104+ Best Blunt Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Blunt is saying what you think without trying to be polite or considering other people’s feelings. Profoundly inspirational blunt quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Blunt Quotes

Even if Trump means well, his schemes tend to be blunt, selfish, and short-sighted rather than nuanced, empathetic, and thought through. — Amanda Knox

Finding original source material is not easy, but when something special like ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ comes along, everybody recognized it. I wasn’t swimming against the stream. Warner Brothers immediately supported it, Tom Cruise signed on instantly; Emily Blunt, who was our first choice, signed on immediately. — Doug Liman

There is something discordant about a team of speechwriters and political operatives hammering away to create an image of the ‘real, inner’ candidate. And, to be blunt, there is no necessary connection between a moving life experience and the skills necessary for leadership. — Jeff Greenfield

The American people frankly have been, over many, many years – to be blunt – fat, dumb and happy. If they want their children to compete with children in India, China or Korea, they better get them a far better education. — Eli Broad

Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects. — Lester B. Pearson

The way I paint is similar to rock in that you don’t stand around and say, ‘Gee, what are they talking about?’ Rock is simple, blunt, colorful. Same with my paintings. You don’t stand back and wonder what it is. That’s Jim Morrison, that’s a panda, that’s a scene on the West Coast. It’s not abstract. — Grace Slick

Senator Blunt genuinely sees everything through the lens of partisan politics. — Jason Kander

I found early on in teaching, if you’re too blunt an instrument, the students discredit you and think you’re just being mean. They’re not interested in what you have to say. — Tim Gunn

Emily Blunt helped me study for a Spanish test, and I got an A+ on it! — Lilla Crawford

To be blunt, I feel like lyricism in Spanish is of a different quality than English. You can get really poetic in Spanish, but I feel like if you do that in English, you risk sounding cheesy. In Spanish, it’s never that. It’s always this deep, passionate, beautiful imagery; it’s painted different, a different color. — Jessie Reyez

I think we need one recognized, respected public figure to make a tough, blunt statement on just what Reagan’s record is and what he might do to the country, let alone the Republican Party before Christmas. — Robert Teeter

Excellent, there’s nothing quite like a blunt object to reinforce proper administration ethics. — Simon Travaglia

Christie led the way – with a bulldozer. The governor is blunt, brash, and self-consciously authentic, the antithesis to what turns off today’s voters: flip-flopping politicians who speak in poll-tested platitudes. Yes, he’s the anti-Romney. — Ron Fournier

The Blunt Amendment would have allowed any employer who provided health insurance, or any insurance company, the right to deny coverage for contraception or any other kind of procedure if the employer had a ‘moral’ objection to it. — Bernie Sanders

My cut is blunt and futuristic, and Nicki Minaj started wearing that bob on her head after she came to my show, so at the end of the day, I know what I do, and I know what I possess, and I know who I am. I’m a trendsetter. The biggest form of flattery is imitation, so I’m flattered. — Lil Mama

If people are shooting at you, it’s human nature to be afraid. I was afraid. I’ll be quite blunt about that. — Rodney Frelinghuysen

About the use of language: it is impossible to sharpen a pencil with a blunt axe. It is equally vain to try to do it with ten blunt axes instead. — Edsger Dijkstra

One of my unique features as a politician is that I am so blunt and so forthright, and I put my cards on the table to such a degree people aren’t used to, that there’s nothing left to hide. — Ken Cuccinelli

Justice and truth are too such subtle points that our tools are too blunt to touch them accurately. — Blaise Pascal

The clock, for all its precision in measurement, is a blunt instrument for the psyche and for society. Schedules can replace sensitivity to the mood of a moment, clock time can ride roughshod over the emotions of individuals. — Jay Griffiths

I guess I don’t like the people in politics very much, to be blunt. — Nate Silver

In my films, I either want the music to be very subtle and very buried or just put it right out in front and be super blunt with it. — Scott Derrickson

I have had a number of less-than-enviable moments in my life when dealing with other people. I won’t attempt to blunt that by saying I am not the only one. — Henry Rollins

I’m still very blunt: If you want to be a writer, get a day job. The fact that I have actually been able to make a living at it is astonishing. — Dorothy Allison

I think it’s a bit like saying a painter does a painting everyone loves and it’s 40% blue paint, so from now on you have to paint paintings that are 40% blue. That’s the film industry at its most blunt, which is why it’s constantly bats and spiders and superheroes. — Steven Knight

I’m too blunt and straightforward for politics, but I’m friends with all. — Nana Patekar

I think Emily Blunt is definitely our finest young female English export. She has an uncanny grace. — Honeysuckle Weeks

I was the first Blunt ever elected to anything. — Roy Blunt

Health care costs blunt the competitive edge of American entrepreneurs, from the auto industry to internet start-ups. — Tom Allen

I would love to be the lead in an action movie. I would love to be like Emily Blunt in ‘Edge of Tomorrow.’ — Pom Klementieff

That’s always fun to play: the person who can be truthful and blunt, and people take it because that’s who she is. — Susan Kelechi Watson

Anyone working at HootSuite will tell you that I don’t sugarcoat my opinions. I heavily encourage feedback and suggestions – partly because I’m blunt about offering the same in return. — Ryan Holmes

The weird thing about the subway is no one looks at each other. So I play the O2 in London. It’s a 20,000 capacity venue, and then I’ll take the subway to my gig, and everyone’s going to my gig, and no one looks at you. If anyone does, they say, ‘Hey, you look exactly like James Blunt, only smaller.’ — James Blunt

I’ve never been uncomfortable sharing stuff. It’s almost the opposite. I’ll say the most blunt, brutally honest thing about any situation. — Rex Orange County

I’ve always been ballsy. My dad is a blunt northerner, and maybe I’ve got a bit of that in me. I just kind of steam ahead. — Suranne Jones

Chemotherapy is just medieval. It’s such a blunt instrument. We’re going to look back on it like we do the dark ages. — Eric Topol

To be blunt, we need to remove the administrative barriers preventing legitimate research into medical marijuana, which is why I’ve decided to roll out the MEDS Act. — Orrin Hatch

Sequestration will make it extremely challenging – and in many cases impossible – for employees to meet their mortgage payments, pay their healthcare expenses, plan for retirement, or help their children attend college. To be blunt, these families are at risk. — Pete Gallego

I am very blunt, and people don’t like it. — Hina Khan

I know the pros and cons of being absolutely blunt. — Smriti Irani

Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt. — Lao Tzu

The blunt tools of legislation or union power can force a corporation to pay higher wages, but if employees don’t create an equal amount of additional value, there’s no net gain. — Charles Platt

I think executive orders with Donald Trump would be a very blunt instrument with respect to the Constitution. — Scott Pruitt

Representative democracy is a remarkably blunt instrument. Hundreds of issues are bundled together at every election, yet the vote tends to swing on just one or two of them. — George Monbiot

If you take a cold, blunt view of most religions, and you sort of say, ‘Well, here’s the basis for it,’ most of them sound crazy. It’s the belief that makes them real. I was interested in that question: When does a belief become a myth? When does something you believe in become just a story? — Alexi Zentner

Jazz is not something that can be defined through blunt instruments. It is much more poetic than that. — Pat Metheny

Everyone appreciates me for my honesty. Why shouldn’t I speak my mind? I will not say I am blunt. I don’t speak about others. — Nia Sharma

One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised. — Chinua Achebe

A boycott is, inherently, a blunt instrument. It is an imperfect weapon, a carpet bomb, when all involved would prefer a surgical strike. — Conor Oberst

I don’t use Twitter to share my thoughts – I use it to make statements that are quite blunt and hopefully fun. — Andrew W.K.

People say I’m tough and too blunt. I’m a product of my organization. MSF is a blunt, tough, no-nonsense organization. — Joanne Liu

A blunt statement can be as false as any other. — Mason Cooley

To be very blunt, I am not really that concerned with what labels get associated with somebody. — Mark V. Hurd

Hip-hop is the streets. Hip-hop is a couple of elements that it comes from back in the days… that feel of music with urgency that speaks to you. It speaks to your livelihood and it’s not compromised. It’s blunt. It’s raw, straight off the street – from the beat to the voice to the words. — Nas

We have to remain humble about our understanding of the brain, because even our most powerful tools remain pretty blunt instruments for decoding the brain. In fact, we still do not know how to decipher the basic language of how the brain works. — Thomas R. Insel

There are certainly contemporaries that I admire, like Emily Blunt. I think she is amazing. — Rosamund Pike

You have to have a certain realism that government is a pretty blunt instrument, and without the constant attention of highly qualified people with the right metrics, it will fall into not doing things very well. — Bill Gates

We must recognize our own behavioral errors. To be blunt, you are not likely to become a cognitive Zen master anytime soon. But a little enlightenment could keep you from making some common investing errors. — Barry Ritholtz

Chekhov – shall I be blunt? – is the greatest short story writer who ever lived. — George Saunders

Fame was initially this kind of blunt tool that was thrust into my hands very young. — Josh Hartnett

It’s never really been my intention; I’ve never gone out of my way to be relatable to anyone. I just say what I want, and I’m pretty blunt about things. — Lili Reinhart

Even if it’s a bit blunt, I really appreciate somebody being straight with you. — Rupert Friend

I’m a blunt person, not mean-spirited. I come from a place of love, but I’m interested in being real. — Tracy McMillan

There is only one Donald Trump, but people make comparisons because I’m blunt. — Carlos Beruff

Steve Jobs was notoriously blunt about products he found wanting, but his attack on Flash – Adobe’s popular technology for playing multimedia content inside a browser – was particularly vicious. Claiming it was buggy and insecure, Jobs banned it from the iPad. — Evgeny Morozov

Comedy has to be done en clair. You can’t blunt the edge of wit or the point of satire with obscurity. Try to imagine a famous witty saying that is not immediately clear. — James Thurber

Women are not making it to the top of any profession in the world. But when I say, ‘The blunt truth is that men run the world,’ people say, ‘Really?’ That, to me, is the problem. — Sheryl Sandberg

Michael is a funny character, for whom I have a great deal of affection. He sat across his desk and seemed to be a bit of a blunt fellow. We began talking about the characters and he opened up about his vision. — Madeleine Stowe

As a husband and as a father of girls, I cannot imagine any woman in my family making the sacrifice of sanity required to run for office. The limited reward for public service cannot blunt the cost. — Mark McKinnon

That is the nature of the British psyche. It’s very blunt, plain, very linear. It’s pragmatic: it records life as it is. — Steven Berkoff

Monetary policy is a blunt tool which certainly affects the distribution of income and wealth, although whether the net effect is to increase or reduce inequality is not clear. — Ben Bernanke

I do have a ski lift named after me in Sweden… It’s an honour. I got to smash a bottle against the first pillar and say, ‘I name this chairlift James Blunt. God bless her and all who rides me.’ — James Blunt

Aggressive female icons have been chronically demeaned… It’s fine for male artists to be angry – they’re encouraged to outwardly express their aggression – but women? I’ve been painted as an aggressive Feminazi because I’m blunt, stubborn, independent, forthright. — Lydia Lunch

I think it should be socially acceptable for men to like ‘You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt. — Mike Posner

If I were to make public these tapes, containing blunt and candid remarks on many different subjects, the confidentiality of the office of the president would always be suspect. — Richard M. Nixon

For the sexuality thing, I really feel like the reason I speak so blunt about it is because I held it in for so long. I never told my mom. I never told my family. I kept it to myself. Now, I’m happy with who I am. Either you accept it, or you don’t. There’s a lot of rappers out there that’s like that, but no one’s stepping up. — Young M.A

Don’t confuse being stimulating with being blunt. — Barbara Walters

Simplification of the tax code would not only unlock dormant economic potential, but, in the process, it would blunt the preferred weapon of social engineers, who reward favored industries, punish success and distort economic incentives. — David Harsanyi

Over the years, I’ve had to learn how to deal with people who refuse to take me seriously. That’s where I learnt the blunt side of my character. — Pete Burns

When I did ‘1,2,3,4’ on ‘Sesame Street’ they’d rewritten the song and made it about counting. At first, I balked. I was like, ‘Counting to four? That’s where we’re going with this?’ Then they sent me appearances by other people like James Blunt doing ‘You’re Beautiful’ as ‘My Triangle.’ — Feist

Sometimes I’m overly blunt. I don’t like to mince words. I like to get things done. That’s the only difference between Chris Christie and I – he’s a little shy. — Paul LePage

I am just forthcoming – completely blunt and honest. — Michelle Visage

During the 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton ran a blunt television ad asking whether Barack Obama could handle a foreign policy crisis. — John Dickerson

Sometimes I wish I was poetic and subtle. I write very bold and blunt and tell it like it is. — Pink

There was an obvious display of blatant sexism when I couldn’t get signed. They didn’t say I was ugly. They didn’t say that they didn’t like the music. They said I was too old! At 26! So Badly Drawn Boy, Doves, Elbow, James Blunt – you can be a gnarly old beardy bloke with a bit of a paunch and that’s all right? — KT Tunstall

I know that some people shy away from what I say. They think it is too blunt, but when you don’t give people that, they feel like you are being fake and you’re not telling the truth. So it’s like, you want me to tell the truth, but when I do, it’s too much for you. — Missy Elliott

I’m gonna be blunt and plain, if one ever looks at me like that I’m gonna kill him and tell God he died. — Jimmy Swaggart

‘Tis not enough your counsel still be true; Blunt truths more mischief than nice falsehoods do. — Alexander Pope

I don’t get along with many people, especially in studios. I’m quite blunt and I know what I want – and songwriters are very sensitive people. — Jonas Blue

I don’t mind being criticised, but hearing yourself described as the next James Blunt – that hurts. — Paolo Nutini

You don’t want to bash viewers over the head with a blunt message or lecture them – they’d soon get bored with that. — Maxine Peake

The reason societies with democratic governments are better places to live in than their alternatives isn’t because of some goodness intrinsic to democracy, but because its hopeless inefficiency helps blunt the basic potential for evil. — Nathan Myhrvold

There’s every reason to think SSRIs blunt your ability to fall and stay in love. — Helen Fisher

I’m not like most comedians. I don’t deal with just heckles – I’m also dealing with threats and anger. Here I am, a brown person on stage being quite blunt. I talk about white privilege; I talk about U.S. imperialistic practices; I talk about colonialism. I’m not saying things that are easy for people to laugh at. — Hari Kondabolu

‘The Prince’s blunt candor has been a scandal for 500 years. The book was placed on the Papal Index of banned books in 1559, and its author was denounced on the Elizabethan stages of London as the ‘Evil Machiavel.’ The outrage has not dimmed with time. — Michael Ignatieff

Great literature should do some good to the reader: must quicken his perception though dull, and sharpen his discrimination though blunt, and mellow the rawness of his personal opinions. — A. E. Housman

Really, Donald Trump’s entire message is that people like Sen. Blunt are the problem. — Jason Kander

A multitude of causes unknown to former times are now acting with a combined force to blunt the discriminating powers of the mind, and unfitting it for all voluntary exertion to reduce it to a state of almost savage torpor. — William Wordsworth

I wanted to take up music, so my father bought me a blunt instrument. He told me to knock myself out. — Jay London

We’re becoming a planet of a thousand new major cities. The economy of the 21st century is a city-building economy. It’s within our power to make it a carbon zero one, too; and to be blunt, civilization depends on our success. — Alex Steffen

People beat around the bush so much, and I try to be really blunt in my music. — Blackbear

Words are a pretty blunt instrument. There’s always going to be slippage between the words and the infinite complexities of a thought. As a writer, I find that frustrating, but as a social animal, I wouldn’t have it any other way. — Kate Grenville

While abolishing judgeships and lower federal courts is a blunt tool and one whose use is warranted only in the most extreme of circumstances… it is one of many possibilities to check and balance the judiciary. — Newt Gingrich

Men of genius are not quick judges of character. Deep thinking and high imagining blunt that trivial instinct by which you and I size people up. — Max Beerbohm