I Don’t Mind Waiting

Aimlessly, aimlessly on my phone these endless quotes about God’s timing. I mean, what? Am I just to sit here and wait on the final grades that show the “mediocre” me? In hopes that God will turn some B’s to A’s…and some C’s to a quick degree? How the hell am I suppose to wait … Read moreI Don’t Mind Waiting

Making Goals: First Steps

Making Goals 2018 will be a year of change, progression, and continuous transformation. In order to make goals it’s essential to want something for yourself. Wanting something means to work by building or tearing down, change it or maintain it.  Not only is it essential to want it however, you also have to vision it … Read moreMaking Goals: First Steps

Story of a Chair

Everything that we see in this Life has a story. If we listen and acknowledge their presence, we might know what lies underneath their surface. This is a story of a chair. The chair that you see in the picture has many stories of love, joy, sadness and pain. That beautiful chair used to be … Read moreStory of a Chair

The Knowing Calm of Grace

It’s amazing how good we are when we’re “on.” We flow with an energy and ease, reminiscent of two old dancers. Two hearts in sync – without question – without retort. Simple gestures. Small moments. A helping hand. A guiding force. So simplistic. Ever so fleeting. Muddied by history and torment. Smothered by a sea of emotions. Left … Read moreThe Knowing Calm of Grace


Hey Hey Hey  ( ive been sick uggh , but I am better . I realized that the universe sends your body messages when it time to go on cruise control and allow the messages to sink as they should . We often be on the hustle and bustle of life and we miss the … Read moreCHANGE ? ARRIVES ??‍♀️

Paradise in my Mother’s Eyes

Paradise is found on the others side of this feeling. Swimming in the tears. Hidden behind a veil of chaos and confusion. Paradise lost. Paradise found. Whispering caresses of promise and peace. Paradise stolen. Or was it given away? Perception or deception? Intermingling manipulation – vining and intertwining – digging in and rooting deep. The … Read moreParadise in my Mother’s Eyes

Your Imperfect Heart is Perfect for God’s Timing

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Here I am. A while ago…I said I was broken, shattered, and…I just wanted to be “free”. Truth is, I hate feeling trapped. I hate the feeling of…committing. So, when I’m just being me…and men jump to talk of a wedding … Read moreYour Imperfect Heart is Perfect for God’s Timing

Confidence In Your Own Skin

I think it’s fair to say I have some issues about the way I look. I’m fully aware that I have many qualities which are positive. I’m imaginative, creative, adventurous, I’ve got a good sense of humour, I’m funny in a silly way, insightful, I’ve got good instincts, I try and be as open minded … Read moreConfidence In Your Own Skin

Where to Go when in Search of your True Self

Our world is brimming with remarkable destinations constantly drawing all globetrotters who yearn to discover new depths and meaning of their inner beings, while experiencing the most untamed corners of the planet. It’s these places that lead to unexpected revelations and new awareness that will allow for the most significant life-changing events to happen. Based … Read moreWhere to Go when in Search of your True Self