5 Books That Can Change Your Attitude Toward Life

While some people perceive books as something unimportant and boring, others discover a whole new world in them. The right book can serve as a kind of antidepressant and help you meet challenges, even when it seems that the world spins out of control. Sometimes, it is enough to look at the situation from a new perspective to find a solution.

You can find many fascinating books that will inspire you to change your life for the better. You can opt for psychological books that will give you instructions on how to behave in this or that situation or choose something less formal. Anyway, you are the only person who can understand what you need in this life and what things you lack. Each book can provide you with food for thought. If you are on the verge of depression because of numerous assignments, turn to essay shark to get your papers done on time and get yourself rid of this burden. There is always a way out.

Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell

Even though this book tells a story about a Navy Seal who has managed to survive under extremely difficult conditions, it is a story of our everyday life. Your day is full of different moments, but only you decide what shades they will have. You can turn a blind eye to some details, even though they make a difference. After the return, people wanted to proclaim the main character a new messiah since a rare person can repeat his life path. However, he rejected because he understood he was just extremely lucky to survive.

The author covers very interesting moments and makes people reflect on their lives. “People use the phone … because they don’t like to be close, too close to each other, but they are afraid to be alone.” Does it remind you of something? Maybe you also feel lonely, being surrounded by crowds. When you don’t trust the future, you continue to cling to the past since you know it well. What things about your future you can change to become happier?

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

This book is about a journey across the USA, in which the main character does not always ask himself questions but finds answers. Conversations with random fellow travelers, unforeseen situations, strange stories create a whole picture and encourage you to ask more questions in your daily life. If you don’t get the desired answers, maybe you ask fewer questions than you should? Life is the same road, and you never know what lies ahead.

Nonetheless, if you stay curious and open-minded, you increase your success chances. You may immerse yourself in the dullness of daily routine, forgetting that you are the only person who can drastically change the situation. You limit yourself, even though there are no rigid frames. If you feel tired or overwhelmed because of tasks, it is worth reading paper help reviews to shake this burden.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Most modern women seek success while they should strive for personal happiness. This rat race doesn’t allow you to relax and enjoy your life as it is, with all its imperfections and benefits. And “Eat, Pray, Love” will tell you a story of a successful woman who has a wealthy life but feels unhappy. She decides to start everything from scratch. And it turns out that you can find joy even where it is not worth looking for it. Just don’t forget to smile more often and try to fill your life with positive energy to start the process of total renovation. Decide what doesn’t allow you to feel happy right now. Take a journey and start writing a new chapter of your life.

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome by Libby Weaver 

It is the most common syndrome of the 21st century when people are obsessed with self-development, results, and success. Everyone wants to become better than a neighbor, but they feel frustration instead of happiness when they reach the desired result. Thus, they set a new goal and start all over again because they know how to live only under this condition – when you believe that only achieving another dream will bring relief.

The author is a physician and nutritional biochemist from Australia who spent 14 years observing the health of a woman who tries to play the multiple-handed Shiva’s role. And such daily race negatively affects their endocrine and nervous systems, digestion, and emotions. And if you need some practical tips to change your lifestyle, it is worth giving it a try.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

It is worth reading this book on a Friday night, when you can wall yourself off the hustle and bustle of modern life, grab a couple of ice cream briquettes and stay in bed the whole next day. This bestselling book is about a girl battling cancer and meeting the love of her life in a cancer support group.

A piercing and nagging book with vivid dialogues will help you take a fresh look at your life and teach you to value time. You never know when you can run into your significant other, but it is worth living now and enjoying every moment even before the very meeting. Life is too short to spend it on the wrong thoughts and people. The book was filmed in 2014 and received mostly positive reviews for its life-affirming storyline.