I am a victim myself, so today I hope to remind myself and make you know that the time to love and share your love with someone is now not later. Trust me is not worth procrastinating.

To my big sister whom I loved so much and admired, you are truly the best – these are the very words I should have told her everyday and at every opportunity I had. But then family drama got the best of me and I failed to remember the good side of you, instead  I concentrated on your weakness which made you outstanding and perfect. I now know better.

Sorry if am sharing too much, but I just finished answering a call from a classmate, only to find out that one of our mutual friend has passed on.

I have to say it out loud today, tell your spouse, your friends, your family, your siblings, your co-worker, your neighbor, your flat mate how extraordinary they are. How beautifully and wonderfully made they  are. How there is none with all the annoying and crazy character. Doing this isn’t to make your sleep well at night – No!!! Is simply because they need to know and connect better with you and live a peaceful life.

No amount of tribute written, sang, or said on the day of funeral is enough to show practically our love. We shouldn’t love someone when they seem perfect and dislike them when they are going through rough situations.

we were never created to be as perfect as God, we are given his breathe of freedom to explore life, enjoy it and make all the available mistakes , admitting we are wrong and always receptive to learning.

There is surely enough time before funeral.




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