my last two weeks before my Internship ends. I felt excited to finish the Internship but also at the same time sad that I need to go back to my country. 

That normal day, my manager approached me holding a white paper and asked to talk to me for a sec. I was curious about what we’re gonna talk about. Then, she showed me a paper that said my bank was short of $20-$30. I was shocked that time. When I was cashiering, I always double count the money they gave and their change. So I was wondering why that would happen.

I think it all started when one day I forgot to put my bank back in the vault and also forgot to clock out. I had to go to the Finance Department to get my bank back the next mornings. I’ve been kind of forgetful those days due to the stress at work or lack of sleep. What I thought of just a bad day kept happening, one thing lead to another. Before those things happened to me, there were also issues regarding our colleagues. That time, I felt like I was the next “target”. 

My manager told me that it’s okay, that maybe there’s just some mistakes. She told me that I shouldn’t worry, after work she can also help me double count my bank to be sure. She was cheering me up, telling me that “It’s just a bad day. Not a bad life.” 

Since that day, I would feel paranoid going to work, that it would be my last day. Whenever I see my manager with a white paper, I was afraid that there might be another notice for me. And then, what I’m afraid of happened AGAIN. Another notice of short of money was given to me. I can’t seem to figure out why would I be short of money. But I was thankful that they gave me chances. 

We have rotation of positions every week, and for my last schedule, I was assigned as a cashier for almost everyday. I feel that I was being tested. I almost asked my colleagues to change position with me, but then I decided to face my fear. Luckily and thankfully, I survived till the end without more problems.

Life isn’t always perfect. There were days when we are happy. There were days when we feel sad. There were also days when we hate everything. And these are the days that we should be reminded that nothing lasts, we’ll get through every obstacles. We should tell ourselves that “It may hurt right now, but remember the old days when you feel like you don’t know what to do anymore? Look at you now. You’ve survived this far. Nothing can stop you from fighting whatever life throws at you.”. Every challenge we face is a stepping stone for something better. After every rain, there’s a rainbow that awaits us. We should face these challenges head on without leaving any regrets. Eventually, it will make us mature and stronger. And we can yell at the world, “I did it!”. 

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