132+ Best Bill Parcells Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Duane Charles “Bill” Parcells, also known as “The Big Tuna”, is an American former football coach who was a head coach in the National Football League for 19 seasons. Parcells later served as the head coach of the New England Patriots, New York Jets, and Dallas Cowboys. Inspirational Bill Parcells quotes will motivate you to work hard, never give up and follow your dreams.

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Most Famous Bill Parcells Quotes

I think confrontation is healthy, because it clears the air very quickly. – Bill Parcells

The time to worry is before you place the bet – not after the wheel is spinning. Once it spins, you forget about it. – Bill Parcells

If I have affected someone in a positive way, that means a lot to me. – Bill Parcells

If you’ve ever won a championship, then that’s all you’re interested in doing. – Bill Parcells

Losers assemble in small groups & complain, winners assemble as a team and find ways to win. – Bill Parcells

You are what your record says you are. – Bill Parcells

Something goes wrong, I yell at them -‘Fix it’- whether it’s their fault or not. You can only really yell at the players you trust. – Bill Parcells

Blame no one. Expect nothing. Do something. – Bill Parcells

You lose with potential. You win with performance. – Bill Parcells

Winning coaches look for opportunities to praise. Anything that reflects a commitment to the team is praiseworthy. – Bill Parcells

Individuals play the game, but teams win championships. – Bill Parcells

Knowledge is confidence. And confidence lets you play fast. – Bill Parcells

When you don’t know that you don’t know, it’s a lot different than when you do know that you don’t know. – Bill Parcells

If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries. – Bill Parcells

Accept false steps as opportunities to learn. It’s one thing to hate failure, it’s another to fear it. – Bill Parcells

Don’t ever let good enough be good enough. – Bill Parcells

You can easily separate ‘team guys’ from ‘me guys’ by how they accept coaching. The guys that accept it are about winning – Bill Parcells

A coach wouldn’t throw you to the wolves if he didn’t think you had some wolf in you. – Bill Parcells

The more you prepare beforehand, the more relaxed and creative and effective you’ll be when it counts. – Bill Parcells

What sets disciplined people apart? – The capacity to get past distractions. Focus on the task at hand. – Bill Parcells

A team divided against itself can break down at any moment. The least bit of pressure or adversity will crack it apart – Bill Parcells

Confidence is only born out of one thing ­ demonstrated ability. It is not born of anything else. You cannot dream up confidence. You cannot fabricate it. You cannot wish it. You have to accomplish it. – Bill Parcells

On offense, we were sloppy a little bit… couldn’t take care of the ball and had some penalties. You don’t get to win many of ’em doing those things. – Bill Parcells

I got two high-strung players, you know? That’s it. – Bill Parcells

I don’t do many endorsements. I’d rather get doused by Gatorade than bust my butt selling it. – Bill Parcells

If I’m going to be asked to cook the meal, I’d like to be able to pick the groceries. – Bill Parcells

He’ll sure get a good look now. … It’s probably his job to lose, … I don’t know if it’ll be a couple of weeks. It might be forever. – Bill Parcells

When he’s exactly sure what to do, he can do it. When he’s uncertain, he gets tentative. – Bill Parcells

We’ve given up three big plays already this year, … You’re always concerned about that. That’s something we need to get fixed. – Bill Parcells

We are facing the top offense in the league. They are running for 166 yards a game and have a balance that we haven’t seen yet. They have a very good offensive line, a very good runner and a good, experienced quarterback. They are going to give us a lot of trouble and this is, balance-wise, the best offense we’ve played. – Bill Parcells

He’s doing very well, … I haven’t played him much, because I know what Aaron can do. When he goes into a game, he’s very efficient. – Bill Parcells

He was one of my best friends… Those are the people you can count on the fingers of one hand. – Bill Parcells

I actually just reiterated that to them this morning in light of what happened to Hamlin, – Bill Parcells

I was kind of thinking back to Seattle last year, … We kind of talked about that. We’re just fortunate, really. – Bill Parcells

Kick would be a term of endearment, really. It wouldn’t be kick with the idea of hurting them, just kind of move them along a little faster. … Some are happy to be here, you know? – Bill Parcells

I think we proved we can take a punch and still win in the end. You take ’em any way you can. – Bill Parcells

Listen, the NFL season at best is a tiring process. When you’ve been going every day since July 29, every single day, it’s tiring for me. I don’t know what it is for the other guys. When I see them on Sunday, they all look tired, too. – Bill Parcells

It doesn’t look good for Jones. I’m hopeful we’ll get over this. I think that’s why we’re having a tendency to not really push it, because I don’t want him to have a reoccurrence and have him be out for the rest of the year. – Bill Parcells

I think he was kind of worn down, and he just looked like he didn’t have a lot of gas on Sunday, … I talked to him about that after the game. I said, ‘Hey, we’ve got to get gas back in your tank.’ I might have to rest him a little bit during the week in practice. – Bill Parcells

I think he kind of tweaked it a little bit. He’s just not getting around. I’m getting a little worried about him to tell you the truth. – Bill Parcells

That’s unusual for that team not to hit the quarterback, … They usually do that a lot. They didn’t hit him once, so I was happy about that. – Bill Parcells

We had a little problem there. We did, … We need to improve our underneath coverage with our inside linebackers. That’s one thing we need to do. We’ve got a lot of inexperience in there now. We’ve got a little problem here and there. We’ll try to get it fixed. – Bill Parcells

We had two false starts, two penalties on the offensive line and four sacks. That’s enough to stop some drives right there. We just got physically beat up. – Bill Parcells

Wait, he hasn’t been that good now, … He has to improve his short-yardage and goal line. He turns his rear end in the hole too much. That’s a bad thing to do if you’re an offensive lineman, so I talked to him a little bit about that. But I think just considering everything you have to be pretty pleased with him. I think his confidence is growing. – Bill Parcells

We were just wishing. Now, knock on wood, it looks like we have a pretty good player and that’s just a big, big plus. … It looks like it could turn out like we hoped it would. – Bill Parcells

We played 56 minutes and 51 seconds worth of pretty bad football. – Bill Parcells

We’ve been working diligently to try and improve our third and second down throwing to our backs, – Bill Parcells

We’ve got a lot of work to do, – Bill Parcells

We ought to be in pretty good shape to get ready for San Diego, … We got out of the game healthy which is big… got to play some of these young guys tonight. – Bill Parcells

We’re not really in the business of passing on information, – Bill Parcells

The players’ minds are off that game, … They are working on San Francisco. They have been working on it since 8 o’clock this morning. They are not thinking about Washington. – Bill Parcells

Contract extension? Well, when it’s appropriate, we’ll see. I don’t want to talk about that either. – Bill Parcells

After his first year, there were a lot people (doubting him). But he fought them off. He did a pretty good job. – Bill Parcells

It’s not just about Moss, … They’ve got more than one vertical threat. They’ve got some other guys who can beat you. – Bill Parcells

Not at all. He was just throwing it indiscriminately then. – Bill Parcells

It was a dumb thought process. The players bailed me out. – Bill Parcells

I’m not satisfied with the position. I don’t think we’re solid yet. – Bill Parcells

I’m not overly proud of 9-7. I’m really not. It really wasn’t a good performance. It was one of those where you don’t have much good to say. I’m just disappointed. – Bill Parcells

Inspirational Bill Parcells Quotes

I’m disappointed with the outcome, I’m not disappointed with the effort. I thought we played pretty solid on defense, until that last run. – Bill Parcells

I’m not a bus-station kind of guy, but there are a few players here I’m not sure want to be here. They’ve got a brook-trout kind of look. – Bill Parcells

I just don’t think he’s had as big of holes, … A couple of times, if you remember, last year, he got through there a few times. – Bill Parcells

I do think I would use him if I felt like the situation warranted whether it would be lopsided or not. I have confidence in the player. – Bill Parcells

All you have to do is play better than the other guy and things go well. If you don’t play better than the other players then somebody takes your place. Now a lot of guys, in this day and time with the transient nature of the sport, as soon as the competition gets too good, they want out. – Bill Parcells

Don’t tell me about the pain. Show me the baby. – Bill Parcells

My job is to call attention to the things that I think are the difference between winning and losing. If I can’t do that then I have failed as a coach. – Bill Parcells

Success is never final, but failure can be. – Bill Parcells

Look, coaching is about human interaction and trying to know your players. Any coach would tell you that. I’m no different. – Bill Parcells

It’s a very easy thing to say, ‘Go get a backup quarterback.’ Now tell me where to get them. You just can’t dial them up. – Bill Parcells

If you’re sensitive, you will have a hard time with me. – Bill Parcells

In the end, I’ve found, people like the direct approach. It’s much more valuable to them to have a leader who’s absolutely clear and open than to have one who soft-soaps or talks in circles. – Bill Parcells

You can’t dream up confidence. Confidence is born of demonstrated ability. – Bill Parcells

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a quarterback who thinks playing quarterback is just about passing. – Bill Parcells

You can only really yell at the players you trust. – Bill Parcells

I’m not really in the excuse business. – Bill Parcells

I’ll call somebody ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ if they make a dumb or stupid play. I don’t know any other word for it, and if they don’t like the word, that’s too bad. – Bill Parcells

I’m glad we were able to win this last one. I saw some good things tonight, … It’s just preseason, but we ran the ball good. I’m happy about that, and the first-team offense was pretty sharp. – Bill Parcells

I can’t live my life worrying about something that might never happen. – Bill Parcells

It’s a lot easier to lose than it is to win. It’s easier, but it’s not more comfortable. – Bill Parcells

Any penalty – I’ve told you a hundred times – can be eliminated by concentration or good judgment. – Bill Parcells

I don’t have to make examples out of players to establish my own place. I don’t feel like I have to. – Bill Parcells

I’ve been around enough to know what it takes to get a team to reach its potential, and I want players who want to reach their potential. – Bill Parcells

Potential means you haven’t done anything yet. – Bill Parcells

A good teacher creates an environment which allows the student to succeed. – Bill Parcells

You don’t get any medal for trying something, you get medals for results. – Bill Parcells

I just try to do the best job I possibly can – put the blinders on, go to work and be the best you can possibly be. Once you have done everything that you possibly can – you’ve put forth your greatest effort – then I can live with whatever’s next. – Bill Parcells

The only players I hurt with my words are the ones who have an inflated opinion of their ability. – Bill Parcells

No matter how much you’ve won, no matter how many games, no matter how many championships, no matter how many Super Bowls, you’re not winning now, so you stink. – Bill Parcells

There is winning and there is misery. – Bill Parcells

Part of buying the groceries is having a philosophy and trying to stick to it as best you can, knowing that occasionally you may make an exception. But, you do so knowing you’re attempting to do it for a certain reason and you have to be very careful not to try to make too many exceptions, because then you wind up as a franchise with a team full of exceptions, which is not what you want. – Bill Parcells

Hey fellas! This is what you work all off season for. This is why you lift all them weights! This is why you do all that! – Bill Parcells

It’s better to decide wrongly than weakly. If you’re weak, you’re likely to be wrong anyway. – Bill Parcells

If you have fun, fine. It’s not all life and death. – Bill Parcells

There are two things in New York, euphoria and disaster. – Bill Parcells

If you got anything to you at all as an athlete and a competitor, you don’t care what the circumstances are. You still got competition. – Bill Parcells

God’s been good to me, He really has. I don’t know why he picked me out… Just think about it: I virtually coached in my hometown. From the middle of the Meadowlands field, it can’t be but a couple of miles. I was lucky to do that. – Bill Parcells

Don’t worry about it. It’s just a bunch of guys with an odd-shaped ball. – Bill Parcells

You as an individual coach have a responsibility to try to give those players who put themselves at risk and in harm’s way a chance to achieve success, and that goes for universities and professional teams, as well. – Bill Parcells

Nowadays, if you are afraid of confrontation, you are not going to do very well. – Bill Parcells

If the players don’t trust the coach, it is a problem, and vice versa. – Bill Parcells

By and large, I’ve been healthy all my life. – Bill Parcells

I just coach the way I was coached when I was young, in my formative years. I grew up under demanding people, that demanded things from you, expected you to toe the mark. – Bill Parcells

The thing I really look for in this business is there are guys who are into football and there are guys who are in the profession for other reasons. – Bill Parcells

Why would you live your life worrying about something that’s not going to happen? – Bill Parcells

I was fighting every windmill, especially when I was in college. – Bill Parcells

So if the players trust the coach, it’s not a problem. If the players don’t trust the coach, it is a problem, and vice versa. – Bill Parcells

I grew up under demanding people, that demanded things from you, expected you to toe the mark. – Bill Parcells

My entire life has been spent thinking about this game. That’s pretty narrow… I don’t view myself as a person who’s well-versed in very many subjects. I’m not proud of that. – Bill Parcells

I think there are a lot of good people, a lot of good football guys in the NFL. – Bill Parcells

The fans, with all due respect, they don’t affect the decisions I would make as a coach. – Bill Parcells

Even when you’re successful, even when you win the game, about an hour after the game, you have a litany of things that you now deal with that are problematic… So the times that you are happy are minute compared to the time that you’re dealing with problems. – Bill Parcells

You ask yourself, ‘What do you want your legacy to be?’ I’m content at this point to say, ‘Those who follow me.’ Romeo Crennel, Bill Belichick, Sean Payton, to name a few. I think I’ve got a pretty good group, so far. – Bill Parcells

I have a lot of great friends in football. The game was great to me. And I’ve been able to do other things in television and enjoy that, meeting those people. – Bill Parcells

Usually older players, late in the season, start to get cold. – Bill Parcells

When Super Bowl time comes around, I get jealous. – Bill Parcells

I don’t look at a problem and put variables in there that don’t affect it. – Bill Parcells

You get too old to lose. When you were a young guy, you bounced back from losses. – Bill Parcells

I don’t think, I don’t intend to make people miserable. I am demanding. – Bill Parcells

I love football; I enjoy it. That’s why I’ve been in this game as many years as I have. I still like it. I get excited about it. – Bill Parcells

I’ve had a long standing relationship with Gatorade, and they’ve been very, very good to me. And I believe in their products; I really do. – Bill Parcells

I spent a lot of time with my teams, especially in the East Coast teams, talking about dealing with the elements a lot of time, and a lot of instruction about field position and those kind of things. I like that variable. – Bill Parcells

There’s a line, players usually don’t cross it and coaches usually don’t cross it. Every once in a while you get a little temper tantrum on both sides, I certainly have had ’em. I’m not proud of those. – Bill Parcells

Well, I’ve had a long standing relationship with Gatorade and they’ve been very, very good to me. And I believe in their products, I really do. I’ve used them for many, many years. – Bill Parcells

I like linebackers. I collect ’em. You can’t have too many good ones. – Bill Parcells

I got more money than I can spend now. – Bill Parcells

When I was a young coach, there were people like Chuck Noll, Chuck Knox and Tom Landry who were there for me. – Bill Parcells

When I was coaching with the Patriots, the players pulled a practical joke and I said, ‘Do you think I’m Charlie the Tuna, like a sucker?’ After that, they called me Tuna. – Bill Parcells

I’m a little superstitious. – Bill Parcells

We’re not playing solitaire out here. – Bill Parcells

This season isn’t going to be without several crises. There’s no doubt about it. They’re coming. – Bill Parcells

There are two sides to a pancake. One is brown and fluffy; the other is burnt. – Bill Parcells

I talked to the team a lot about staying power. You never find out if you have that until you’ve been beaten down a few times. – Bill Parcells

I have always felt like you really don’t have a genuine confidence unless you demonstrate the ability to do something. You can talk about it, but you have to demonstrate it. – Bill Parcells