30+ Best Cancer Survivor Quotes: Exclusive Selection

A cancer survivor is a person with cancer of any type who is still living. Whether a person becomes a survivor at the time of diagnosis or after completing treatment, whether people who are actively dying are considered survivors, and whether healthy friends and family members of the cancer patient are also considered survivors, varies from group to group. Profoundly inspirational cancer survivor quotes will encourage growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Cancer Survivor Quotes

I feel so grateful for the family and friends that surrounded me during that difficult time. It pains me that there are so many men who don’t have the same resources or support system as I did. Jeffrey Wilde

I learned how to look at each silver lining without feeling like I was falling for a Hallmark card. ‘Everything happens for a reason’ was still hard to hear, but it became the only way I could survive when the bad news kept coming. Ultimately, I realized what a miracle it really is to be alive and to lean into mindfulness, being present, as the best remedy for truly enjoying life. Stephanie Chuang

Cancer does not define who I am, although it is a significant part of me and who I am becoming. Carrie Kreiswirth

Remember that all cancers are not the same. Take each day as it comes and spend time doing things you enjoy with your loved ones. Robin Squellati

Beating cancer has been a team effort for me. I couldn’t have done it, and I can’t continue to fight it, without help. But it all starts with me, a cancer survivor. It all starts with me trying to help others become cancer survivors too. Al Wallace

I am grateful to be alive and still have the quality of life which makes it possible for me to spread awareness related to the benefits of detecting prostate cancer early. Mical J. Roy

cancer survivor quotes

Before cancer I had this feeling that I was owed a certain level of happiness. After surviving cancer I realize we’re owed nothing, not even time, so I try to live in a state of appreciation. It’s difficult, but I have to tell you when you’re looking outside the window of a hospital room all the things we get tangled up in mean very little. So, be present and choose to be grateful. JP Faiella

Overcoming cancer awakens a courage and confidence inside of you that makes you want to live big, bold and intentional every day. It becomes much easier to grow as a person, because you have already been forced way out of your comfort zone. I don’t worry about failing when I try new things now, because my inner voice always reminds me that ‘this’ can’t be any harder than cancer! Renee Ward

Cancer recovery is hard work. Life is hard work. And it really pays off. Hang in there. Helen Szablya

Cancer is different for every person it affects. My advice? Get the latest information. Talk to doctors. Talk to friends and others who have had what you have. Read articles and educate yourself so you can be an active participant in your treatment. Ian Mair

Being a cancer survivor is like being shaken in a kaleidoscope. You grasp for your bearings, desperate to find your balance amidst the chaos. When the dust finally settles, there is a new constellation of colors that are magical and beautiful. Renee Exelbert

I remember being in the treatment room and looking around and seeing all the sick people. I then got home and looked in the mirror and realized I was also one of those sick people. A few days later my sister Leah brought over this beautiful lipstick, I put it on and looked at myself and saw the real me. That person I once knew, and knew would get through this. Sarah Kelly

When I was diagnosed with a mild form of lymphoma, I thought to myself, OK, this is going to be a new chapter in my life. And I decided to take that literally by doing a lot of writing while I was going through my chemotherapy sessions. During the chemo sessions, I finished two spy stories that I has started writing many years before the diagnosis, and I also wrote the text of a book designed to become a children’s picture book about a new kind of Super Hero who could help make the world a much safer place for us all. Robert Barrows

I believe in life, no matter the circumstances, no matter what you are facing. You only have two choices. You can lay down and die, or you can get up and live! I choose life! I don’t want to be in this club and neither does my mother, father, sister or brother, but we all thank God we are. We are survivors. Barry Davis

Every day is a gift. You have to find those things to be grateful for. Susan Webster

I had just graduated from grad school at age 24 when I was diagnosed with cancer. In an instant the life I had planned for myself fell away. During my chemo treatments, my girlfriend and I read books and watched movies about potential cancer causes. We learned about risk reduction, and diet. She created a simple website and social media accounts sharing what we had learned. In the years since we have helped 1.5 million people learn more about health. We created a global brand, and have met with so many survivors. The life I had planned fell away, but the life I was meant to live became clear. It sounds cliche to say ‘your worst day can be your best day’ – but I am living proof. Michael Kuech

Inspirational Cancer Survivor Quotes

It’s a choice to see joy. Choose it. It’s really easy to let the severity and awfulness of your diagnosis take over, but you can choose to acknowledge things are bad, but then focus your energy on even the tiniest blessings until you see more and more each day you’re able to be here, whether that’s 50 days or 50 years. Kristina Kotlus

There’s no need to wait for the bad things and b.s. to be over. Change now. Love now. Live now. Don’t wait for people to give you permission to live, because they won’t. Kris Carr

Facing cancer forces you to look inward, ask yourself hard questions about life, death, purpose, and gratitude, and it enables a new depth and understanding of how to live life from your heart, following your soul’s purpose. Sally Morgan

I relied on my faith in God and the power of prayer to pull me out of some of my darkest moments. I recently thanked my Mom again for introducing me to Christ as He was my rock. Since those times, I’ve lived with so much more fervor, an immense gratitude and peace that I can’t describe. Cashmere Nicole

When you are diagnosed, surround yourself with the best medical providers and uplifting friends. Going through cancer is scary and you can easily go down a path of negativity and darkness. But you can’t let yourself do that. You need to have positivity and encouragement from others. It truly does help you through your healing. Charlotte Shaff

It took me seven years to realize I wasn’t alone. I believed for seven years that I was the only 20-something with cancer in New York City. Matthew Zachary

I always say, the darkest period of your life may actually reveal a beautiful gift. Be it family, friends, a new way you want to live your life or even letting go of toxic people/ things in your life. Stay open during illness to look for these gifts. They are there. Cynthia Besteman

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, unveiled the meaning of life by removing the safety blanket I was wrapped in. I understood very quickly that life has a time limit, and because of this now ticking clock, I am able to live my life fully every single day, filling it only with things that bring me joy. We have one shot at this lifetime, live it fully. Dana Donofree

Attitude is everything when you’re trying to heal. Stephanie Jackson

There’s no greater weapon in your personal fight against cancer than focusing on your joy. I made a decision early on — that I could either have cancer and be miserable, or have cancer and be full of joy whenever physically possibly. Loving life and being present in every moment you’re lucky enough to share with family and friends will not only help you defeat cancer, but will keep you focused on what matters while you’re beating it. Julie Stokes

Once you see the world through the cancer lens, you realize how many people are going through challenges and that you are never truly alone. Cynthia Hayes

Your loved ones want to give you what you need right now. Tell them! Noel Van Dyke

Today I will surrender to things I can’t control. Patricia Heitz

Cancer is deadly serious. I urge you to do whatever it takes to survive. Make your choices based on what you believe is best for you, your body, and your future. In this way, any treatment you choose will have the best possible effectiveness it can produce. Heidi Bright

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