45+ Best Brother In Law Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Brother in law is the husband of your sister or brother, or the brother of your husband or wife, or the man who is married to the sister or brother of your wife or husband. Profoundly inspirational brother in law quotes will fire up your brain and encourage you to look at life differently while making you laugh.

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Famous Brother In Law Quotes

Most people are motivated by the economy. And if you’ve lost your job, lost your mortgage, lost your 401(k), you’re angry. And if your brother-in-law has lost one of those you’re angry still. And when you’re angry you take it out on people who are in office. Which is natural. — Ed Rendell

Nothing drew me to the film business. I was propelled by the fear and anxiety of Vietnam. I had been drafted into the Marines. My brother was already serving in Vietnam. I bought, if you will, a stay of execution – both literally and figuratively – and went on to graduate school of business from the law school that I was attending. — Peter Guber

I grew up in a neighborhood that was heavily policed. I witnessed my brothers and my siblings continuously stopped and frisked by law enforcement. I remember my home being raided. And one of my questions as a child was, why? Why us? Black Lives Matter offers answers to the why. — Patrisse Cullors

As the brother of a retired law enforcement officer, I know firsthand that our men and women in uniform perform their duties in the face of tremendous threats and significant personal risk. They put their lives on the line every day, and they often have to make split-second decisions. — Eric Holder

My brother-in-law was a Tottenham fan. He introduced me to football and brought me to Tottenham. At the time I just wanted to play football so I would go anywhere to play. — Reiss Nelson

My children have no prejudices at all. My own brother-in-law is Jewish! — Dorothy Kilgallen

The best thing about working with Tahira bhabhi is her positivity and clarity about what she wants from you as an artist, an actor, and even as a brother-in-law. I think she is very clear about life, and that’s what I love about her. — Aparshakti Khurana

My fiancee’s brother-in-law was recently paralysed in an accident and it really brought home the fact that thousands of young people live with spinal injuries. It’s an issue I wish had more coverage. — Gary Lineker

Maggie is my sister-in-law, married to my brother David. She is a defense attorney who devotes 25 percent of her practice to pro bono wrongful-incarceration cases. — Lisa Lutz

From an early age, I knew I would become a scientist. It may have been my brother Sam’s doing. He interested me in the laws of falling bodies when I was ten and helped my father equip a basement chemistry lab for me when I was fifteen. I became skilled in the synthesis of selenium halides. — Sheldon Lee Glashow

It’s a bit startling to achieve global recognition before the age of 30 on account of your sister, your brother-in-law and your bottom. One day I might be able to make sense of this. In the meantime I think it’s fair to say that it has its upside and its downside. — Pippa Middleton

Being a son, brother, uncle and brother-in-law is all I care about. — Chris Burke

There were so many things I couldn’t do when my brother-in-law was president. — Lee Radziwill

I was in fashion school, my brother has a law background, and my sister-in-law had worked in production, but none of us had a proper fashion business education. — Alexander Wang

I’m excited to join my brother-in-law Ken Thomson every Tuesday night on SiriusXM to recap all of the awesome NFL action, and to find out what in the Wylde world of sports is going on. — Zakk Wylde

I want to be the white man’s brother, not his brother-in-law. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

We do not want the men of another color for our brothers-in-law, but we do want them for our brothers. — Booker T. Washington

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I’ve said before, the number one thing that we have to work on is protecting the gay community from sharia law. Now, in the United States, it’s probably not a big issue right now, but my brother-in-law is gay, and his partner and I would like them to be able to travel any place in the world without them risking harm. — Foster Friess

My brother was a radio jockey while I was studying law. I have assisted a lawyer at the High Court. But I decided to give it up. I cleared auditions for radio jockey in the first go, and within a week, I was on air. — Aparshakti Khurana

The only siblings I have are half-siblings. My nuclear family would have been an extra-suffocating threesome. Instead, I have an interesting brother and sister, in-laws, and darling nephews. — Jane Smiley

I didn’t see a woman drive until I visited my sister and brother-in-law in Tempe, Ariz., in 1976. — Jamal Khashoggi

I ‘climbed’ Sandia Peak outside Albuquerque. Which is really piddling as far as mountains go. It’s a mere 9,000 feet and some change, and what I went up was a path on one of the gentler slopes. It’s about seven miles to the summit, and I walked it with my husband, son, and brother-in-law. For me that was a tremendous accomplishment. — Sandra Brown

RZA’s my brotha for life. That’s my brother-in-law. — Ghostface Killah

Kids are the ultimate trump card: a way to get out of co-op board meetings or lunch with a friend you don’t want to see or your brother-in-law’s set at a comedy club. It’s fair to use your kids as an excuse to sidestep what you don’t want to do; it’s less fair to blame them for not being able to achieve what you do want to do. — Rumaan Alam

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My brother-in-law skipped work to get me to training. Our family get us through. We’d get the train, a bus and sometimes even walk to training. — Reiss Nelson

I like Barack Obama as a person. He’s articulate, he knows sports, his brother-in-law’s a coach. He always has the athletes to the White House. But I don’t know about some of his policies and some of these people in Congress. — Pete Rose

In 1995, we had evidence of the brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden being in the Philippines, living in the Philippines. We had evidence of front organizations set up in the Philippines. And we uncovered evidence about, which would help the U.S. with – about the perpetuators of the World Trade Center bombing. — Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

We’re a Muslim family, but we’re also very cultured and we have a mixture of different religions. For example, my brother-in-law is Catholic, and my sister converted and my nephews are baptized. I have an uncle who just graduated and currently he’s a priest. — Rima Fakih

I didn’t want to be the archetypal sponging brother-in-law, so I didn’t go into acting when I got to the States. I thought, ‘No, I’ll go to school and then I’ll be an English teacher; that’ll be fun.’ But I was horrible as a teacher. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t inspire those kids to take an interest in Milton and Shakespeare and Donne. — John Mahoney

A 527 doesn’t have a wife. It doesn’t have a brother-in-law who knows a lot about politics, or a union president who calls and doesn’t like the color of the suit, or bimbo eruptions. It’s the perfect candidate, because it has no personal characteristics. — Roger Stone


My father’s a firefighter. He was my whole life. And my brother-in-law and several family members are firefighters. — Brad Paisley

My brother-in-law, Chuck, whom I have known since we were teenagers, is a disabled veteran who was wounded while fighting with the marines in Vietnam. I’ve been around to observe how the war affected his life and the problems that veterans have, and I knew for a long time that I wanted to write a song about Vietnam. — Dennis DeYoung

I have a brother-in-law who lives in Spain. — Michael Gove

Your relationship with your sister-in-law is hingeing on your brother’s – or your sister-in-law’s – ability to keep that relationship together. — Justin Hartley

In the ‘Garnethill’ trilogy, people always forget that Maureen O’Donnell’s dad was a journalist and she did art history at uni and her brother did law, but no-one ever thinks they’re middle-class – they’re just working class because they speak with accents. — Denise Mina

My God, it’s laundry and family when I come back home. I’ve got to see my brother and kids, and my sister-in-law, my aunts, my uncles, cousins; everybody is here. — Jessie Reyez

I spent two years in the Army. And my older brother, who was also a great positive influence on me, encouraged me to think about law school, and I said – well, I didn’t have any money. — George J. Mitchell

My other brother-in-law died. He was a karate expert, then joined the army. The first time he saluted, he killed himself. — Henny Youngman

By the law of Christ, every man is bound to love his neighbour as himself; but every servant is a neighbour of every civil lord; therefore every civil lord must love any of his servants as himself; but by natural instinct, every lord abhors slavery; therefore, by the law of charity, he is bound not to impose slavery on any brother in Christ. — John Wycliffe

I feel blessed that I haven’t seen or felt real pain to be immune to it. But I am dreading the time it comes. I feel blessed to have everything going fine. My parents’ health is good, my brothers are well-settled, I have a great brother-in-law and my own career is doing fine. I hope and pray that I am fit and fine always. — Salman Khan

He’s my father married to my sister. That makes me his son and his brother-in-law. That is such a moral transgression… I cannot see him. I cannot have a relationship with my father and be morally consistent. I lived with all these adopted children, so they are my family. To say Soon-Yi was not my sister is an insult to all adopted children. — Ronan Farrow

You know, my Grandpop Finnegan used to have an expression: he used to say, ‘Joey, the guy in Olyphant’s out of work, it’s an economic slowdown. When your brother-in-law’s out of work, it’s a recession. When you’re out of work, it’s a depression.’ — Joe Biden

And not only my own brothers and sisters agreed so but my brothers and sisters in law; and their children, although but young, had the like agreeable natures and affectionate dispositions. — Margaret Cavendish

When my brother-in-law, BIll Clinton, was elected, he had gay friends. That was a coming out. — Kate Clinton

Patrick Wilson is my brother-in-law – we married sisters. — Scott Foley