57+ Best Bragging Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Brag is to speak too proudly about what you have done or what you own. Profoundly inspirational bragging quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Famous Bragging Quotes

Bragging just sounds good, man. — The Weeknd

Marketing is not bragging, and touting one’s wares is not evil. The baker in the medieval town square must holler, ‘Fresh rolls!’ if he hopes to feed the townfolk. — Jeffrey Zeldman

The only party that has better bragging rights than the Greens is the Bloc Quebecois. — Elizabeth May

I’m just glad that I have bragging rights to working with Bugs and Daffy. — Brendan Fraser

I’m not bragging, but just going Sunday to Sunday, it will be a real rare game when I don’t catch a pass. — Steve Largent

Trump was always a poster boy of the selfish, egomaniacal, ignorant, bragging, cruel rich kid, whose mirror was the sleazy pages of Rupert Murdoch’s ‘New York Post.’ Trump’s oxygen was the leaked item, without which he would die the suffocating death of being shown to a bad table. — Richard Cohen

Not bragging by any means, but I could have done a lot of other stuff as far as working in films go and working in television… I had chances to do that stuff, but I like baseball, I really do. — Bob Uecker

I’m a very proud Australian, always bragging about our country wherever I am in the world. — Kylie Minogue

In Missouri, where I come from, we don’t talk about what we do – we just do it. If we talk about it, it’s seen as bragging. — Brad Pitt

We ought to be bragging about Florida! — Rick Scott

Hip-hop deals with bragging and braggadocio, being boastful. It’s always been about who’s got the most money. — Two Chainz

There is a difference between conceit and confidence. Conceit is bragging about yourself. Confidence means you believe you can get the job done. — Johnny Unitas

People say to me, ‘You’re a genius; you’re great.’ I don’t know if I’ll ever feel that way about myself. Some things, I feel like, are better left for other people to say, and I’m just not into, like, tooting my own horn or bragging or anything. — Poo Bear

I came up with all kinds of stuff. That was part of being great and having creativity. I’m not just bragging about myself. I’m just saying. — Terry Funk

Since I’m a Minnesotan, that bragging thing is a little hard. — Betsy Hodges

It’s not bragging if you can back it up. — Muhammad Ali

Getting to a 1 rating in households is a sign that we’re building momentum. It gives us bragging rights. — Bonnie Hammer

That’s a thing you most look forward to as a kid. The newest clothes or the newest shoes. Definitely getting the newest shoes and bragging to your friends about it. — Andrew Wiggins

Earning high returns isn’t just a matter of bragging rights – endowment income supports the missions of nonprofit institutions, whether education, as with college and universities, or broader social programs, as at many private foundations. — James B. Stewart

I didn’t know of any rappers in Charlotte. Not to sound like I’m bragging, but I brought the music scene alive and shed the proper light on it. I took it to a whole other level when I started rapping. — DaBaby

What people don’t know about me is that I’m a pretty good businesswoman. Yes, I do this little ol’ game show, but I know the show isn’t going to last forever, so I’ve gone into different ventures. But I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging. — Vanna White

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but I’m very proud of this: I moved to L.A. in October of 1997, but I never had a survival job in L.A. I was able to support myself with acting from the moment I got to town. — Sean Gunn

A bugbear of mine is bragging rights in regional derbies: it would be a lot more worth to the regional game if we did something special in European rugby. — Alun Wyn Jones

Bragging about yourself violates norms of modesty and politeness – and if you were really competent, your work would speak for itself. — Adam Grant

Being the U.S. champion is a big deal for me. Knowing that my ancestors built this country, it’s kind of like, the Irish were treated badly in this country for a long time, with a lot of tacky Irish stereotypes, so to me, it’s kind of like a bragging right. — Sheamus

If you done it, it ain’t bragging. — Unknown

That’s why fame freaks me out in a lot of ways – because how genuine of a connection can you have when you’re a commodity, and a conversation with you means bragging rights? That’s terrifying to me. — Mary Lambert

I’ve earned some decent money, and bragging rights, and boxed on a Floyd Mayweather undercard in Vegas… but it’s a fraction of what I set out to do. — George Groves

The first time I used ‘Viva La Stool,’ I was just bragging about something. People grabbed it, and it went viral organically. — Dave Portnoy

Conceit is bragging about yourself. Confidence means you believe you can get the job done. — Johnny Unitas

Not that I’m bragging or anything, because I was shocked, but I literally got hundreds of emails from people during my time on ‘Project Runway’ asking me out on dates. I had no idea that people would even care. — Chris March

I never laugh or smile when I am writing. When I come home for lunch after writing all morning, my wife says I look like I just came home from a funeral. This is not bragging. This is an illness. — Carl Hiaasen

I’m not bragging but my movies have grossed well over a billion dollars. — Steve Guttenberg

Social media is a superimposing place where people are usually bragging. — Brandon Stanton

I mean, if you’re proud of what you’ve done when you’ve served in the military, well then we call that bragging. And if you are unhappy about what happened, we call that complaining. And so what are you going to do? — Karl Marlantes

Braggarts are insecure and need attention, and bragging often has the opposite effect on most people when you’re trying to gain their respect and increase your influence. — Mark Goulston

One of the ways a landfill engineer anywhere in the world earns bragging rights is if he can pour himself a glass of the leachate from his landfill and drink it. — Jeanne Marie Laskas

Honesty is about the scars. It’s about the blemishes. But it’s more than just bragging about failure, which could be a form of ego. It’s about truly helping people. — James Altucher

I remember rap music. We used to party and dance off of it. Today it’s all about a whole different angle… Rappers are going against each other, and it’s more of a bragging, boasting thing. — Flavor Flav

I am not bragging – it may sound like it – but there was nobody in this business that had the aggression and had the body that I had – nobody! — Paul Orndorff

My interest is in completing an image that is spectacular beyond belief. My fidelity is to the image and the art and not to the bragging rights of making every stroke on every flower. I’m realistic. — Kehinde Wiley

I was born in North Carolina but moved to a suburb just outside of Philadelphia when I was 5, so mostly grew up there. I decided I wanted to become an actor when I was 8 years old. I literally heard a friend on the playground bragging about how he was taking acting classes and thought, ‘Oh! That’s what I’m supposed to be doing!’ — Sarah Steele

Of course voting is useful. But then again, I don’t put a big glow to it. Voting is about as essential as washing yourself. It’s something you’re supposed to do. Now, you can’t go around bragging, expecting to get props because you voted. That’s stupid. — Chuck D

If you have to design something, choose things that we need as opposed to frivolous things that we might just want for a month or two for bragging rights. — Saul Griffith

The rivalry is huge between South Carolina and Clemson. It’s major bragging rights; one of the most intense things I’ve been a part of. — William Perry

I would say things like ‘I am the greatest! I’m pretty! If you talk jive, you’ll drop in five! I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! I’m pretty!’ When white people heard me talking like this, some said, ‘That black man talks too much. He’s bragging.’ — Muhammad Ali

It ain’t bragging if you can do it. — Dizzy Dean

Many of my memories of my mum are of her in the bath with a book, utilising her limited spare time by simultaneously washing and studying. She left school with no qualifications and now has a PhD. If I seem like I am bragging about this, I am. — Sara Pascoe

I won F4, and I won F3 – F3 by, I believe, the biggest margin in history and as one of the youngest drivers in history. I’m just pointing out facts. I’m not bragging or anything. — Lance Stroll

I’m always bragging, always laughing with my Spain team-mates at Barcelona, saying I’ll take 30 per cent possession and two goals – a win is a win. It’s football. — Toni Duggan

The way ‘The Icarus Girl’ came about was by me just basically bragging it with a literary agent and telling him I’d written 150 pages when I’d only written 20. And I think it was when the agent e-mailed me back right the very next day after sending him the 20 pages and asking to see the other 130. — Helen Oyeyemi

I want each and every West Virginian to have bragging rights. I want to stop playing defense and start playing offense. So, together, let us grab the reins of history. — Joe Manchin

Without bragging, I’ve been blessed to have five of the greatest statistical years for a running back. — Shaun Alexander

Stop bragging about your lack of sweat and effort in achieving your goals. Start bragging about how hard you work, how patient you’ve become. — Karen Salmansohn

One thing I have learned in my painful career as a gambler is that bragging when you get lucky and win a few games will plunge you into gloom and unacceptable beatings very soon. It happens every time. — Hunter S. Thompson

I’ve been bragging for over 25 years that my first New York Times bestseller was a book I copied from the U.S. Government Printing Office! — Matthew Lesko

Freedom isn’t free. It shouldn’t be a bragging point that ‘Oh, I don’t get involved in politics,’ as if that makes someone cleaner. No, that makes you derelict of duty in a republic. Liars and panderers in government would have a much harder time of it if so many people didn’t insist on their right to remain ignorant and blindly agreeable. — Bill Maher

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