43+ Best Beard Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational beard quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

Famous Beard Quotes

I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man.  Johnny Weir

 A good beard is a great companion; it can make you look older, and even more serious.

The scruffier your beard, the sharper you need to dress.  Ashton Kutcher

 If you want to see the kid inside you, shave your beard.

There is always a period when a man with a beard shaves it off. This period does not last. He returns headlong to his beard.  Jean Cocteau

 Nothing shows a man’s might like a long populated beard.

Your character tells the world you are a real man. Your beard is mostly the exclamation point.

Life makes a man’s character, the beard just reassures it.

I will never shave off my beard and mustache. I did once, for charity, but my wife said, ‘Good grief, how awful, you look like an american car with all the chrome removed. Rolf Harris

Never mess with a man with a beard.

I really try to spend as little time as possible on grooming. I think if you have a good moisturizer and a solid razor to clean up the beard, you’re golden.  Chris Evans

 Women wear makeup, men wear their beards.

For me, the great problem growing up in England was that I had a very narrow concept of what god can be, and it was damn close to an old man with a beard.  John Cleese

 Nothing like a good beard to take you through social networks.

Beards  saving the husband’s from ill timed expressions since eternity. Shahenshah Hafeez Khan

The longer the beard, the more interesting the man.

I have the beard. Therefore, I make the rules

 The longer the beard, the better the symbol of manhood.

You call it facial hair. I call it awesomeness escaping through my face

 Your beard is your most powerful asset, take good care of it.

It’s good to have beardless friends. When you go out, people will assume you are their leader.

 If you want to show off as a man, take care of your beard, so you can flex it first.

Beards are an acquired taste. Don’t like them? Acquire some taste

Nothing like a good beard to scare off rivals.

Ladies, if your man has a beard, raise your hand. If he doesn’t, raise your standards

 You don’t have fangs or big feathers, you have a beard, so use it wisely.

I’m sorry,I can’t hear you over my awesome beard

 If you wear a good beard, you are not a boy anymore.

Men who think beards are too itchy will find manhood too heavy

 Character makes the man; the beard is just the reminder.

I don’t work out much but my beard lifts hearts

A man must take care of his beard the way women take care of their hair

Don’t hate me because I’mbeardiful!The beard isn’t novel, it’s natural. Butyour continued efforts to maintain a boyish look by shaving your face is truly a peculiar habit

 A good beard will remind the world never to mess with you.

You don’t know the power of the beard

Only the greatest of kings have always worn beards.

When someone has a problem with your beard, remember that’s its not your problem

I Grew My Beard out A Little Bit Just to Show That, Indeed, I Am A Man.  Johnny Weir

Beard is like niqab, that covers cheeks.   Arsalan Khan

 The Scruffier Your Beard, The Sharper You Need to Dress.  Ashton Kutcher

Don’t go shaving, fellas Alexander Conquistador Antebi

Shave off Your Beard And Wear A Dress. You Would Be A Great Impersonator. Simon Cowell