99+ Best Bike Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational bike quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

Famous Bike Quotes

I fell off a four-wheel bike and suffered some bruises on my ribs. I had an x-ray and everything was fine. — Jyoti Randhawa

I had pulled out of my apartment and was right in front my apartment. He just came up to me and put — he had a blue handkerchief over something in his hand, and he told me to get off my bike or he was going to shoot me. — Jesse Johnson

I was really active as much as possible while I was allowing my bone to heal. I was in the Cooley weight room, and rode the bike and did the treadmill and did lower-body workouts every day. Right now, my ball-handling is back and it (the hand) feels really strong. — Nina Norman

We eventually found that the heat blanket on top of the engine was fouling the butterflies when the bike was at speed, — Paul Young

He rode his bike (to campus) every day. It never mattered what the weather was. He would only drive if the weather was really bad. — David Burrows

There are still a few things we can do to improve lap times, but basically we are pretty pleased with how the weekend’s going. It’s the first time back since I had the surgery on my foot, the wound has healed and I’m at 100 per cent. I’m happy to be back out on the bike fully fit. — John Hopkins

We get so busy during Bike Night that we limit our menu or we couldn’t keep up. We have extra people working. — Jennifer Wright

Willie’s a warrior for us. He’s one of those guys when he talks, he backs up what he says. He works hard after practices. He’ll be on the bike after a game. He tries to get better, and he has a lot of respect from guys in our dressing room. — Wes Walz

I was just getting into the rhythm of the race when the transmission failed, possibly because of a rather hard crash the day before or a second one earlier that morning. The lever broke off and the clutch failed. I was having to jam the bike into gear when that also failed. — Kevin Heath

fringe oddball (races) and the really big stuff … trying to understand this whole bike world. — Gary Fisher

If we can send a spaceship into orbit, we can definitely guide a bike across the gym floor with a child on it, — Richard Klein

When I was first writing, I was writing mostly about sporting events, which was really what my assignments were. I was working on the Tour de France bike race and the Barcelona Olympic Games, and those songs tend to be very big, very bombastic-type music, which is the type of music that I love to write. — John Tesh

I think tomorrow I’m going to take the bike out and leave the truck at home, … because it’s too costly to be driving around all over. — Paul Fischer

So while I was studying, I rode my Trials bike, then I moved to roadracing. — Sete Gibernau

I worked right the way through the summer, … I had a grade-two tear of the ligament. They couldn’t reconstruct it so I had to go in a brace and let it heal itself. Then I had to work on the strength of the muscles and the hamstring to compensate for the missing ligament. I was on crutches for about three weeks and then it was about getting the movement back. I put on a bit of weight while I was on crutches, but I looked after myself and I could start on the bike and running pretty early. — Paul Robinson

He didn’t have 1,000 miles on that bike when he wrecked, … That was the first bike he’d ever owned. — Larry Lang

I talked late, swam late, did not learn to ride a bike until college – and might never have walked or learned to drive a car if my parents hadn’t overruled my lack of motivation and virtually forced me to embrace both forms of transportation. I suspect I was happy to sit in a corner with a book. — Julia Glass

My big advert was for ketchup. I come home from school, cook my brother and sister their dinner, ride my bike in the garden. Remember that one? People cried at that advert. It won awards. I was 12. — Russell Tovey

Folk-punk artists like This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb or Paul Baribeau were popular in the Florida punk community. I saw people early on combine roots music with more aggressive music. — Benjamin Booker

He got back on the bike to train three weeks after the end of the Tour de France, — Johan Bruyneel

Susan took me shopping for a bike and helmet. We also rode together sometimes during training. — Terri Johnson

We’ve got a new motorcycle this year and I’ve felt better on the bike each time I ride it. I know the results will come. We just have to keep working and stay consistent. I always seem to get hot in the second half of the season so I have to at least keep close early on to give myself a chance to win the championship again. — Chad Reed

I would have gotten on a bike the next day with him. I hope he wants to ride, because I really enjoyed it and I know he did too. — Helen Huber

In Dogtown, skateboards are like bikes to the Chinese. — Emile Hirsch

Most of the time a customer will come in and say they want a bike because gas prices are getting outrageous. — Wes Brown

We still have quite a few problems with the vibration and this means that we can’t use the bike to its full potential and make fast lap times. We’ve tried lots of changes to the set-up today – balance, suspension, but the problem remains. In some of the fast corners my speed is down by as much as 15 or 20kms. The good thing is that we’re much better than yesterday and we’ve done some really good work within the team to make these improvements, but it’s still not enough and some other riders are looking very strong. — Valentino Rossi

I will be off the bike for about a week but look forward to resuming my training. — George Hincapie

Bike lanes – I put that now in the category of things you shouldn’t discuss at dinner parties, right? It used to be money and politics and religion. Now, in New York, you should add bike lanes. — Christine Quinn

Bike lanes are the coolest. My favorite past time is flipping off cars from my bicycle. Just kidding – I’m more of a silent resentment kind of girl. — Mary Lambert

We would rather find a solution so that bike riders can have fun without impacting on local residents and environmental parklands, — Ray Adams

I feel like I am riding well and the bike is fantastic. I think we can improve our setup and that’s where we will work. We learned some things today and I’m ready to get back on the track as soon as possible. — Ben Bostrom

Basically, those who want a custom-made bike deal with him (Adams) and the sales aspects go through our retail side. There are less than 10 businesses in the United States that have this combination. — Tom Jones

I was riding my mountain bike in Colorado, and I met a dog who reminded me so much of my very first dog in the way she interacted with me, looked at me, and wagged her tail that I rode away convinced I’d just very possibly met the reincarnated version of my long lost friend. — Bruce Cameron

We ended up finding these bike air horns. He was on one side of the stadium doing it, I was on the other. — Andy Roddick

I have a road bike and a mountain bike, and I tend to use them both a lot. They help you keep your balance and your stamina. — Andy Serkis

We have the perfect bike and the perfect tyre for the job. I hope this is the start of many more victories. — Loris Capirossi

I have a stationary bike that I do twice a week, but I’m not really serious about it. I just do it until I get tired. And then I have a step thing that I really hate. It’s hard on your knees. I have a treadmill that keeps getting stuck. It’s nice to have equipment around, though, because you can sit on it anytime. — Liz Torres

He has to get off his mountain bike and back to work. — Rahm Emanuel

So if you want your 7-year-old to join you, they’ll be able to. And if you haven’t ridden in 10 years and want to dip your toes in the water, this is something you can get your bike out, put air in your tires and give it a try. — Dave Marshall

I got on my bike in 12th and that’s my make-up time, … The bike today was a personal-record for me and I am really happy about that. — Dave Foley

I think our slow, humble beginnings in surf shops, ski shops, bike shops, and motorcycle shops have been extremely important for our success. GoPro is all about celebrating an active lifestyle and sharing that with other people. It’s authentic. It’s not a brand that we went out and bought a bunch of ads for to create. — Nick Woodman

I get out on my bike almost every day. If I can’t walk somewhere, I’ll bike or skateboard. — Brandon Boyd

There was an undercurrent of poverty throughout my childhood. We lived with my grandmother in her two-bedroom flat, and I slept with my parents. We had cheap holidays, I had to save for my bike and get a paper round as soon as I was old enough. — Bernard Hill

Just a simple bike ride can change so many people’s lives. — Robin Kramer

Bike lanes are clearly controversial. And one of the problems with bike lanes – and I’m generally a supporter of bike lanes – but one of the problems with bike lanes has been not the concept of them, which I support, but the way the Department of Transportation has implemented them without consultation with communities and community boards. — Christine Quinn

Bubba (Stewart) was in front of me and I followed for a lap and a half and then made a clean inside pass on him. I heard his bike revving wide open and saw his fender coming closer and then suddenly he crashed. It can’t be fun to hit the mat as many times as he has this year. I think it comes down to learning to be patient. — Ricky Carmichael

(Monday) I ran on the treadmill some and ran on the elliptical. I’ve done the stair-master the past couple of days, ridden the bike and shot around. — Jodi Howell

My goal is to win this as many times as I can now, … It’s a good race for me. I’m up around 200 pounds, which is the most I’ve ever weighed. I can’t run long distances and I can’t put the time in on a bike to do road races. This race is perfect for me. — Tom Lewis

Riding that bike and the little sideline running isn’t basketball. My timing is still off, but it’s basketball. It’s what I do. — Dwight Howard

I don’t think you’re going to see me out there this year, … That’s the reality of the situation. I’m improving. I’m happy with the progress. I’m working out hard on the exercise bike and the elliptical machine, but I’m just not there yet. The last thing I want is to get back on the field and be out again a week later. — Barry Bonds

It encompasses the area from the rock cut to the Cherry Creek Road intersection. The project will involve the expansion of the existing bike path and will allow bicycles on both sides of the street. — Tom Murray

I’m still unsure of if and when I’ll be able to come back this year. This has not changed in the past couple of weeks. I’m working hard on the bike and the elliptical machine, but I’m just not there yet. While I continue to progress, I do not want to push myself to come back sooner and ultimately jeopardize the health of my knee and suffer a setback. However, I still remain optimistic. — Barry Bonds

We need more bike education for bikers and drivers. It would make things a whole lot better. — Richard Meritzer

I felt confident with the bike and I pushed harder but Nicky came with me, — Valentino Rossi

I will return to Spain to rest up and be back on the bike in a couple of days. — Lance Armstrong

I did the painting on your new front fender, and Mike and I put the new (solid chrome) wheels and floorboards on. And I’m gonna take the bike for a long ride to make sure everything’s OK before we give it back to you. — Robert Terone

Get up, groan, write a bit, moan, eat breakfast, write some more, cycle my bike through the Sligo hills, make up country songs as I pedal along, sing them, have lunch, have a nap, groan, moan, write a small bit more, cook dinner, feed wifey, open a bottle, or several, slump, sleep. — Kevin Barry

L.A. is great, but it’s a completely different beast. I go back to Minnesota, and I borrow a bike from my neighbor and go around Lake Harriet saying ‘Hi’ to people. Some of that is missing in L.A. — Yara Shahidi

I’m so happy to be to be on the podium today. Before the race things weren’t going to plan. In the morning warm-up we were so slow and were in real trouble. My guys made some changes and I have to be real grateful to them as they got it right and that’s why I got third. The bike was so much better in the race than it had been all weekend – so much faster. — B. R. Hayden

On my days off, I like to be outdoors – on my bike or walking the dog or swimming – so it’s important anyone I date is also into fitness. — Mollie King

He will be back. I would like to see him back out there in under three weeks. We’ll try to figure out everything we can do to speed this up. Fortunately, it’s a non-displaced fracture and it’s fairly stable right now, so he’ll be able to take some light batting practice, doing his throwing, some aerobic stuff on a bike and possible work out in a swimming pool. So when he’s pain-free and the doctors clear him, he should be ready to play. — Larry Davis

When I got off the bike at the end of the Tour, it was finished, — Lance Armstrong

I yelled a few choice words under my helmet when the red flag came out. Fortunately, the team gave me a great bike for the restart and I was able to build my lead again. I have to admit I’m a little shocked at well this weekend went. — Ben Spies

He was riding the stationary bike and running straight lines. Later in the week he should be ready to go. — Bill Self

Some guys hit speeds of 50 mph on that road. But you took a hard right and had to scrub your speed. Everybody who was on a downhill bike lost their times on that section. — Michael Pastore

With my son, falling off his bike is usually what makes him upset, so a hug goes a long way. But girls are more complicated; my daughter will get bummed out because her friend hurt her feelings. In that case, we’ll talk about it. I’ll tell her that she’s a great friend, and that she needs to talk to her friends about it. — Summer Sanders

There is no point in staying around when you can get a bike ride in at the rink. Then if we don’t fly out until tomorrow we’ll not have gone 48 hours without moving. — Dave Allison

I’m happy because the bike worked well. I was confident of a pole position but Nicky set a fantastic lap time … and second position for tomorrow is not so bad. — Valentino Rossi

We’ve still got to make sure that shin heals; it’s like a rehab/recovery process. The reality now for Lauren is that she’s never going to be healthy from the knee to ankle. It’s: How do we best manage that? It’s going to be different for me and her. It’s very difficult when it’s your star player on a treadmill or bike on the sideline. We’ve got to adjust. — Anne Donovan

I wouldn’t say it’s like riding a bike or a walk in the park. It was a big move. I was making mistakes on little things (in practice) that can be corrected and will be corrected. It’s all minor stuff. Other than that, I’m good. — Mike Adams

When I finish my school work for the day, I like to go play basketball, ride my bike or skateboard, play video games, or go free running. — Max Charles

I was quite confident for pole position because the team have done a great job with the bike this weekend and it worked well from yesterday, — Valentino Rossi

I think he’s extremely lucky that those people, the person that pulled him off the bike saved his life. In the 30 seconds it took us to get turned around and back up there, that bike was fully involved and he would have been on that still, and he would have been dead now. — Scott Winter

Dancing is like riding a bike. — Jamie Bell

He is definitely tapping into a younger age base. Some of his peers have been building for 30 years and they tend to attract an older client base. He’s part of a new breed of bicycle frame builders that is interpreting the growing custom bicycle market with fresh designs such as the single speed and bike messenger styles. — Tom Jones

People want the bike that Lance rode. It’s a huge thing with them. — Tom Kuefler

We can do a lot more in our everyday lives to prevent brain injuries. I’d like to see everyone here, when they buy that next car, make sure it has side airbags. And make sure kids under 15 always wear a helmet for bike riding, skateboarding, rollerblading. We could save a life a day just by doing that. — Ernie Irvan

I have always been an avid cyclist, and when my friend mentioned a bike tour, I thought it was a perfect idea. I presented it to our troop committee and it has snowballed since. — Robert Cox

I would get on the bike every morning and ride around downtown with a knapsack on my back and literally pick up orders, most of them sympathy orders. I just kept that route every day just to let people know we were serious. — Lindsay Gray

Hopefully this settlement will encourage every restaurant, store and gas station in Myrtle Beach to remain open this year for Black Bike Week, just as they are during Harley Week. — Bruce Gordon

We’ve had Boy Scout projects to clean up that bike lane many times. The street is barely wide enough for cars. — Garrett Smith

A woman is supposed to have curves like an old Bentley, not like some old bike. — Sebastian Horsley

Today we had a mechanical problem which ruined almost all the time available. Just before it began to rain I went out on the second bike which was much better, but then the rain brought the test to a halt. We are here to test, and it’s better that the problems emerge here rather than in the race! — Sete Gibernau

Today I rode the new bike all day and we made some good progress. It was the first time we’ve had chance to spend a lot of time on the chassis and engine and I went quite a lot faster on it than I did last time here so that’s positive. It’s still a prototype machine and there are a lot of things we still need to try because it’s quite a bit different to my other bike. It would have been nice to test the two bikes back to back but I’m sure we’ll get a chance tomorrow. — B. R. Hayden

I hate going to the gym, so sweating outdoors sure beats sitting on a stationary bike staring at my navel. — Tom Selleck

To limit oneself to finding a mate on hikes is the wrong thing to do. I belong to Parents Without Partners, Events and Adventures, Space City Mixer and Great Expectations. Stay away from Internet dating. I take dance classes and go to dances. Women love to dance. I met my current girlfriend at a dance, and she comes with me on nearly all my Mountaineers hikes. She likes to bike ride and ski, too. — Ken Levine

We were looking for the optimal set-up of the bike for the Brno track so it wasn’t until near the end of the session that I went full out, — Valentino Rossi

Riding a bicycle is the summit of human endeavour – an almost neutral environmental effect coupled with the ability to travel substantial distances without disturbing anybody. The bike is the perfect marriage of technology and human energy. — Jeremy Corbyn

How we fund transportation in this country is broken. You all pay a gasoline tax, right? Well, cars go farther, we get electric cars, and so on. And then we do more with the money than just build roads. We do bike lanes and mass transit. — Kevin McCarthy

We’ve had him on a stationary bike and he’s been shooting around, but he hasn’t been practicing with us. — Greg Nossaman

I will be setting up a rough training schedule for myself that will include long bike rides, some hill training, and other exercise including my simultaneous Boston Marathon training . . . I will be embarking on an 80-plus mile ride to Connecticut later on this semester. I will add in a ride or two to Massachusetts or southern Rhode Island. I will also be biking in various kinds of weather to get used to all kinds of situations. — Ericc Powell

I travel often, which can make maintaining a workout schedule a little difficult, but I try to make time for it whenever I can. Sometimes I wake up extra early so I can fit in a run or a bike ride, and other days I’ll just blast music and jump around or watch a 30-minute exercise video. — Bethany Mota

I think the more trails anywhere the better. This is an obese city, – and it’s not a street-friendly place, so riding a bike on the street is bad. — James Rhodes

We try to instill that this is not royalty. We put them in the backyard, teach them how to ride a bike and let them play barefoot. The highlights truly are catching fireflies and picking strawberries – all those things they never thought about. — Susan Blake

I was hoping to go under (one minute) 29.5 and it is quite fun when the bike is working and the lap comes together, — B. R. Hayden

Of course fixing this vibration is now our main focus and today we worked a lot with the entire team to try to find the right way forward. We had great cooperation between the two riders and both crews, exchanging information and experience and this is very important for the team’s progress. We’ve been working on data collection today and we will continue tomorrow, trying some new things and gathering more information to help us. We’ve already done many days testing with this new bike and mostly it’s going very well, now we have two more days here to continue with our improvement. — Davide Brivio

Our bike worked really well when we went to Qatar for pre-season testing so we hope that this will be the case again. — Valentino Rossi

Jim started the company in his garage, making bike grips and goggles. He wanted to get into winter sports and that’s when I came along. — John Eggers

When I was around 15, I did my first movie. I was at a kids’ agency, and the third time I was invited to an audition, they offered me a little part in some kiddie thing, and I earned my first money. I was very proud that I could buy my first mountain bike with my own money. — Daniel Bruhl

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