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Famous Brown Eyes Quotes

I look into your great brown eyes, where love and loyal homage shine, and wonder where the difference lies between your soul and mine!. — J. G. Holland

I have no dog, but it must be Somewhere there’s one belongs to me– A little chap with wagging tail, And dark brown eyes that never quail, But look you through, and through, and through, With love unspeakable and true. — John Kendrick Bangs

Unless you stop him. Perhaps next we meet. You’ll be just as annoying? I guessed. He fixed my with those warm brown eyes. Or perhaps you could bring me up to speed on those modern courtship rituals. I sat there stunned until he gave me a glimpse of a smile-just enough to let me know he was teasing. Then he disappeared. Oh, very funny! I yelled. — Rick Riordan

Whenever he looks at me with those big brown eyes, I feel like giving him a nut,” she said. She even started calling the squirrels running around in the park Mr. Whitmans. — Kerstin Gier

I need you, he said to her, this woman who’d fought for her own right to live her life free of limits, to build me some remote detonation devices. Amazing brown eyes shot with blue peering into his as she pressed her nose to his. You always say the most romantic things. — Nalini Singh

I’m not prepared for Rue’s family. Her parents, whose faces are still fresh with sorrow. Her fiver younger siblings, who resemble her so closely. The slight builds, the luminous brown eyes. They form a flock of small dark birds. — Suzanne Collins

I’m sure I’ll find some use for the dress before summer.Kavill nodded, and closed his thick ledger. Do let me know if it causes anyone to faint-or start a riot.She laughed under her breath, and turned to go, stuffing her hands into her pockets and praying her fingers didn’t fall off on the way home.Here, Kavill said, and she turned to find a pair of exquisite dove-gray suede gloves in his hands. On the house. For many years of loyal patronage. His face bore its usual mask of polite calm and courtesy, but his brown eyes were bright. And a gift-for a year spent without any gloves at all. — Sarah J. Maas

She made me a stranger unto myself, she was all of those calm nights and tall eucalyptus trees, the desert stars, that land and sky, that fog outside, and I had come there with no purpose save to be a mere writer, to get money, to make a name for myself and all that piffle. She was so much finer than I, so much more honest, that I was sick of myself and I could not look at her warm eyes, I suppressed the shiver brought on by her brown arms around my neck and the long fingers in my hair. I did not kiss her. She kissed me, author of The Little Dog Laughed. — John Fante

Elephants, it turns out, are surprisingly stealthy. As the sunlight fades, other species declare their presence. Throngs of zebras and wildebeests thunder by in the distance, trailing dust clouds. Cape buffalo snort and raise their horns and position themselves in front of their young. Giraffes stare over treetops, their huge brown eyes blinking, then lope away in seeming slow motion. But no elephants. — Thomas French

A smile couldn’t be brought into court as evidence. You couldn’t arrest a man because he had trembled. Brown eyes had stolen a peep at gray eyes, so what? The tone of a voice was something that died with a word. — Vera Caspary

The girls cannot contain their joy. They must start rehearsing immediately. They teach Saluni a new song that they have composed at the swamps. It is about croaking frogs in their green and brown colours and how the girls caught them and pierced their eyes with sharp sticks and set them free to hop about in wonderful blindness. It is a haunting melody. They tell Saluni that the song is all about the fun they had at the swamps today. The blinded frogs will live peacefully because now they won’t be bothered by the bright rays of the sun. They won’t have to run from danger, because they won’t see it. They will therefore be safe since danger only catches those who run away from it. — Zakes Mda

A whole big, giant world full of men. Men with blue eyes. Brown eyes. Green eyes. And indescribable shades in between. Tall men. Short men. Skinny men. Built men. And all combinations thereof. Nice men (so I’ve heard, but never really seen). Mean men. Decent men, indecent. And who knows which is the best kind to have, to hold, to love? I’d say, with so many men in the world, it would pay to sample a few. Scratch that. More than a few. Lots and lots. And then a few more. And maybe, after years of research, you might find one worth not throwing back. But hey, the fun is in the fishing. — Ellen Hopkins

I realized that anyone who dared to hurt me would suffer his full wrath, and Walt wasn’t going to hold him back. — Rick Riordan

And there I was, pretty as heck, brown eyes, a few freckles, fashion challenged, and a bad attitude. Max II. — James Patterson

He was tall and trim, with the build of a young man proficient in warfare. His dark hair was straight and styled in a manner suggesting a desire for order in all things. As she strode onto the dais, she looked up at him, refusing to balk, even in the face of her king. His thick eyebrows raised a fraction. They framed eyes so pale a shade of brown they appeared amber in certain flashes of light, like those of a tiger. His profile was an artist’s study in angles, and he remained motionless as he returned her watchful scrutiny. — Renee Ahdieh

Maybe careers aren’t something you can really plan for. They just sort of happen, like brown eyes or flat feet. I took one of those career aptitude tests last year, and it showed that I should be a flight attendant or a seamstress. Not a fashion designer or anything, mind you, but a sweatshop worker. Apparently stewardesses and sweatshop workers and I enjoy a lot of the same interests and activities. — Susan Juby

On the plus side, if he ever had to fight through a roomful of adolescent girls, he only needed to blink (his velvet brown eyes framed in embarassingly long lashes) a few times, and they would all faint. — Ilona Andrews

In the Duat, Anubis looked as he always had, with his tousled dark hair and lovely brown eyes, but I’d never seen him filled with such rage. I realized that anyone who dared to hurt me would suffer his full wrath, and Walt wasn’t going to hold him back. — Rick Riordan

Noah’s fingers lightly touched the long thick ridge below my left shoulder blade. His voice pitched low. “I’m sorry, baby.”
“No one else knows, Noah. Not even Lila.”
He kissed my back as he slid his hand over the scars on my arm. “You ‘re beautiful”, he whispered against my skin. Noah lifted my arm and kept eye contact as his mouth trailed kisses along the scars. Pure hunger darkened those chocolate-brown eyes. “Kiss me. — Katie McGarry

Pretty Brown Eyes Captions For Instagram

Brown eyes are never quiet.

Pretty brown eyes and a mind full of thoughts.

Brown eyes shout what the lips are afraid to say.

There are brown eyes in the world, after all, as well as blue, and one pair of brown that meant heaven to me as the blue had never done. E. Nesbit

Brown eyes don’t need to ask for attention.

In the misty morning fog with our hearts a-thumping, And you, my brown-eyed girl. Van Morrison

Don’t it make my brown eyes blue? Crystal Gayle

And when he looks at me, his brown eyes tell his soul. Destiny’s Child

And a rovin’ a rovin’ a rovin’ I’ll go, For a pair of brown eyes. The Pogues

You can fall in brown eyes and be lost forever.

When you look at me with those brown eyes, What do you want to do? Fleetwood Mac

Deep Brown Eyes Quotes

I just found out that people with brown eyes actually have blue eyes or blue-grey eyes underneath! The brown is just a layer that covers the real colour underneath. And brown is the only colour eye that is multilayered like that. So in other words, people with brown eyes are layered individuals with deep souls; pull away the top layer and you’ll find an ocean underneath! — C. JoyBell C.

If envy is red and doubt is black then happiness is brown. I looked from the little brown stone to the tiny brown freckle to her huge brown eyes. — Annabel Pitcher

She said to the Daisy girl with her big brown eyes: ‘I will not have it plain. No. Fancy. It must be fancy!’ She meant her future. A moon-daisy dropped to the floor, down from her hair, like a faintly derisive sign from heaven. — Angela Carter

I like green or brown eyes. Tall but not overwhelmingly so. I like men who do yoga and meditate. — Kristin Davis

That memory made a lump form in my throat as I remembered his face, serious and gorgeous, those brown eyes intense and passionate as he spoke up for me and convinced the others of my value. — Richelle Mead

I would be curious about one of those Jane Austen women – you know – long-suffering, dutiful – but all right in the end – a plump 19th century type, five foot four, ringlets, brown eyes, long fingers. — Peter Greenaway

Of all natural forces, vitality is the incommunicable one. . . . Vitality never takes. You have it or you haven’t it, like health or brown eyes or a baritone voice. — F. Scott Fitzgerald

Taking her hand in his, he looked at her with those warm brown eyes. “What do you need from me?” he asked quietly. “I have no idea.” She let out a breath and dropped her forehead to his chest. “Whatever you’ve got.” He gathered her into his strong arms. “Everything,” he said, and brushed his mouth along her temple. “You’ve got everything I’ve got and everything I am. — Jill Shalvis

I would be curious about one of those Jane Austen women you know long-suffering, dutiful but all right in the end a plump 19th century type, five foot four, ringlets, brown eyes, long fingers. — Peter Greenaway

You’re nice to me because you think I’m pretty?” “And because you have brown eyes. I’m a sucker for big old brown eyes. — J. Lynn

Making love in the green grass behind the stadium with you my brown eyed girl. — Van Morrison

People liked to eat veal until they saw pictures of these darling little animals with brown eyes. Veal calves been raised the same way for centuries. — Julia Child

Alec rolled beautiful brown eyes. No fair playing the death card. No fair having it to play. — Rachel Vincent

Fuck, he’d looked good. Really good. All golden-boy California hotness, big and blond and sexy as fuck. With those soulful brown eyes – surprising on a blond guy. It’s an understated sexiness, though. Jamie Canning never flaunted his looks in all the time I’d known him. Sometimes I think he’s not even aware of how goddamn attractive he is. — Sarina Bowen

I screamed. I screamed and I ran. I am still screaming and running from this, only on the inside now. — Joseph Fink

Mild brown eyes beckon me to the past, but memory provides no clue. — Mason Cooley

On a cold, fretful afternoon in early October, 1872, a hansom cab drew up outside the offices of Lockhart and Selby, Shipping Agents, in the financial heart of London, and a young girl got out and paid the driver. She was a person of sixteen or so–alone, and uncommonly pretty. She was slender and pale, and dressed in mourning, with a black bonnet under which she tucked back a straying twist of blond hair that the wind had teased loose. She had unusually dark brown eyes for one so fair. Her name was Sally Lockhart; and within fifteen minutes, she was going to kill a man. — Philip Pullman

Staring into the mirror, I was surprised to see a haunted look in my brown eyes. There was pain there, pain and loss that even the nicest dress and makeup couldn’t hide. — Richelle Mead

I grazed her from head to toe: black high heels, dark red lipstick, sleek brown pony and those tyrannical yellow-green eyes, burning holes into the glass. I was sharing an elevator with a tempestuous, electric storm that I refused to calm. I always wished to be swept into madness, if only for a moment, to truncate the mundane, ordinary moments of my existence. — Krista Ritchie

A blue eye is a true eye; Mysterious is a dark one, Which flashes like a spark sun! A black eye is the best one. — William Rounseville Alger

There’s something strange about you- she started to say. Oh, well, thanks! he chuckled, his brown eyes twinkling at her. — Regina Doman

He was tall, one of the tallest men she had ever seen. Dressed in jeans, boots and a cotton shirt. Thick black hair grew rakishly long, falling over the collar of his shirt. Intense brown eyes, almost the color of amber, surveyed the diner slowly before coming back to her. Electricity sizzled in the air then, as though invisible currents connected them, forcing her to recognize him on a primitive level. Not that she wouldn’t take notice anyway. He was power, strength, and so incredibly male that her breath caught at the sight of him. — Lora Leigh

Maybe careers aren’t something you can really plan for. They just sort of happen, like brown eyes or flat feet. I took one of those career aptitude tests last year, and it showed that I should be a flight attendant or a seamstress. Not a fashion designer or anything, mind you, but a sweatshop worker. Apparently stewardesses and sweatshop workers and I enjoy a lot of the same interests and activities. — Susan Juby

I look deep into her rich brown eyes and she look into mine. Law, she got old-soul eyes, like she done lived a thousand years. And I swear I see, down inside, the woman she gone grow up to be. She is tall and straight. She is proud. She got a better haircut. And she is remembering the words I put in her head. Remembering as a full-grown woman. — Kathryn Stockett

The long lids of her eyes closed halfway, like a basking cat’s, but the smile remained on that wide, soft mouth – those lips that hurt, then healed. The light glowed in her skin, bronzed the tiny brown mole beneath her right ear. He could have watched her forever, but the match was burning low. Just before the flame touched his fingers, she leaned forward and blew it out. And in the smoke-wisped dark, whispered in his ear, “The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. So there. — Diana Gabaldon

Payton grinned. “You must be Chase.” As she extended her hand in introduction, she took the opportunity to give him a more thorough once-over. He had dark wavy hair and warm brown eyes. Very Pat-rick Dempsey/McDreamy-esque. Good build, not terribly tall, maybe only five-ten-ish, but since Payton measured in at exactly five-three and one-third inch, she could work with this — Julie James

This week my son thinks he’s the Supremes.All of them. So we can scratch straightoff the list. At least I hope we can. As a gay kid he’ll be a natural leader. Put him in a macho bullshit environment and he’s going to have a hard time. I don’t want that to happen. (Let’s also not forget Wei’s immortal words to him nine minutes after he was born, when she first stared into those big brown eyes: Oh, honey. Promose me you’ll grow up to like boys. Because I don’t want any other woman in your life except me.) — Steve Kluger

Like a battalion of marines at roll call, her neck hairs marshaled to five-alarm status. She stumbled back to her desk, jerked open the botton drawer, retrieved a pair of Nighthawk binoculars, fixed the scopes on him, and fiddled with the focus. Gotcha. Hair the colour of coal. Chocolate brown eyes. A five-o’clock shadow ringing his craggy jawline. Handsome as the day was long… He sauntered towards her, oozing charisma from every pore. Charlee forgot to breathe. And then he committed the gravest sin of all, knocking her world helter-skelter. The scoundrel smiled. — Lori Wilde

So we’re going to keep getting mega-hits like this? Tomas’s dark brown eyes sparkled as they landed on Sienna’s down-bent head. Not that I don’t appreciate it, sugar, but it did make me ‘hyper,’ according to my mother. — Nalini Singh

God, she was one big nerve ending, that girl, and those big brown eyes got just a little wider when she was close. And those bruises. And how she begged for them. I knew she was special the night I met her, I just didn’t know how special. — C.D. Reiss

Once I thought I saw you in a crowded hazy bar, Dancing on the light from star to star. Far across the moonbeam I know that’s who you are, I saw your brown eyes turning once to fire. I am just a dreamer, but you are just a dream, You could have been anyone to me. Before that moment you touched my lips That perfect feeling when time just slips Away between us on our foggy trip. — Neil Young

He was the tallest, thinnest, weariest boy I had ever seen in my life. He was brilliant. He had gorgeous brown eyes, and he had only two suits. He was completely unhappy, and I didn’t know why. — J. D. Salinger

You don’t know me at all. You don’t know the first thing about me. You don’t know where I’m writing this from. You don’t know what I look like. You have no power over me. What do you think I look like? Skinny? Freckles? Wire-rimmed glasses over brown eyes? No, I don’t think so. Better look again. Deeper. It’s like a kaleidoscope, isn’t it? One minute I’m short, the next minute tall, one minute I’m geeky, one minute studly, my shape constantly changes, and the only thing that stays constant is my brown eyes. Watching you. — David Klass

When my mama was twenty-five she already had an old woman’s hands, and I feared them. I did not know then what it was that scared me so. I’ve come to understand since that it was the thought of her growing old, of her dying and leaving me alone. I feared those brown spots, those wrinkles and cracks that lined her wrists, ankles, and the soft shadowed sides of her eyes. — Dorothy Allison

I’m a big believer in first impressions, he finally said. Tell me what your first thought was when Jason walked into the courtroom. Taylor took a sip of her drink and grinned. This one was easy. I vowed to hate him forever. Jeremy’s brown eyes twinkled at this. That’s exactly what I said nineteen years ago, five minutes after he first walked into our dorm room. — Julie James

I’ve learned to love my brown eyes. — Tinashe

I wanted so badly to be straight like my friends. But I couldn’t change it any more than I could change having brown eyes. And I knew I would never fit into what kids thought was normal. — Cat Cora

Tyson looked him over with that massive baby-brown eye. “You are not dead. I like it when you are not dead.” Ella fluttered to the ground and began preening her feathers. “Ella found a dog,” she announced. “A large dog. And a Cyclops.” Was she blushing? Before Percy could decide, his black mastiff pounced on him, knocking Percy to the ground and barking so loudly that even Arion backed up. “Hey, Mrs. O’Leary,” Percy said. “Yeah, I love you, too, girl. Good dog.” Hazel squeaked. “You have a hellhound named Mrs. O’Leary?” “Long story. — Rick Riordan

Allie’s eyes followed him as he walked away. He filled out those jeans really well and she could imagine what that tight butt would look like with nothing on it at all. Good lord, she had to get a grip. — Carolyn Brown

Im married to a white man, and then my daughter came out looking like the whitest white child with blonde hair and blue eyes. And Im like, Omigosh, now what am I going to do? She has my moms features and is lighter than my husband. And my boy is browner than I am. Brown eyes and really tan. — Karyn Parsons

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