65+ Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages for Everyone

Birthdays are one of the special day that will always bring excitement and joy. Beautiful messages are one of the perfect way to wish someone happy birthday and show how much they mean to you.

If you’re searching for birthday greetings that perfectly capture what you’d like to say or just want to feel inspired yourself, browse through an amazing collection of funny birthday meme, happy birthday pics, and thank you for birthday wishes.

Wonderful Happy Birthday Wishes

I feel so lucky to have you as my friend. Hope your birthday is as special as you are. May all of your dreams come true. Thanks for being such a great friend. Happy birthday for my friend!

You are one of rare type person because you are awesome and I am very lucky girl. If all boyfriends were as wonderful as you are, it couldn’t mean it is very good. Because you are very high so that you are very special for me. Happy birthday my lovely boyfriend!

Many very happy returns are waiting for you, on your special day. You are my beautiful mom who are most merciful woman and have a warm-heart. Happy birthday my mother!

My sweet daughter, we couldn’t express how happy we are to see you grow even more beautiful and wiser each year. Happy birthday our sweet daughter, our baby, our little girl, we love you!

You are like a delicious wine because you get beautiful while you get older. Same time, you are still so amazing, and like an angel! Probably, my love to you causes this or you cast me a spell with your beautiful eyes. I don’t have a problem, I am so pleasure! Happy birthday my lovely life, I am wishing you a wonderful year!

You’ve taught me to never give up. You always help me up and I owe my success in life to you, and can’t wait to take you out for your birthday. Happy birthday daddy, I love you.

My lovely wife, my dearly darling, come slowly and tell me your all thinks. Tell me what do you think of your birthday, because I want you tell me brightness in your eyes. You know that nothing is important than the words that out from your lips. Tell me what you felt! By the way hold me firmly and kiss me between your words. I love you so much like we have no tomorrow, my little baby! You are so special and important for me, I can’t wait to see the moments that we shared! Always be surrounded by all your closest friends who loves you every time! May peace and love always follow you because you already deserved it!!

On your special day, I want to thank you because you’ve changed me for the good. You bring the best of my personality comes out, and I wear the brightest of smiles on my face whenever I am thinking of you. You give my life a whole new meaning. Thanks for being a part of my life, doll. Happy birthday my girlfriend.

I wanted to give you a wonderful gift, it is a promise symbol for remember to love each other on rest of our life! Because today is your birthday and you might be happy double today! You know that I always think of you, that’s why I want to see you more! Please say me yes on your very beautiful day and let me for I will make better your life. Happy Birthday!

I still remember the moment when you looked into my eyes and said I love you for the first time… because it feels exactly the same way, even today. Just pure joy and love. Happy birthday to greatest husband.

Today is your birthday and I have a wish for you. You are a hottest girl I have ever seen! I hope you will celebrate your birthday with the hottest birthday part! Happy Birthday!

You have worked so hard and you tired yourself! I thought that you deserve a wonderful and relaxing birthday! On this night, we will be just two of us, away from everything! You can be sure that you will love, not regret this. Happy Birthday darling, you will thank me!! Candles, red wine and roses are waiting for you!

Dear, you know that you are in corner of my heart, your place has been always different. The person who a wonderful in my life is you. I have been loved you and I will always love you. Be next birthdays more better than today’s and make better. I will be in there with great pleasure. Happy birthday my amazing niece and have a good day.

Today is your birthday but you might feel a bit of sad because you are too old to count candles. It’s time to surprise the candles on your birthday cake! Happy Birthday!

Congrats! You are so old but you can considered vintage but not a classic! Even so Happy Birthday, everbody will forget you 2 between 3 years. The bones of your body will disappear in the soil for more than 150 years.

My beloved aunt, thanks for all the positive vibe you always spread when I am around you. You always energize me with your love and care. I always cherish the moments I spent with you. I love you a lot. Happy Birthday to aunt!

My lovely boyfriend, I always admire your one feature. You can stay on the sofa just on one movement for long hours. Why? Of course to watch sports match! Keep going darling, I think, they will give you a award! Happy Birthday! Come and blow candles!

I am so lucky girl because I have a boyfriend like you are! Now I understand that being with you every moment is big happiness. Worth this! Be always happy and may filled happiness and peace on rest of your life! Happy Birthday baby, I can stay with you forever!

Every mom is special, important and precious for her children. But you are different, just you don’t know! Think your abilities and qualities, who have these like you? My dearly mom, you are my everything! Thanks for all, I love you so much! Stay here with us as long as end of the time. I wish you have a beautiful day as you are! Happy blessed birthday!

Every morning to say you ” Good Morning” is big chance. Every morning when first I see ray of the Sun, I thank the God for I have a mother like you. You thaught me many valuable things and you gave your love and you made me better person. You loved me unrequited. My lovely mother, what did I made to I deserved you? Happy Birthday, be always happy!

Dear sister, we have memorable moments that we shared. My childhood passed more beautiful with you and I know that I will not be single in my life! Because you are always there! You can think same! Thank you for everything, I love you so much! You will be always my beautiful and helpful sister! I am sending you big hugs and many kisses! Happy birthday sister, be happy on your special day!

I have done many wrong things in my life, but you have always continiued to love me, I don’t know to what say, I can just thank you! I am a blessed man because I have a wonderful friend like you are! You deserved all best things my closest friend, not I am. You are really good man because you accepted me with all my bad and good features! Be always with me because I want to pay you all my debt. Happy Birthday, I hope you will happy and peacefull on your rest of your life!

I want to wish you have a year as wonderful as you are and a beautiful day. Happy birthday my dear nephew. Enjoy the time.

Do you know that when did I am in love with you? When I saw your beautiful smile. I thought that I can love for this. Happy Birthday baby!

Happy birthday dearly son! I wish that you would find many hobby to enjoy the life! Good luck!

Happy Birthday my closest friend in my life! You are so precious for me because you are my only friend who stay with me at all my bad and good times. I know that we will be stay together unless the death separates us. Thank you so much for you came to me whenever I have problems. Thank you for you have always tried to solve my problems. Thank you for everything!

Today is your birthday my mother who came from heaven. You became both my mother and my closest friend. You are my port which I took refuge. I love you so much! I wish you a day as wonderful as you are! Happy birthday!

Today is your most special day! Happy Birthday my handsome boyfriend! Although I wanted a surprise birthday party but we didn’t trick you! Never mind! I saw the happiness in your eyes. That is enough for me! Happy Birthday again darling, I wish you a wonderful year!

Happy Birthday my dearest girlfriend! You became with me when I needed you. You didn’t leave me! You became my life kiss on very cold winter days and you became my cold water on very hot summer days! I love you so much!

Today is your wonderful birthday! Let’s grateful again to God for you were born. The love of my life, be always with me because I am half without you! You have done many things to see smile on my face, I can say that you succeed this. You are really very girlfriend also best friend! I wish you will have more peace and happiness on rest of your life! I can’t wait to live and save more moments that shared with you! Happy Birthday darling!

On your special day, I wish you will see more candles on your birthday cake on future! My beautiful sister, although we made discussion on our childhood, you are my best friend now in my life! Be yourself always because everybody admire you. Happy Birthday!

I woke up very happy on this morning then I remembered that today is your birthday! Happy Birthday my little miracle, I love you so much! You are my soul mate of rest of my life! You are my world! We didn’t become just a lovers, we became both each other closest friend. You have supported me every time and I succeed many thing with the strong I took from you! Thank you for everything! May happiness and peace always follow you on rest of your life! May your new age bring you more opportunities! You deserved all best things!

You are the most beautiful girlfriend I have ever seen! Or you are looking very sweet because you are my darling! I don’t know but I’m so pleasure and I know that I am  very lucky man! Because you are not only beautiful you are very clever, sweet, kindest and incredible! You make me good and the world looks more beautiful to me when you are around me. I can’t think more correct person than you by my side. On your special day, I wish your life will be filled happiness and peace! Happy Birthday baby!

Happy Birthday to the woman who is most merciful and devoted I have ever seen. You has gave up many beautiful things for me, I don’t know how I will thank you! Even if I could thank you, that is not enough! My mother, I love you so much, thank you!!

Happy Birthday! You never forget that I am always ready to help you. May you celebrate more beautiful birthday on your future!

Happy Birthday my beautiful mother! When you are behind me, I am not afraid of anything. When you hold my hand, I find the power to do anything! You are my life source! You are my Everything. I don’t know that what will I do when you will pass away  one day! God, please hold my mother with me long time!

Hello my darling, today is your birthday, your most special day! I want you to know that I am so pleasure to be with you today. Because your happiness is my happiness. I love you so much and you have many features that I loved. You are so good, kind, merciful and handsome person. I am so lucky girl for I have you. You are so special and important for me. You are very charismatic person, I didn’t encounter person like you are. I believe that you will success everything what you want. Happy Birthday!!

My beautiful darling! God gave me a wonderful gift like you. You are one of beautiful things that I have and you have so wonderful character so that most man might want a girlfriend like you. Thank you for everything, especially for being with me when no one was with me. You have always care about of me. Today, it is my turn. Happy Birthday!

We are most wonderful couple than others, we are most luckiest person because we found each other! I am sure that I will never give up you! Happy Birthday my beautiful baby!

I feel so happy because I’m with you on your special day! You makes me so good always, I relaxed when I was with you. Do you know that now the world is looking more beautiful! I love you so much, I can’t write how much I love you, but when I see you, you can tell from the glow in my eyes! Happy Birthday!

I believe the God, I believe his fate! Because he brought us together! How else could I meet you in the 8 billion world? Happy Birthday!

I really know that you will cry when you read this message. You are emotional woman I have ever seen, but I like very your feature. I should tell you that your gift is ready and it is coming you. I know that you will like it. Happy Birthday!

The time passed very fast than I guessed, it is so surprised, whereas there are the many things that I want to make. Big one year passed and I just look that. Although this message is birthday message, I am wishing to find more time for things  I wanted. But you should know that I can always find time for you, your call is enough for me. I wish you have a wonderful birthday as your smile. I hope your smile never disappear from your face. Happy Birthday!

I feel like I love you from beginning of my life, I don’t remember when did we crossed love-friendship border. But I am very pleasure this because I know that I found my soul mate. I love you so much, I love you so much and I want that it will continue forever!  Happy Birthday!

Hello my happiness of my life, nothing didn’t make me good like you can since began our relationship. You are my everything, I am speaking everybody about you. You have many beautiful and good features. I am so happy for you have come into my life! I hope our relationship will continue forever and we will continue to be safe port for each other! Happy Birthday honey, I hope you all dreams come true one day!

I miss you so much, we didn’t so separated like this. My beautiful girl, I miss that you are looking yourself in the mirror. I hope you celebrate your birthday as you wanted there. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my beautiful girlfriend, you taught me true love. I understood what the true love. I hope that the shine in your eyes will continue forever. Happy Birthday!

They say that some happiness doesn’t come until it is too late. When I wait enough and starting to waiting so bored, you came to me and lifted me from my nightmare. I wish I could thank your parents and I guess that your parents is so wonderful because only wonderful parents grow up wonderful son. Happy Birthday my darling, I love you so much. I want you to know that whatever you live, I will always with you. May stay always happy! I hope you have wonderful year.

I live in heaven on the world because I have a person like you are. I am celebrating your birthday today but I think, I have right to say some things. I wish you can know how much I love and admire you. Sometimes I feel like the wall separate us,  you don’t realize that. I hope you understand true fact on your birthday!

You are my most important thing in the world, if you get ill, big part break of from me and it doesn’t come back until you get health. Your want is enough, I can give you the moon and the sun. Happy Birthday dear son, you must know that no one can love you than me. I love you so much than you guessed.

Today is your wonderful birthday, I know that your year how passed and I wanted to prepare a wonderful birthday for you. Dear sister you are both my sister and my closest friend. Thank you for everything. I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

Today I remember again that I love how much you. We didn’t built our relationship easy. Coincidence helped us, we succeed. Maybe this is so beautiful for we are so struggle. I don’t know but you love me and I love you. You have taught me always! Happy Birthday!

I know that I am so fort o your birthday party! Really  I wish I could be with you today! But do you know that there are true friendship have an exam. This is one of those. You are in my heart,  more best place of my heart.  You are in my mind so that you covered my best two place. Today cheers to  my wonderful friend. Happy Birthday!

Sometimes saying simple word is better than other times. But today is your birthday and I can write you a long paragraph. But all is simple, only three words. I love you. This a sentence which a person can feel happiest when he hear at the moment. Happy Birthday dear, be always with me!

I don’t know that if you were not in my life, I’m happy like today. İf I can success I want to go your born and I could thank your mother. You present me many reason form y happiness. Bur only your smile or your face cam make me feel good. Happy Birthday dear, I love you so much!

I understand that I am very luck person because you are not only smart also caring and such a fun sister. Really you are a gift from God to me. I wish you a day as wonderful as you are. I love you so much!!

I know that wishing good wishes is always treat to someone. Because it makes always feel better. Happy Birthday, enjoy the day, the birthday cake, moments!

My lovely brother, I think you are a wonderful person but you don’t realize that.  The birthday is so big chance to tell you how wonderful person.  Please believe in yourself and go where you want with you great self-reliance. On your road, don’t forget that I love you so much and you are so important for me. What matter you live, I will always be with your side. Happy birthday brother!!

Today, you are looking so happy because the day is so important and special for you. But why can you try to make all day like today. I think, you may success it. Happy Birthday!!

Today is your beautiful birthday but you are looking so nervous. Please relax and sit down, drink your cola at the moment. Today is your birthday! Vert difficult year passed and you are ready for new one. So that you deserved a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday!!

Sometimes God doesn’t give a brother instead of he gave a wonderful friend who became a brother for you. You are like this for me. Happy Birthday!

I don’t know your year how passed but I wish you have a year which be better than last. May it be to fill happiness, smiles and joyful. Happy Birthday!

Dear Mother I want to tell you that I love you so much.  Sometimes we discuss and I don’t have time to tell you that sentence. But it is so priceless. If I could born again, I would choose you again. Happy Birthday, you should know that there is no one isn’t valuable than you! Happy Birthday!

Mom, I want to tell you that I love you so much and thank you for everything you have done. You have a wonderful heart which can cover all our family members. You are an example mother and wife. I think, I am so good persons because I have a mother like you are. Today is your birthday and I hope you will live an amazing day. Enjoy all things that prepared for you. Happy Birthday!

My lovely brother, today is your special birthday and I want to wish some things for you. I hope you will have the life that always you wanted. Let’s us know where you are traveling to any country. I know that you will be a great traveller. Good luck! May all great discoveries and good surprises follow you! Happy Birthday!

Dear Brother, I would like to say something again because it is your birthday. I am your brother and you can always come to me when you have trouble or problems. You can be sure that I can try to solve you problems. You are my one sister and I have no intention of losing you because I love you so much! On your special day, I wish our brotherhood will continue forever. May you encounter always good persons on rest of your life. And last brother advice,  don’t let your time be wasted by unnecessary persons. Because time is everything! Happy Birthday!

Today is your most important day, I know that. I wish you have a wonderful life, may today be is beginning of happy days. I wish you will not lose your joy on your wonderful heart. May happiness and peace follow you everyday. Happy Birthday, have wonderful day! God blessed you!

My lovely sister,  you are my one of most important person in my life. I have so much lucky for I have you. You are not only a sister , you became my closest friend. Happy Birthday, I wish you have a day as wonderful as you are.

What is your plan tonight? I guess I will follow you because today is your day. But probably I can guess where we will go ! Of course newly opened restaurant! Happy Birthday baby, I can’t wait to eat something with you!

Thank you for everything you gave me, because all is so special for me! You were sad when I was sad and you tried to cure me with you big effort. You were so happy when I was happy, my happiness increased exponentially with you! Your mean so big on my my lovely husband. I love you so much! I wish you a wonderful birthday and many years with me!

Today is your wonderful day, I get a beautiful gift for you but I want to decorate a kind wishes. Dear sister, on your special day, I wish you have always good health, more happiness and wonderful fortune. Happy Birthday!

I searched a priceless gift for your birthday but then I understood the real gift is our friendship! No gift is more valuable than our friendship. Hey, don’t worry, even so I get a real gift for you. I can’t wait to see your beautiful smile when you see your gift. Happy Birthday!

I think you should be a bit optimistic. You will get older every day, but you are more young than you will be next year. Enjoy your youth and drink your champagne! Happy Birthday!