Can i forgive…. 

Forgiveness is a greater world than mere a word.

The world where strength comes from the root of patience, patience comes from the root of love .. and where love stays ..forgiveness can’t be far.   The fact that in today’s world when everyone is so busy going after success and perfection. I believe perfection is mere a mirage but still going for it is an accomplishment. Its struggle every day, every minute to achieve it ..but when we grow old. success will not matter rather a happiness will gain an upper hand.

Then, coming back to the original set of problem, can I forgive? But who do I want to forgive .. the people who had no idea how much damage they did, to the people who believed in a kind of happiness letting me down.. to the people who always felt superiority over mine.

Can I forgive them? Who crushed my little bundle of joys in forms of my feelings.. can it be an easy task for me?

Back in 2012, it was hard,  very hard indeed to accept that I can forgive so easily. You see, the difference is nowadays we intermix forgiveness with the self-respect. They say ”you forgive again and again where is your self-respect ” and also ”You are too straight and remember straight trees are cut first”. Maybe they are right but what about the sleepless night that will follow up when I won’t forgive. Going back in time,  once I was so short tempered person that understanding someone, empathizing someone was itself a great initiative to be taken.. and then I understood when it better  when it happened to me… you see,  the words were so spoken that breaks someone to the core can never be taken back.. but what my point is can the person forgive them?

Yes, he may,  not because it was way too small of a damage. Damage small or big are all damage..but they can be molded into a new way but never in the same shape. And there right there,  the solution the strength comes from,  the ‘hope’ to get a new shape. A shape that they will mould according to them.

Hence, I forgive everyone,   everyone.

. To the person, who humiliated me not once or twice but uncountable times. To the person, whom I once fell in love and was given a return gift of a threat to make me guilty in front of my parents. To the person, who would not care how the words can cause more damage than the sword. To all those, who would not believe that I can get up and stand firm.

I forgive you all. It is a big life, and I don’t know when it may suddenly end or I may suddenly end it but I believe when you do good deeds you get to understand the HEART and the SOUL of the persons better than anyone else.

And also, I know forgiving people is giving me a new shape and I am getting better and better every passing day.

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