Being on your own.

As an only child I have always enjoyed my own company, I don’t understand the sibling bond. I have no children, no partner.
Lots of people ask me would you like a sibling, I’ve always said, no. How do you want something you’ve never had, I can imagine it like I can imagine winning the lotto. It’s never going to happen.As I enter into my late 30’s and once again single, by choice no children, I do consider the bond my friends have with their siblings.
I ponder these thoughts as I sit alone once again in a bar, having a glass of wine, having dinner, reading and writing. Nothing wrong with this, it’s liberating, sometimes. Other times I would like to call that person and say hey, let’s meet. Knowing that this bond is unbreakable and that they would not want you to be alone.
I hope to work on this feeling, this wonderment, it’s not something I wish to bring with me into my future. I have always been comfortable with myself, so the older I get the more I wish I will have that person. Friends are good, but they are too far away, too busy, not family.
There are many people out there with no one, and I consider myself lucky with the friends and family I have. And it is this I need to take with me as I move into this new stage of my life.
To everyone, Love the fact that even though you maybe on your own, you have someone somewhere, and believe the fact that even though you may think they have forgotten you, they know you are there, and they love you.
We all need a constant in our lives, for me it’s going to be me! Cheers everyone! Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I like your post. I was not born a only child, I have a younger brother and an older-half brother that grew up in another state. As my brothers and I have grown up, I had hit a stage in life before I had met my fiancé, I had felt that I was the only constant in my life too. The moment, I had sincerely made peace with that fact, shortly after I had met my fiancé. Life can be unpredictable that way, you may come across that special person when you least expect it . And, I am almost in my mid-thirties. I can relate to you. Have a great week.

  2. This so relates to myself but sometimes I feel turned back because I was in relationship and now truly understand the most important relationship is with inner self… When we can be ourselves, love ourselves we get connected to many and even if we don’t see there are lots who send blessing and love and trust me I realize that is one reason even if we are single we are connected to many

      • Yes agreed we are connected at same vibes the same frequencies… We are one because we are from the one Nature, the Universe it is only our perception which makes us apart… Lol this is all what Maya, the illusion can do. No one is an island so yes we are one, just drops we are of the same ocean… Yes agreed to your part we need to accept ourselves as we are so that we can let go and love ourselves.

  3. I love what you have to say about being on your own, but that being on your own does not equate to being lonely. I find that some folks tend to conflate the two. Anyone can feel alone, even with a big family, and a large circle of friends.

    • Thank you, I wanted to write a post that didn’t say I’m lonely please come keep me company and cuddle me! The two words are very different, I am not lonely I am just alone. Being alone having dinner and wanting someone to join you can be many reasons, and I totally understand feeling alone and being in a large room, again for many reasons, not fitting in for me is the biggest! Knowing I’m in the wrong place with the wrong people, and these people can be good people, just not people I feel comfortable around.

  4. Ahhh this resonates with me and I am one of 5 girls…. I’m the middle one… 4 years gap either side. I’ve experienced siblings and yet everything you have written means something … Thank you! Brilliant post ?

  5. Lovely post. I am an only child and completely identify with you of being raised without siblings. I do have a lovely family now with a spouse and a daughter (really grateful for them), however, I do like to be on my own too and thankful that my family allows me that time of seclusion. I think everyone needs to be content on being by themselves. This is very different from being lonely though, and I wish no one has to feel alone. But being on your own and being satisfied is very empowering.

    • Thank you very much! Yes I’m rarely lonely, and if I do wish for company I’ll Skype or call to friends. I’m so happy you have a wonderful family. Happy Sunday.


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