50+ Powerful Bible Verses about Sickness

scriptures for sick

Comforting Bible verses for illness and sick will remind us that God’s abiding presence is always with us during physical struggles. Whenever you need, encouraging scriptures for the sick help you remember that God is with us through hard times. If you’re searching for most famous Bible passages as daily reminder that God is with … Read more

95+ Powerful Bible Verses about Praise

Praise contains the idea of giving thanks and honor to one who is worthy of glorifying. The Bible is full with examples of how to express our adoration. Inspirational Bible verses and Scripture quotes about praise will help you focus your mind and heart on God, and worship in Spirit and truth. If you’re searching … Read more

60+ Powerful Bible Verses About Anxiety

bible verses about anxiety

Are you feeling overwhelmed and out of control? Is anxiety and worry interfering with your daily life? How do you overcome anxiety biblically? Life is tough, and it’s natural to feel anxious and overwhelmed from time to time. Jesus tells us that we will face troubles and hardships in life, but we can be reassured … Read more

63+ Powerful Bible Verses About Prayer

Prayer is the way in which we communicate with God, whenever we have a problem in our lives or simply enjoy life. Bible verses and Scriptures about prayer will strengthen our relationship with God and remind us the importance of worship, faith and strength during hard times. What does the Bible say about prayer? If … Read more

65+ Powerful Bible Verses About Friendship

Friendships fill the gaps in our lives, providing us with a wide variety of support, love, and entertainment. Beautiful Bible verses about true friendship will encourage friends to build strong relationships. Uplifting Scripture quotes offer guidance on being together and community. If you’re searching for greatest Bible passages as daily reminder that God is with … Read more

59+ Powerful Bible Verses About Parenting

God’s wisdom gives parents the opportunity to watch their children grow up making good decisions and avoiding decisions they may later regret. Parents also can encourage their kids to develop the character necessary to face future challenges. Encouraging Bible verses and Scripture quotes on parenting will give you insight about responsibilities, discipline, and raising up … Read more

72 Powerful Bible Verses About Family

The family is the divine foundational institution of society ordained by God. Bible verses and scripture quotes on family will provide guidance and wisdom for strength, unity, love, relationships, conflict, children, happiness, and more. If you’re searching for great Bible passages as daily reminder that God is with you or just want to feel inspired … Read more