Being an Intuitive Extrovert

After another night of erratic sleep I’ve decided to look at my personality type a bit more this morning.

A while ago I got called an introvert by someone who’s known me for a very long time though not that well as they are one of my best friend’s boyfriends. If I’m honest I was slightly offended by this, not because I see anything wrong with being an introvert but because that’s not really how I see myself. Yes, I can be quiet and I can come across reserved or shy. But if I have a positive feeling about you then I’ll be one of the chattiest and open people you can meet from the get go. My reservation is me observing the situation and the people involved, seeing what I can contribute and in reality, sometimes I’ll sit back let people get on with it if I don’t feel like I’ll add value or benefit myself.

I did a personality test to see what type I am and the result was ENFP. I think that it would have been obvious that I was an extrovert when I was younger, like before I was bullied at school and heavily criticised by people around me but as an adult it’s less so. I was reading through the descriptions of a ENFP and it actually fits me really well. Often called the hybrid between introverts and extroverts as while as an extrovert I will take action, but as an intuitive I can reflect on situations.


Whilst doing some research this morning I found a page which calls ENFPs “The Inspirer”. I can recall some times in my life where I have felt like I inspired others with my energy and enthusiasm, one of which was encouraging a friend to express herself though her clothes and to follow her heart into an exciting career. In recent times I’ve had some of my friends call me inspiring in my attitude and outlook on life, lovely thing to hear.

My outlook on life very much fits in with the portrait of an ENFP as I definitely try and live life to the fullest and experience as much as possible. I want to travel and see the world and I’m interested in people and their motivations. I want to understand others and relate to them. I’ve recently met a girl who I haven’t gotten on with from the outset and it does bother me that I don’t understand and her or why she has been so rude and aggressive to me and others. But I also know that some people just aren’t my cup of tea.

I’ve been called a creative lady by an old friend who is very creative himself, I definitely was flattered by this. Being original and creating my own work is so important to me, I don’t like the thought of not being unique. I sometimes tear myself apart by thinking that there’s nothing different or interesting about me compared to some other women. But I can’t change myself physically (and I don’t really believe in plastic surgery) and in truth, I don’t think I need to change too much mentally either apart from confidence and self esteem wise.

I struck me this week that I am a kind and generous hearted person and I have a lot of integrity. I might not like myself sometimes but I do recognise that. I think that everyone has their battles, hidden or not, but that doesn’t excuse poor treatment of others. Something that everyone should bear in mind.