It has been a while pondering on writing this post. 

My son brought home this beautiful art piece from art class when he was four “Bloom where you are planted” , it is hanging in the lounge right on top of a plant I love a lot. So every time I water the plant I will look at it to remind myself of how happy I am and to not get distracted.

I can can distracted very quickly. I tend to get lost into the future and forget about the present (blog post written before). I am not enjoying my current job, not because I hate what I do but merely what and who I’m surrounded with. I must also mention that I am a very strong person and I don’t like making decisions based on how people makes me feel. I need the job financially and the hours are actually awesome. It is close to home and my son’s school. That is the only thing that keeps me going.

I try very hard to stay positive every day, and it is getting harder and harder day by day. Knowing what I am capable of, knowing there are better things I could’ve been doing while sitting there… Argh… 


Then again, I made a promise to myself and I prayed and asked God to guide me. Two years ago i said, I will not look for just another job but work towards the career I always wanted. And guess what, I did start doing that.  As I mentioned in previous articles I’ve reached all my short term goals. I started with my blog, I started to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, renewed my relationship with God and started my studies and registered my business. All of it I made possible by accepting, believing, planning, implementing and taking action. It couldn’t have happened without staying positive and embracing the present.

With each goal reached, each step taken, there’s always new challenges, new plans to be made. It gets tuff because everything takes time. I am in the boat where I can’t just leave my job and jump into making a success of my new venture full time. That is something I really struggle with most of the times. Day by day, week by week it just repeats itself. 

My new goal is to pray about this problem, and by taking small steps. To accept what is and to not give up on my dreams. Because in this job I can at least spend a lot of my time at home with my son and husband, I am at home before 17:00 daily,  I can study part timely and go to church Sunday mornings. What if my future job won’t give me these opportunities. What if I will have to spend more time at work than with my family? 


I can’t change the people I work with, so I started to change my attitude. It is not easy but I can’t let that change who I am. A friendly, focused and professional person in my work place. Even though it seems like I’m the only positive person there (and been told so) I just need to make it work for my own Health. This past two weeks I’ve been very sick. It was almost like my immune system was shut down. 


I will be blooming because that’s what children of God do. I will be the overcomer and I will be making a Change with the help of my Saviour.



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