Dear You All Know Who You Are

This is a post I originally published on my blog: www.roisinsarahgallacher.com . I feel like I would like to share it here too as I have gained so much beautiful, positive feedback from all of the wonderful followers of BayArt. Please, have a read if you’d like, share it, laugh at it, cry with it, … Read moreDear You All Know Who You Are

I Woke Up $114,000 Richer. Here’s What I’m Doing With The Money*

*This is not a brag or chance to rub this in the face of as many people as possible.  That would make me into the exact kind of person I hate.  This is to show that what we can do for others if we think of money as the tool as a means, not as … Read moreI Woke Up $114,000 Richer. Here’s What I’m Doing With The Money*

The Best Addiction You’ll Ever Have

I am a morning person.  By “morning person,” I mean that even though it’s early and I am still groggy, my eyes are still half-closed, and any evidence of my patience is still three hours away, I am technically and legally still classifiable as a person.  Some people may be able to claim this title … Read moreThe Best Addiction You’ll Ever Have

Me & My Shadow

Hello, I’m Roisin and I’m a new author to this site- I’m so grateful and so surprised at being invited to share with this community! I figured my best way to begin my journey here is to give a recap on what my own ‘journey’ is. So that’s how we got here… This post is … Read moreMe & My Shadow

To The Man Running Behind Me

Originally posted on edenboudreau.wordpress.com July 16th 2016 by Eden Boudreau. A really deep look at what it’s like to be a female runner…. To the man running behind me … ….. I’m sorry. For looking over my shoulder repeatedly. For taking out one ear bud and frantically listening if your footsteps are speeding up. For … Read moreTo The Man Running Behind Me

Cultivate Your Bliss

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. -Mahatma Gandhi Life’s Too Short to be Anything but Happy So, life isn’t going how you planned. It happens. All the things the adults warned us about finally have begun to come true. As it turns out, adulting is … Read moreCultivate Your Bliss