Coming far in life,  I am grateful for so many opportunities I have had –  it feels natural to live admist any hurdle,  because I understand my strength and weakness.  

Is important that as we live each day,  we also learn how to breathe even more as different situations arises. We have  to be tough when necessary and loving all the time .

In my journey as a volunteer,  I can firmly say that every situation can be solved with the Mind, before sharing the task (methodology) with the rest of the body . The very power to kill or create something  lies within us and knowing this is paramount to living a purposeful life rather than existing and deformed (lacking information ) .

Knowing my strength and weakness , I transcended from the boy with no dreams to someone’s hero, mentor and teacher. I live to care for other children who lack love and attention, thereby are constantly  abused. I saw what I want in life by putting smile on people’s faces without necessarily giving them money nor gift – but my listening ear was enough for them.

My hug in times of sorrow gave them strength for a new day and giving them hope inspired obligation and responsibility for their own life and future – in doing all this I knew I was built for more than what I use to be .

So get up and find your foundational structure that cannot be moved , your essence of breathing and conquering the world for a better generation .



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  1. Andrew

    Beautiful post it does truly highlight the key to our own happiness is with how we chose to live to do help a fellow human being is what brings true happiness