127+ Best Burger Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Burger is meat or other food made into a round, fairly flat shape, fried and usually eaten between two halves of a bread roll. Profoundly inspirational burger quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

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Famous Burger Quotes

I eat healthy when I can; I eat a burger when I want, and I work out. You have to live with the routine that keeps your body the healthiest, and that’s what I do – I don’t change it for a swimsuit shoot. You have to figure out what works with your body the best. — Gigi Hadid

I was the all-American face. You name it, honey – American Dairy Milk, Metropolitan Life insurance, McDonald’s, Burger King. The Face That Didn’t Matter – that’s what I called my face. — Debra Winger

I’m a big hiker, and I like boxing. I mean, I love a good burger, but I keep things in moderation. — Guy Fieri

I love the smell of Burger King when I ride past, but sometimes I have to avoid it. — LaMarr Woodley

I’m a chicken and fish guy, but I throw a burger in once, maybe twice a week. — Jason Winston George

If we put a vinaigrette together, every part of it is weighed. For the burger, we do a bit of arugula, olive oil – everything is weighed. To the gram. — Jean-Georges Vongerichten

I’m disappointed in Burger King’s decision to renounce their American citizenship. I call on companies currently mulling this tax dodge to reconsider and on Congress to protect U.S. taxpayers from more of these schemes. — Dick Durbin

A burger is a black dress; a kebab is a Met Gala gown. — Samin Nosrat

I don’t think the Whataburger would dunk on the In-N-Out Burger, but I never really liked Whataburger or all the other burgers. McDonald’s is decent, I guess, but no, the In-N-Out Burger kills them all. — Dirk Nowitzki

You don’t really have to say much when your headline is ‘Drag Queen Robs Burger King.’ Sometimes comedy writes itself. — Willie Geist

My go-to is always Chipotle when I can’t find anything, but if I have the time in the evening or something like that after a show, I’ll go find a local spot for a nice craft beer and a good burger or something like that. — Seth Rollins

The best food is in Chicago. There are great restaurants everywhere, from fancy places to burger joints. — Steve Carell

My standard Nando’s order is a chicken breast burger served ‘medium,’ which is still fairly spicy. — John Lanchester

But once in a while you might see me at In and Out Burger; they make the best fast food hamburgers around. — Thomas Keller

In my 20s, I mostly ate burritos and nachos, with the occasional burger. — Neil Patrick Harris

If you’re the cashier at Burger King, of course you make less than the manager or even the CEO. The issue is whether you’re stuck being a cashier for the rest of your life. — Marco Rubio

You can’t record an album called ‘Meat Is Murder’ and slip out for a burger. — Andy Rourke

At the base level, a burger is a piece of meat and a bun with something on it. It’s simple but it seems to make a lot of people happy. — Danny Meyer

Food is a huge passion of mine, and because I want to eat whatever I want, I run every morning, and then I do weights a few times a week. It’s just how I can balance eating pancakes in the morning, a big burger for lunch, and then a fat steak and cheesecake at night. — Matt Barr

Beauty and the Beast seemed like it all was really brown. The whole thing was just so brown and orange and yellow, like Burger King or something. I don’t think I would have liked Beauty and the Beast at any age. — Mike Judge

I like a good burger as much as the next girl, but sometimes, I say hold the beef. In fact, every week, I do Meatless Monday to feel a little healthier. — Katie Lee

In-N-Out Burger has a well-known and long standing reputation as a corporation that is operated with a Christian message and philosophy. — Lynsi Torres

The fact is: America’s obsession with meat and dairy has pretty much destroyed our sense of taste. The average burger and milkshake meal is so overloaded with fat, salt and sugar that it has numbed our taste buds to virtually anything else. — Jane Velez-Mitchell

Burger King’s business model was broken. But it was like sex in the ’50s. Everyone knew it, but no one would talk about it. — Greg Brenneman

But here is the single greatest thing about the ‘Vanity Fair’ party: There are uniformed In-N-Out Burger employees circulating the room with trays of cheeseburgers all night long. — Diablo Cody

I love mayonnaise. Every birthday when I was a kid I’d go to Black Angus and just dip my burger in mayo. — Blake Anderson

I enjoy healthy foods but I’m not scared to have a cheat meal or cheat day, have a burger or whatever. — Jimi Manuwa

My biggest thing about being a role model is whatever I’m preaching, I’m practicing. If I’m telling people I’m boxing and then I’m eating a burger tonight, it’s because I am. I’m not cheating and eating a salad and then being like, ‘Yeah! Burgers are cool!’ — Gigi Hadid

We all need to make time for a burger once in a while. — Erica Durance

I started at Pillsbury as a manager in one of their analysis functions, then worked my way up the corporate ladder to become vice president. Moving to Burger King was an important moment in my career. — Herman Cain

I’m normally a burger and chips girl – such a cheap date. — Sheridan Smith

I love to exercise. I’m a big hiker, and I like boxing. I mean, I love a good burger, but I keep things in moderation. — Guy Fieri

Food rules. Little rivals the pleasure of tearing into a glistening burger. — Mary H.K. Choi

Paris, as always, is swarming with Americans, and these days, it’s also swarming with hamburgers. Oddly, though, it’s not typically the Americans who are pursuing the perfect burger on the perfect bun with the obligatory side of perfect coleslaw; the Americans are pursuing the perfect blanquette de veau. — Robert Gottlieb

Soon after I returned to private practice, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger called me one day. — Fred F. Fielding

If my brother and I wanted money in our pockets, we had to get jobs – my first was at 15, at Burger King. We had to come up with ways to create an income. — Queen Latifah

I’ve never been a Burger King person. I’m a total McDonald’s person. — Anderson Cooper

After a pay per view, I know there is TV the next day. But after Raw, I like to eat bad. I can have some pizza, French fries, a burger, live it up, a glass of wine – red, of course. — Sasha Banks

The progress we have made in a short amount of time gives me confidence we’re making the right moves to turn around our business and reposition McDonald’s as a modern, progressive burger company. — Steve Easterbrook

History is the heavy traffic that prevents us from crossing the road. We wait, more or less patiently, for it to pause, so that we can get to the liquor store or the laundromat or the burger bar. — Mal Peet

Both labels are super awesome, with super awesome people who want to get stuff done. The biggest difference is that Sub Pop is already established, but working with Burger seems like we’re part of something. They’re growing, and I’m growing with them. They’re my friends, and we’re doing it together. — King Tuff

I always say, ‘Eat clean to stay fit; have a burger to stay sane.’ — Gigi Hadid

I joined 3G when I was 24, but I didn’t really have much of a management role there. I became C.F.O. when we acquired Burger King, so that was my first time managing people. I had just turned 30. — Daniel Schwartz

I love mayonnaise, but mustard is a must when you’re doing the Impossible Burger. — E-40

I eat at In-N-Out Burger every chance I get. — Robin Wright

In a time where the world is becoming personalized, when the mobile phone, the burger, everything has its own personal identity, how should we perceive ourselves and how should we perceive others? — Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani

I’m grateful for my health, glad I’m making people laugh, glad my wife still likes me after a lotta years, grateful my daughter is growing, glad I don’t take myself too seriously, glad L.A. has Astro Burger, grateful to be coming home to Harlem soon. It’s a gratitude list. It works. — David Alan Basche

I would rather be having a burger and beers with my mates but I can’t do that when I know I’ve got to dance. — Michael Flatley

I kind of work on an airplane. The Burger King brand headquarters is in Miami. The Tim’s headquarters and our head office is in Toronto. And we have international offices for the brands in Switzerland and Singapore, so I kind of bop back and forth around all the offices. And I try to spend most of my time visiting our restaurant owners. — Daniel Schwartz

One of the big things, especially if you’re eating out frequently, is either splitting an entree with someone or ordering a protein-heavy appetizer for an entree, like a salmon or steak tartar. If I’m dying for a burger, I’ll get the burger but have it with salad instead of fries and a glass of red wine instead of a beer. — Mary Helen Bowers

There was a Burger King in Hamilton, N.Y., where Colgate is, that had three sizes: Small, Medium, and Liter. I would go in there and order a large. And they’d say, ‘We don’t have large; we have liters.’ So they’d make us order liters of cola, which I found to be just anti-American. — Jay Chandrasekhar

I’m always down to try a new burger, but Shake Shack is still my top. What makes them so special is for the bread they use Martin’s potato rolls which is just the best hamburger buns ever. — Aziz Ansari

When I founded the first Hard Rock, no one was serving American food in London; McDonald’s wasn’t there, Burger King, etc. — Peter Morton

I give myself a cheat day where I annihilate my diet. I’m an all-American girl, so I go for a burger and fries and a shake. — Ashley Wagner

We don’t go to war to protect Pizza Hut or Burger King or some other things, some of the nonsense I’ve seen on our battlefields. — Michael T. Flynn

My last two years of high school, I think I went to Burger King every day for lunch. — Cameron Russell

The true cost to the world of a burger is far greater than the money you hand over to buy it. — Richard Branson

It’s just an American tradition to make sure people don’t leave hungry. The worst thing is to have them say, ‘Great dinner, but now I have to go get a burger.’ — Tom Douglas

I can never finish a burger, and even if it’s just a millimetre, I’ll leave it. I don’t know why I can’t finish it. I don’t know if it is physiological, but I just feel like I’m full halfway through it. — Sara Sampaio

I feel like we’ve already seen the burger truck, we’ve seen the lobster-roll truck. There’s even healthy-food trucks now. But a big-thick-pizza truck? Come on, man. That’d be amazing. — Ike Barinholtz

If only meat weren’t so delicious! Sure, meat may pave the way to a heart attack. Yes, factory farms torture animals. Indeed, producing a single hamburger patty requires more water than two weeks of showers. But for those of us who are weak-willed, there’s nothing like a juicy burger. — Nicholas Kristof

There are two different things: there’s grilling, and there’s barbecue. Grilling is when people say, ‘We’re going to turn up the heat, make it really hot and sear a steak, sear a burger, cook a chicken.’ Barbecue is going low and slow. — Guy Fieri

I’m an absolute connoisseur of cheeseburgers and like to think that I can detect even mere percentages of shift in fat content in ground meat in a burger and can actually name the temperature to which it was actually cooked to the degree if I’m, you know, really on my game. — Alton Brown

When I step into the kitchen in the morning, I go for the scrambled eggs with pine nuts and minced lamb. When I finish at night, it is hard to resist the burger. — Geoffrey Zakarian

I was young so when I had that job at Burger King, I was still in high school and I just needed to help out my mom. And help myself because I needed to buy some of my clothes. I did that for about three years and I had became a shift manager working at Burger King, doing my thing. I was young and excited to make my own money. — Big Freedia

I hate eating vegetables. The only vegetables I eat are lettuce on a burger. — Chance The Rapper

I’m good with a grill. I like to make cheeseburgers – I once read in a David Goodis crime novel that you’re only supposed to flip a burger once. — Noah Baumbach

My mom works in funerals, and my dad works at Burger King. — Kelly Marie Tran

If I ran a national burger franchise – which I don’t – I’d make it a rule that no two customers can be greeted with precisely the same words and that every third customer must be grossly insulted as a matter of course. Just to keep the atmosphere nice and lively. And to keep the staff laughing. — Charlie Brooker

I love cheese, and I love onions, pickles, and crunchy things. That’s as far as I go with having things crunchy on my burger. I wouldn’t go as far as having carrots on my burger. I’ll just keep it simple with pickles and cucumbers and some raw onions. — Ghostface Killah

I was once making a burger for myself at my boyfriend’s house and a lyric started pouring out and I had to catch it, so I ran to another room to write it down, but then the kitchen caught fire. His cabinets were charred, and he was furious. But it was worth it for a song. — Jill Scott

I have to say I love Dempsey’s Brew Pub & Restaurant. It’s gorgeous with that Camden Yard brick surrounding it, and it just screams Baltimore. I love the Black and Orange Burger that is topped with fresh orange bell peppers, caramelized onions and sharp cheddar cheese. — Johnathon Schaech

Pizza and burgers are really different. It depends on my mood. Right now, I could go for both. I don’t want to pick one. I don’t think it would be fair to the burger or to the pizza. — Sam Darnold

If you don’t like your job, then change it by getting some better skills. Until then, shut up and get my burger with a smile, like in the commercials. — Carlos Mencia

When I tour, it’s like, well, like a food tour as much as a comedy tour. I try to eat at all the weird places, the obscure barbecue joints, burger places. There are a few spots in L.A. that I’m obsessed with – one of them is the Taco Zone taco truck on Alvarado. There are secret off-menu items that are amazing. — Aziz Ansari

I like my shame straight up and honest, and nobody does it better than In-N-Out Burger. You go to In-N-Out Burger, and they ask you the most shameful question in fast food. ‘I’ll have a burger, fries and a Coke.’ ‘Will you be eating in the car?’ ‘Yeah. I think so.’ — Tom Segura

Everybody wants instant gratification for everything. It’s all got to be like fast food. You want a hamburger now, you get it now. Hey, even when McDonald’s started out, it took them a couple of minutes to make your burger and get it to you. Now, it’s all wham, bam. That’s tough enough on a burger. It’s impossible with a relationship. — Frankie Avalon

There are some people who are Burger King people, and there are some people who are McDonald’s people. — Anderson Cooper

Usually, turkey burger recipes result in something so lifeless and tasteless that drowning one in ketchup (that most perfect and delicious of condiments) doesn’t help much. Part of the problem is calling this food a ‘burger’ at all, because it’s never going to satisfy the way juicy, salty, medium-rare beef will. — Claire Saffitz

There’s nothing I want less than a piece of cheese or a burger. I have nightmares I’m being force-fed these things. I have no interest in converting anyone. It’s purely how I want to live my life. I don’t judge anyone. — Ginnifer Goodwin

The first year I lived in New York, I tried a different burger every week to find my favorite burger in New York. — Gigi Hadid

My first job was at a Burger King. — Chamath Palihapitiya

You find how you feel your best, whether you feel better when you’re eating gluten-free or whatever it is. I feel better when I eat a burger every other night. — Gigi Hadid

I go to the fanciest restaurants in the world and try them out. I like to see these chefs that are wizards do their thing. I like two types of food: cheap fast food – In-N-Out Burger, Taco Bell, stuff like that – or expensive food. Anything in between just bothers me. — Jim Jefferies

Don’t put the fast food in your body. Yeah, there are a couple days where you want some Burger King. That’s fine, but you can’t rely on that stuff. You have to eat healthy, get your carbs, get your rest. — Tristan Thompson

If I crave a burger, I’m like, ‘Straight to In-N-Out.’ — Karrueche Tran

My very first job was a cashier at Burger King in Tucson, Arizona. And I occasionally worked the drive-thru. I’d go wherever I was needed! My second job was at Dairy Queen. I stayed in the fast food royalty. — Kate Walsh

In the seventies when I was struggling, I ate the same thing every day at Big Nick’s Burger Joint on Broadway and 77th Street. A cottage-cheese omelette with tomatoes, French fries, rye toast, orange juice, and coffee. It was consistently the most satisfying meal I could possibly imagine. — Richard Belzer

Some companies out there make a great burger; Beyond Beef does a great job. But making a burger at home that feels soul-satisfying and fatty and protein-based while still being plant-based was a challenge. — Damaris Phillips

I always want to find the best burger in town. — Dennis Quaid

I still eat a burger at a counter with ketchup dripping down my face. — Scarlett Johansson

The fans who know us, and me in particular, know the type of people we are. I like the finer things. We’ve gone through our McDonald’s and Burger King phase. — David Draiman

In terms of foods for me, I think I have more of the usual associations – foods from childhood that I associate with care and love, from relatives or special restaurants like the kind elderly man who dusted seasoning salt on French fries at the corner burger joint. — Aimee Bender

Honestly, if I’m around people I like, I can do nothing and have a good time. But when I have downtime, I like to go get a burger. — Lucky Blue Smith

I’ve got this inflatable Darth Vader that I stole off the roof of a Burger King. I went in and asked the girl at the counter if I could have it, and she said she didn’t care, but she wasn’t going to get me a ladder or anything like that. So I just kind of pulled myself up there, cut it loose and took off. — Chad Gilbert

I’ve discovered the burger is a crazy thing in Vegas, but I was one of the early chefs to do a lot of burgers. — Daniel Boulud

Everyone likes a burger now and then, and that’s absolutely fine. — Steve Easterbrook

You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars. — Charles Kuralt

When I lived in Beijing in 1996, it was a horizontal city. If you wanted to go out for a burger, if you wanted to really treat yourself, you went to this place called the Jianguo Hotel. The architect had proudly described it as a perfect replica of a Holiday Inn that he had seen in Palo Alto, California. — Evan Osnos

When I was a kid, I was kind of obsessed with that movie ‘Dick Tracy.’ Burger King had all this ‘Dick Tracy’ stuff, and I collected all of it, and I had the posters, and I watched it on a loop. — Ryan Gosling

I’m going to go to work out, and I’m going to enjoy it, and I’m going to eat really healthy. But I’m going to go to Vegas, and I’m going to stop at In-N-Out Burger, and then I’ll be back on track. — Kate Hudson

I refuse to go into a fast-food outlet – to use the toilet even – in case anyone got the wrong idea and thought I was sneaking in a quick burger. — Jonny Wilkinson

I would love to eat a really great burger, but it doesn’t exist in our part of the world. — Rene Redzepi

I’ve learned that ‘love’ is used a lot in the States for everything: ‘I love that burger,’ ‘I love my shoes,’ ‘I love a friend.’ To me, if it’s overused, it loses meaning. — Juan Pablo Galavis

I never needed much, and I never thought I’d get more than what I had. A trip to Burger King was the biggest thing in the world to me. Heaven. — Dave Grohl

When I’m in need of a quick meal or party dish, a burger is hands-down my go-to pick! Burgers are easy, fast, and don’t even require utensils to eat, making them the perfect get-together main course, tailgating essential, and simple dinner recipe to whip up any night of the week. — Marcus Samuelsson

Whether you were talking about Pillsbury, Burger King, Godfather’s, the National Restaurant Association, in each one of those situations, I had a daunting problem that I had to solve. And I used the same business principles to approach the problem and, more importantly, solve the problem in every one of the situations. — Herman Cain

I love a burger and fries, but it’s not what I crave. I love to eat healthily. — Sam Heughan

When people pile seven things onto one burger, it drives me nuts! — Bobby Flay

After ‘The Wonder Years,’ I ended up having a voiceover career, which was something I never even knew was possible. But after the character I was playing on ‘The Wonder Years,’ people said, ‘Oh, would you like to do a Burger King thing? And there’s a 7 Up thing…’ And then I got to do ‘Dilbert.’ I think my voice kind of fit for that. — Daniel Stern

I don’t know if you call a burger ‘recession food.’ It’s comfort food. — Michael Mina

I enjoy the burger joint the same way I enjoy fancy meals. — Aby Rosen

I believe President Trump is more reasonable than he is generally perceived. President Trump uses strong rhetoric toward North Korea, but during the election campaign, he also said he could talk over a burger with Kim Jong-un. I am for that kind of pragmatic approach to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue. — Moon Jae-in

I am a burger guy, but actually I’m more of a Mexican food guy. — DeAndre Jordan

England is so black and white, so plain, like a burger with nothing on it. No salad, nothing. That’s why it’s so real. — Skepta

When any young director gets hired by a studio to do a $125 million film based on a preexisting piece of intellectual property, they’re climbing into the meat grinder. And what you’re coming out with on the other side is a generic, heavily studio-controlled pile of garbage that ends up on the side of Burger King wrappers. — Neill Blomkamp

I don’t know how one can differentiate between comedies. A burger is a burger and though it may taste differently in different food joints, the fact remains that it is still a burger. It’s the same with comedies. — Javed Jaffrey

If the price of a burger goes up 5 cents, and the minimum wage that you have received is going up from $7.25 to $15 an hour – and there have been a number of studies that document just how much the price of a burger might go up if you increase the minimum wage. You match the costs, and the benefits far outweigh the costs. — Tom Perez

I adore burgers. I know they are bad for me, and only technically a sandwich, but a well made burger, juicy and hot off the grill, is wonderful! — Faith Hunter

‘Divergent,’ directed by Neil Burger, displayed an admirable seriousness and some grim verve in laying out the boundaries of novelist Veronica Roth’s dystopia – six segregated but ostensibly harmonious regions defined by their inhabitants’ skills. — Richard Corliss

One of the big things I miss about New York is not my friends so much; it’s Shake Shack, the burger place. I miss Shake Shack. — Aziz Ansari

I try to live by the 80/20 rule – 80% clean, 20% cheat. During the week and while I train, I eat as clean as possible. But I always like myself a good cheat day, which includes a juicy burger. — Julian Edelman

A person can’t just drive around the North Slope, visit the locals, stop in at a burger joint. There are no locals, no burger joints, no houses, no cities, no churches. — Jeanne Marie Laskas

When you’re eating salad and quinoa while training, all you want is a burger. In the cycling season, when I’m doing 30-odd hours of exercise a week, I’m dreaming of burgers and curries that I’ll have at the end of the season. — Geraint Thomas

Believe it or not, I’ve got a really bad metabolism. One burger and I’m done. I’m not a guy that puts away 10 burgers. — Gabriel Iglesias

The rich, hearty flavor of portobello mushroom caps are a dynamite alternative to the traditional burger. — Katie Lee

If I was on a ‘Modern Family’ kind of show, and they said, ‘You have to say that the burger is $5.55; Have a good day!’… I could do that! — Charlie Puth