35 + Best Barber Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Barber is a man whose job is cutting men’s hair. Inspirational barber quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Barber Quotes

Being a barber is about taking care of the people. – Anthony Hamilton

A jobless barber shall learn new hairstyles – Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

Barbershop. It’s in their interests to find alternate vehicles to promote the shows. – Rob Bennett

Whatever you hear at the barber shop, stays at the barber shop. – Bernie Mac

Beware of the young doctor and the old barber. – Benjamin Franklin

Barbershop is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. – Harvey Feldman

I did study the art of being a barber because I wanted to figure out what my routine would be. Do you start in the front or back? Top or bottom? Swivel the chair or walk around? What I did discover is there’s no such thing as the perfect haircut! – Sean Patrick Thomas

Doing barbershop has made us all better singers. When we hit just the right chord

together, there’s no better feeling. – Jonny Moroni

Never ask a barber if you need a haircut. – Warren Buffett

Take your ass to the barber shop. Tell the barber that you’re sick of looking like an asshole. – Wesley Willis

No barber shaves so close but another finds worke. – George Herbert

When you go into your customary barber shop, you will wait for the man who gives you a little better shave, a little trimmer hair-cut. Business leaders are looking for the same things in their offices that you look for in the barber shop. – Charles M. Schwab

You might be a redneck if you need an estimate from your barber before you get a haircut. – Jeff Foxworthy

I must to the barber’s, monsieur, for methinks I am marvellous hairy about the face. – William Shakespeare

There is no bad day that can’t be overcome by listening to a barbershop quartet. This is just truth, plain and simple. – Aldous Huxley

I don’t have any beauty shop memories. I remember the barber shop. – Jenifer Lewis

If you keep walking past the barbers, eventually you’ll get a haircut. – Paul Merson

You can find out a lot sitting in the barber’s. – Dizzee Rascal

You don’t ever ask a barber whether you need a haircut. – Warren Buffett

There’s things people say in the barbershop they won’t even say in their own living room, because it’s just one of those zones where nobody’s going to judge you too much about your dumb opinion. – Ice Cube

A barber is by nature and inclination a sport. He can tell you at what exact hour the ball game is to begin, can foretell its issue without losing a stroke of the razor, and can explain the points of inferiority of all the players, as compared with the better men that he has personally seen elsewhere, with the nicety of a professional. – Stephen Leacock

Your barber always knows everything that goes on in the town, doesn’t he? – Adam Peaty

This is a barbershop, not a hair salon. You come in here not trying to impress anyone. It’s a place just to talk, to hang out with the fellows, talk about sports, women, relationships. – Joe Davis

A barber lathers a man before he shaves him. – Dale Carnegie

No matter what barbershop you go to, there’s always that guy who’s just hanging around and doesn’t do much, but knows everything that’s going on in the community. – Deon Cole

Like a barber’s chair that fits all buttocks. – William Shakespeare

Your services might be as useful as a barbershop on the steps of a guillotine. – Rowan Atkinson

A man goes to a barbershop and asks, How many ahead of me? Five. The man leaves. He comes back the next day and asks, How many ahead of me? Four. The man leaves. He comes back the next day and asks, How many ahead of me? Six. The man leaves, and the barber says to another, Follow that man! The man comes back and says, He goes to your house! – Henny Youngman

When’s the last time you went into a barber shop and saw everyone there unconsious? – Bobby Heenan

To make a fine gentleman, several trades are required, but chiefly a barber. – Oliver Goldsmith

Asking for financial advice from a financial planner is like asking a barber if you need a hair cut. – Warren Buffett

Barbershop conversations are irrefutable proof that heads exist for the sake of hair. – Karl Kraus

I’ve had the same barber since I was about 14 years old. – Victor Cruz

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