Olives – the good oil

In my post SKIN STUFF  I wrote briefly about different oils that can be used in skin care. This week I want to focus in more detail on olive oil. Why?  Because it is SO good – and versatile. Olive oil is known to be rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E. It  helps to bolster the immune … Read more

The law of attraction

There are a few laws which are a bit of confusing and one of them is the law of attraction. In life we sometimes see no way to escape and thus we fall prey to these kinds of law and talks of motivation .Just ask yourself does really listening motivational tapes ,reading motivational books help … Read more

Are You Breathing All Wrong?

If you have never paid attention to your breathing before, you are missing out on a whole world of techniques and useful applications. Many times breathing is just something we do. We don’t consider if maybe the way we are breathing isn’t quite appropriate for how we are doing, or that the way we breathe … Read more

Roo Poo

He was one of a kind. We met him at a business dinner neither of us was too keen to go to. But it was in the early days of  the YTBTRH (Yet To Become The Retired Husband) setting up his business. He needed the contacts.  As it so happened this guy was one of … Read more