68+ Best Battle Quotes: Exclusive Selection

We all have our own battles to fight. In order to win any battle in our life, you need persistence, patience and control of the dynamic. Inspirational battle quotes will encourage growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Battle Quotes

Victorious warriors draw their strength from the highest source; their love. Tapan Ghosh

I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in. George McGovern

Every warrior wants a worthy opponent. There is no redress in fighting the pathetic. Donna Lynn Hope

Everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle. Criss Jami

A warrior never worries about his fear. Carlos Castaneda

Reason lost the battle, and all I could do was surrender and accept I was in love. Paulo Coelho

I’m a warrior for the middle class. Barack Obama

You know how hard it is to feel like an extreme falcon headed combat machine when somebody calls you chicken man? Rick Riordan

A true warrior fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. G.K. Chesterton

Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. George R.R. Martin

There is no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child. N.K. Jemisin

Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved. Martin Luther

Victory are reserved for those warriors who are willing to pay it’s price. Sun Tzu

Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine. Leigh Bardugo

Every single girl, whether we want to recognize it or not, is a warrior. Marjorie Liu

Every man should lose a battle in his youth, so he does not lose a war when he is old. George R.R. Martin

For a warrior it is not enough to win a war; it is more important to organize the peace. Aristotle

Unless one lives and loves in the trenches, it is difficult to remember that the war against dehumanization is ceaseless. Audre Lorde

Warriors should suffer their pain silently. Erin Hunter

But he understood at last what Dumbledore had been trying to tell him. It was, he thought, the difference between being dragged into the arena to face a battle to the death and walking into the arena with your head held high. Some people, perhaps, would say that there was little to choose between the two ways, but Dumbledore knew  and so do I, thought Harry, with a rush of fierce pride, and so did my parents  that there was all the difference in the world. J.K. Rowling

To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life. Chogyam Trungpa

There will come a time in your life when you lose something that matters to you. You’ll fight for it and you won’t win. But what really matters isn’t the war you’re waging, it’s that you don’t lose the person you are in the midst of the battle. J. Sterling

The more you sweat in training, the less you will bleed in battle. Motto of the Navy Seals

Whats the difference between a king and his horse?I dont mean some kiddy shit like one has 4 legs and the other has 2, or ones a person and ones an animal. If their form, ability, and power is exactly the same, then why is it one becomes the king and controls the battle and the other one becomes the horse and carries the king? There’s only one answer. Tite Kubo

A warrior accepts the challenges of life in true humility. No matter what his destiny may be, it can never be a cause for discontent, but a living challenge which it is his privilege to surmount. Theun Mares

You don’t get it, Clary. You don’t understand what it’s like to live always at war, to grow up with battle and sacrifice. I guess it’s not your fault. It’s just how you were brought up. Cassandra Clare

A warrior lives by acting, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will think he has finished acting. Carlos Castaneda

If your enemy offers you two targets, strike at a third. Robert Jordan

A warrior’s greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Confucius

If you will not die for us, you cannot ask us to die for you. Jacqueline Carey

A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does. Dan Millman

Some victories are merely defeat wearing the wrong clothing. Kiersten White

The greatest warriors know when to retreat. Maureen Joyce Connolly

There are always risks in battle. It’s a dangerous business. The trick is to take the right ones sait halt. How do you know which are the right ones? Shigeru asked. Halt glanced at his two younger companions. They grinned and answered in chorus, You wait and see if you win. John Flanagan

A warrior seeks to act rather than talk. Carlos Castaneda

Only a battle lost is sadder than a battle won. Robert Jordan

I’m a warrior when it comes to pursuing roles. Daniel Day Lewis

The most critical time in any battle is not when I’m fatigued, it’s when I no longer care. Craig D. Lounsbrough

A warrior must only take care that his spirit is never broken. Shissai

By and large, the truth is not merely a fierce battle with ignorance and fallacy, but, first and foremost, a combat with our own preconceived ideas and aprioristic conceptions. The hidden sides of his character. Erik Pevernagie

A warrior has to believe, for his belief is an essential part of his being. Theun Mares

It is for your own good to love a dare devil rather than a holy coward. A dare devil is a unique devil, battling your fears, your pains, conquering your uncertainties, carrying you his arms, and flying out of the corrosive fire. The coward is a trickster serpent, which vanishes in your time of despair, and appears in time of equanimity. Michael Bassey Johnson

Warriors don’t raise to the level of expectations, they fall to the level of their training. Archilochus

The day of battle dawned pink as the fresh-bitten thigh of a maiden. Roger Zelazny

Competition doesn’t scare a true warrior, it makes him better. Andrew Whitworth

Nice jewelry and a boys corpse. Oh you’re so pretty. Koushun Takami

Every great warrior must learn to endure and overcome the adversities of life. Lailah Gifty Akita

Whenever we want to combat our enemies, first and foremost we must start by understanding them rather than exaggerating their motives. Criss Jami

The only thing a warrior cannot fight is her own fierce nature. Bianca Marais

You were born a winner, a warrior, one who defied the odds by surviving the most gruesome battle of them all the race to the egg. And now that you are a giant, why do you even doubt victory against smaller numbers and wider margins? The only walls that exist are those you have placed in your mind. And whatever obstacles you conceive, exist only because you have forgotten what you have already achieved. Suzy Kassem

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. Leo Tolstoy

It is a long cherished tradition among a certain type of military thinker that huge casualties are the main thing. If they are on the other side then this is a valuable bonus. Terry Pratchett

All men are warriors and life for everything in our universe is nothing but war. David Zindell

The biggest battle is the war against ignorance. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

We choose whether to be warriors or to be ordinary. Carlos Castaneda

He ran as he’d never run before, with neither hope nor despair. He ran because the world was divided into opposites and his side had already been chosen for him, his only choice being whether or not to play his part with heart and courage. He ran because fate had placed him in a position of responsibility and he had accepted the burden. He ran because his self-respect required it. He ran because he loved his friends and this was the only thing he could do to end the madness that was killing and maiming them. Karl Marlantes

A warrior with a cause is the most dangerous soldier of all. Michael Scott

In the art of war, if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the approaching battles. But if you know only yourself and not the enemy, for every victory, there will also be defeat. Emily Thorne

The warrior must never get angry in war. Lailah Gifty Akita

The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for war is a drug. Chris Hedges

Any great warrior is also a scholar, and a poet, and an artist. Steven Seaga

A battle is won by the side that is absolutely determined to win. Why did we lose the battle of Austerlitz? Our casualties were about the same as those of the French, but we had told ourselves early in the day that the battle was lost, so it was lost. Leo Tolstoy

The successful warrior is the average man with laser like focus. Bruce Lee

Come, he said, come, we must see and act. Devils or no devils, or all the devils at once, it matters not; we fight him all the same. Bram Stoker

Ideas are the great warriors of the world, and a war that has no idea behind it is simply a brutality. James A. Garfield

So you’re right, you don’t need me fighting your battles. But if you’ll let me, I’d like to be standing beside you as you fight them. Lynette Noni

He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior. Confucius