Celebrate Imperfections

I may be wrong in expressing,
I may be wrong in understanding,
I may be wrong in showing care,
I may be wrong in explaining,
but my feelings, my intentions will never be…!

These beautiful lines stimulated me for this post.

So let’s accept, it is really difficult (almost impossible) to always be perfect in our life, to be perfect for any relation, to be perfect for anyone or anything! Somewhere, sometimes, we miss fulfilling the expectations of our loved ones, knowingly or unknowingly!image source - iconfinder.com

We may feel, what to do to make them or all happy? How to show them our love? How many times we prove our relations? Need to express the feelings all the time? Need to clarify yourself always just to save the relations? – the maze of love!

Stop, let’s think, do we have any answers for all these situations of life? Do we perform best always?  – The answer is probably NO!!

Even if we try best to be an ideal in any relation, the other person may understand and may not. Oftentimes, it happens that we try hard to make them understand, we try to show some care, love for our loved ones, and eventually, we end up making the relations more complex and adverse! Then comes ‘hurt’, ‘cheating’, ‘misunderstanding’ and much more such ugly terms in the picture!!

The more we think of the relations, the more we get confused, irritating and helpless. So why can’t we leave all these and just focus on enjoying the present with minimal true relations which are already there? Many a time it’s very difficult, but this is the key to happiness. So lets celebrate each of the sweet relation which is for us, from us!! Dont try to be perfect for everything and for everybody.

I remember I missed lots of sweet celebrations, as a kid, of those times thinking I am not so perfect to fit in this group or to make new friends! Simply, if we want to make our day special, celebrate it, celebrate the moments, so the life! Memorialize each relation. Celebrate your imperfections and let others be what they are. Do not try to change minds so often. It works both ways, accept yours and others’ imperfections and melt in to positive vibes out of it.

Wherever you are in this world, one friend will be there for you to help you, support you, scold you or to pamper you, always! The unique form of love & care which is always majestic than any of the LOVE form in this world. The understanding and trust make the relationship perfect, smoother and marvelous! Accepting friends the way they are easy then why not each relation? Overthinking and over expecting leads nowhere! Never feel dejected and don’t let others feel because of you.

Find your celebrations now and share the joy!

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